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My Top 7 Video Game Protagonists

By: Justin Hopkins

I have a very exciting few weeks ahead. Starting things off with Castlevania Season 3 dropping today. Along with Doom Eternal dropping on the 20th, than free play of Predator Hunting Ground starting March 27th, and then you get Resident Evil 3 on April 3rd. It goes without saying, So, the gamer in me is chewing at the bits. Talking to some friends about games they like and so forth. Got me thinking about the characters I hold dear and decided to come up with my favorite seven. Will this be the same as yours? Absolutely not. We all have our own favorites and own personal memories surrounding them. This is for fun. Maybe you see a name that brings back memories of playing their game, or if you haven’t played them. Give you reason, and mostly, to give you a reason to think up your own names and the fun times you had playing Video Games. With that said, one rule as always, have to have played the game in order for the character to have made the list. There are going to be few heavy hitters missing from the list. Chances are, missed out on their games and just haven’t gone back to play them and don’t like to talk about things that I don’t know about. Okay? Good, lets jump in shall we.

7. Mario – Super Mario Bros. and so much more

I am Thirty years old. By the time I was old enough to play Video Games, found myself pulled to the 2-D World of Super Mario Bros. A game of simplicity. Start the level and get to the end, and repeat. Could play it to try and get everything or get to the end the fastest, and repeat. As time went on and you enter the beautiful and thrilling world that was Mario 64 and the days lost to Mario Kart, the Game Boy Games, Tennis, Baseball, The Parties, and the glorious chaos that is Smash Bros. Mario may have dropped down the list since I was little, but will always hold the Italian Plumber close to my heart.

6. Cryptosporidium 137 – Destroy All Humans

A little out there, I know, but there is something about the foul mouthed, grey alien that makes me laugh. How over the top he is and how outrageous they get throughout the series. He was a likeable Anti-Hero. You did awful things to people and cheered him on the entire way. From him touching down in the farm the first time to all the way back to his homeworld. Had a blast going through his journey and impatiently waiting for the remake.

5. Bigby Wolf – A Wolf Among Us

Okay, if we were factoring in gameplay and technical aspect A Wolf Among Us would fall drastically. Being less game and more, please just go here so we can continue the cut scene kind of game, but I am looking at the character and Bigby Wolf made himself a character that I enjoyed so much. Strived hard to get him the best possible outcome, minus destroying George’s bar, he had it coming. Bigby was a flawed character, who was trying his best to overcome what he did and try and turn over a new leaf and be the guy who saved those he once tormented, and his plight got me to plow through the lackluster mechanics and look forward to the sequel to come.

4. Doom Slayer – Doom

Doom is one of my favorite game series I have ever played. The non-stop action of just wave after wave of demons and monsters to simply plow your way through with glee, and while little is known of the Almighty Doom Slayer, the idea of jumping into his world, armed with a plethora of guns and explosives and glory kills and chainsaws always brings a smile to my face, and what more can I say. He is just a blast and can’t wait for the 20th.

 3. Senua – Hellblade

Her voices drove me crazy. Actually found myself yelling back at them myself when I got stuck on a puzzle and they kept telling me I was lost. Loved the story of her finding happiness in her love Dillion. How he made her strive to be better and her trek into Helheim to save his soul from Hela. A warrior at heart who fights and claws her way to victory and kept me invested and couldn’t stop until I found out how her journey concluded, and still geek out over the Senua Saga Trailer, and all of it is just how strong of a character she is.

2. Claire Redfield – Resident Evil

When I made this list, knew someone from the prestigious Resident Evil Universe was going to make it. Have loved all the games, yes even the sixth one, and while Leon S. Kennedy came close. Claire has always been my favorite of the pact and it’s because she has always seemed to be over her head. She is not a trained special ops. Nor is she a rookie cop, but just a person, in search of her Brother. Who, through a series of events becomes something greater. She saves Sherry and then becomes something much more than where she started, and we got to see the start of her journey and grow along the way. From Resident Evil 2 to even the movie, Resident Evil: Degeneration. Any time they bring out Claire. Know it’s going to be good.

1. Crash Bandicoot – Crash Bandicoot

There has never been a character that has made me blindingly angry and thrilled in a bat of an eye, the way the insane bandicoot has made me. The only game, whether it be the original or remake, that had made me want to throw the controller through the Television on a regular basis, but I couldn’t because then I wouldn’t be able to get the gems and save his lady bandicoot friend, and I had to get the full ending. Not just beat Cortex. I love everything about Crash. His designs and little dances. The vacant look in his eyes, and the fact that no matter how much he made me want to waste all his lives hurling him off the edge, because he won’t stick the landing when I need him to! Yet, I didn’t because I wanted to see his dance of victory and the fact that he can get those extreme mood swings out of me. Shows how strong of a character he is and deserving of the crown.

Like I said at the start. Not expecting people to agree with my list. It’s a personal one and we all have our favorites, and would love to hear yours. All I can hope, is that you enjoyed the list and as always…

Thank You For Reading.


Top 7 Video Game Movies

By: Justin Hopkins

I know what you are thinking. That there are no such thing as a good video game movies. That they are all bad and should have never have happened, and others may say that there is perhaps one, maybe two, but no way could I actually have found seven. True, it was a bit of a challenge towards the bottom of the list. Wishing I could just go the normal route of Top 5, but with that said, I do enjoy all seven of these films. They may not be classics, but not asking for them to be. Just want to kick back and let the story take me along for a ride, with the tools that make the game they come from so enjoyable. Before we start, there was one rule, and it’s the same as always. I can’t judge a movie without having seen it. So, movies like Rampage and Detective Pikachu, along with a few others were out of the running. Alright, with that said, lets begin.

7. Dead Rising: Watchtower

The only movie on the list to not spend time in the theaters, which for me is kind of a surprise. It also took a second viewing for me to really enjoy it as well, but they do a lot of enjoyable things throughout. Going with a new lead character in the form of Chase was a bit of a questionable choice, but Jesse Metcalfe performed really well at the rule to make us care enough about him. They way they incorporated them making their own unique weapons and having a psychopath as the main villain was wonderful. Dennis Haysbert did great as the General. Fans on the game know there is always a conspiracy going on, and his soothing voice and tone really adds to the menace when you get to the end. Would be higher on the list had they treated Frank West better than they did, but still an enjoyable film.

6. Doom

Wait, please don’t go. Hear me out. I know, they did the game wrong in quite a few places. I am not disagreeing with you there. Had they dropped all the scientific and super soldier like shot. All they had to do is keep them demons from Hell. This could have been really something. The action was great. Liked the characters and set pieces. The actors did as well as they could with what they had to work with, and that First Person Point of View shot they did is still beautiful. Respect they had for the BFG. They had a fun assortment of demons, loved Pinky, and they could have easily swapped the science bits for demons and ran everything and would easily be jockeying for the top spot, and maybe have The Rock go full on Demon at the end, for Urban to square off with. Also, watching Doom Annihilation, this one is light years better.

5. Tomb Raider (2018)

This movie had a lot of things going for me, loved the story and the dark tones and atmosphere, but what really made this movie so good for me, was Alicia Vikander’s performance as Lara Croft. That she wasn’t this over the top can do anything characters. Playing her with gritty realism of a character who was in over her head. Having to scrape and claw and fight for her survival, because she isn’t the over the top, legendary Lara Croft yet. By playing it the way she did, left her so much room to grow in the future, and thankfully, we will be getting a sequel, which will hopefully be even better.

4. Resident Evil

Yes, this series went screaming down the draining faster than even I expected it to, and the seventh one, was one of the worst finales of anything I have ever seen in general, but the first one though. That is still a good watch. The atmosphere of the lab and the music were fantastic. The zombies were perfect and the Licker looked gorgeous. Even the fact that it transformed was reminiscent of the game. Feel the danger around every corner. Milla Jovovich gave us a character, at least for this movie, felt like a character that could have appeared in a Resident Evil Game. If Paul carried this much love forward, who knows how good this run could have been after the second one, but the first, Definitely still a good time.

3. Sonic The Hedgehog

This one and entry number 2 had to of changed spots at least a dozen times and they are razor close to one another. You can check out my review for this for more details, but they hit a homerun with this film. Sonic came across in a great way. Having a hyper friendly attitude you would expect for him to have. Fun use of the rings, and callbacks to the games. While, Jim Carrey was spectacular as Robotnik.  Check it out if you haven’t. You’ll have a best.

2. Mortal Kombat

The song alone earns it’s spot as one of the best of all times. Almost impossible to say the name without trying to imitate the famous scream of, MORTAL KOMBAT! In all seriousness though, this is fun from start to finish. The fights were well choreographed and done so well. The characters all felt ripped straight from the game. The lines, as hokey as they were. All felt like something they would say. Again, if you want to hear more, can check out our review on it. Paul W.S. Anderson hit gold with this, and to many, it never got better. Well.. except for one, in my opinion.

1. Silent Hill

It couldn’t be anything else. When they take the entire opening scene of Harry chasing who he thinks is Cheryl until he is attacked by they Grey Children, and replicate it shot for shot with Rose and who she thinks is Sharon. The psychological elements are deep and great. From sins of the mother and the town being tortured by Alessa in their own version of Silent Hill and wanting to finally crush them for good. The gore was awesome and Jodelle Ferland is still one of the creepiest kids in a movie. Way she danced around in the blood raining down and then moving straight to the camera. Excellent from start to finish and wears the crown as best video game movie.

Do you disagree? Feel free to let me know in the comments. In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed, and as always…

Thank you for reading.


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