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Resident Evil 3 Nemesis review and discussion

By: Justin Hopkins

Words can’t begin to describe my excitement, for my return to the zombie packed streets of one Raccoon City. Following the success of the wildly fun and thrilling Resident Evil 2 Remake, we have Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. The popular entry that marked the end of Raccoon City, and one of the only ones that I didn’t play much of as a kid. Played a little and became well aware of the threat known as Nemesis, but not much more. Which hyped up my excitement that much more. To play through and kill him for a change. Was my luck better this time around? Let’s dive in and find out shall we.

I’m always big on a story, and loved not only the story, but the pacing of it. Nemesis hits you hard right from the jump and it’s just go from there.  Even when you don’t have Nemesis breathing down your neck, it still feel the game pushing you along. Worrying that he will either show up around the next bend or trying to get the Vaccine to cure Jill. Speaking of Carlos, his parts don’t feel to shoehorned in. Begining with him at the Police Station where he learns where the Doctor is, who knows how to make the vaccine. So, when Jill is infected, he knows where to go. Fact that it started with Carlos temporarily downing him with the rocket launcher was a nice touch. The Rocket Launcher being a big thing in Resident Evil games as the big finish. Even being the final K.O for Mr. X. Showing Nemesis brush it off upped the stakes.

Being that the events of this take place around the second game. This game had a lot of fun tie-ins with it. How the cop with the sliced up jaw and other hanging from the pipe ended up in their position, and pour Marv getting bitten by Brad. Even how the cop got into the locker and the hole in the showers. Could even save some time if you remembered the codes to the safe and lockers, which I did not. Now, I normally never catch the Easter Eggs. Astounded and amazed by others who have a keener eye, but when  spotted one that was right in plain view that hundred of others probably already caught it, but seeing Morrigan Aensland on the sandwich board got a chuckle out of me for finally not being blind for a change.

Jill looked fantastic in the game. Coming off as not only a champ throughout most of the game, but the voice acting was spectacular in the aspect where she came off as vulnerable at the same time. Feeling more and more bad for her with her cries of pain when she would get ragged dolled around and every time she smacked off the ground. She felt like human who had to dig down deep to overcome. Big props to Nicole Tompkins for her vocal works on the character.

Now, to the monsters and no better starting place than the one whose name is on the cover; Nemesis. Back when two came out, had no idea for a while that there was a group of people who hated how difficult Mr. X was because of how difficult he was. Got a little worried over them weakening Nemesis for it, and so glad that they certainly did no such thing. He made himself known right away as a legit threat, where running was not only not a guarantee from how fast he could move, leaping back into the fray, or just pulling you back to him. Yet, he never felt overpowered at the same time. Always something around to aide you or get to a safe place. In his later forms, when he was more dog, he truly felt overwhelming and genuinely satisfying when you finally beat him, and great ending with the FINGeR.

On the other hand, the other zombies and monsters are no pushovers either. The zombies actually come across as legit threats. Even the ones on the ground are back in your face with a grab. The dogs continue their legendary status, and my god the Hunter Betas made me want to die in real life. At times, wanted the Nemesis back, instead of one Hunter B. And than we got the weird spiders… which I actually liked. You always read about creepy things like that happening to the NPCs’ in their journals and notes. To have it actually happen to you was an interesting twist and prefered them over Grave Digger from the original. They just work better and the setting was creepy and and unnerving. Not wanting grabbed again, but if you don’t take care of them. Can quickly get outnumbered.

I don’t normally like to address other people’s negatives. Everyone is free to have their own opinions and I have plenty of unpopular opinions in my reviews on a regular basis but feel like I almost have to this time around. No, this is not a long game. Even an achievement if you can beat it under two hours and to get an S or an A, have to do it under two and a half, with no deaths, and under 5 saves. My argument here, is that first, Nemesis was never a long game. Now, there is a whole story as to why it came out that way and I am not going into all the details, but they made it short on purpose, and to be honest, works better that way. The game is all about moving forward. Very little backtracking, with a massive monster making sure you do just that. Even with Carlos. They make it feel like you have to keep going forward. Anything you add to it, would threaten to throw off the pacing or start to feel stale.

Now, an actual bring up a real negative and that is how much I despise the shop section. The first two, encouraged you to beat it in certain ways to unlock stuff like infinite ammo in certain guns and costumes. Which worked so much better than the point system they have in place of it here. It is a small gripe, but just doesn’t feel as rewarding.

Before we get to the end of this, we got to talk about the other game that dropped with Resident Evil 3. That being Resident Evil: Resistance, and have been having a blast with it so far. Still very much in the learning curve of it and been only really playing Mastermind and has been a real joy learning as I go along. Which is such a huge part of playing Mastermind. You are far from effective at the start, but when you really start to grasp what to do. It unlocks so much more fun elements and more fun cards to play. Just got to Daniel and can’t wait to get to Alex and Spencer. I needed a new online multiplayer and strongly suggest giving Resistance a shot.

Resident Evil 3 has been another absolute blast from Capcom, who takes great care when t comes to remaking their prized games. Keeping what made them so much fun and bringing back to the world. Next seems to be Resident Evil 8, which if the rumors are correct sounds like a crazy game, but once that is done. Hope they start on the remake of another great, Code Veronica. In the meantime, hope you enjoyed by review and as always…

Thank You For Reading.

Top 8 horror characters to never appear in a movie

By: Justin Hopkins

Saved this for last. Mostly, because I think it took years off my life. Every time I thought I had the list the way I wanted, found a movie they had been in, and while I have watched way too many horror movies. My knowledge of horror games, comics, and everything else are all over the place. Some more then others, my fault. Ever growing to do list, but alas. Proved to be a very difficult as far as picking out 8 good characters to feature on a list, but I was determined to see it through. Try and give you list you won’t see a dozen of everywhere else. With that said, let’s get down to it, with number 8, from a storied franchise.

8. Twin Victims – Silent Hill 4: The Room

It would be almost wrong to not include a Silent Hill creation on a list like this. While the movies wisely used the big popular ones. There was still a few to be utilized and for my money, it’s got to be the twin victims. Their unsettledness upon first meeting them. A giant black cloak, walking on two massive arms and dueling masks looking back. Stopping to point directly at you, trying to run away when you get too close and swing defensively. Due, to you playing as the man who killed two twins early on in his life. Psychologically hitting you with not only their look, but the fact they are killing them all over again.

7. Grey Jack – Resistance: Fall Of Man

This guys were a nightmare to contend with. Racing full steam ahead at you, and even if you knew they were coming. If you blink they were on you and resulted in heavy damage. There long elongated bodies were stood to the husky and thick bodies of the rest of the Chimera you have been dealing with. They were not even armed, but no matter what you were doing. They took top priority due to how fast they can end you.

6. Baron Of Hell – Doom

Whether he is pixelated or towering monster of hatred. The Baron stands out in a seas of just awesome designs. Was amazed by his design when I first saw him in Doom 2016 right to the point where he knock me silly and send me running to the cave. Being among the highest ranking members of hell and fighting process to back it up. May have fallen from grace a bit from their final boss status, but can end you quick if you are unprepared and still a force to be reckoned with.

5. Alma Wade – F.E.A.R.

Kids will always be creepy, and Alma is one of the few to ever make me jump during gameplay. Just a google search and you’ll see why.  Her just popping up and disappearing within a moment. Wondering if she was even there or if it has happened so much and you are starting to see things. Being a powerful psychic who tortured and drove the scientists mad was chilling. Yet, when you learn more about the awful things done to her. Start to understand her rage a bit. Even if it is directed at you in the process.

4. Witch – Left For Dead

If you ever played Left for Dead and heard her crying. Did you avoid at all cost and immediately run up and cause your own demise. I was the second one exclusively. The witch baited in unexpected survivors during their escape from a zombie infected area, and those who stumbled upon her, or inadvertent flashlight beam would soon be staring down and at the incoming missile on two legs. Knocking you down with a swipe of her claws and killing you, and if you did not preemptively strike or start blasting away the second she got up. There wasn’t much you can do to stop her. While there are many threats lurking in Left For Dead. None were as lethal, as the Witch, and the thing was; You were the one who caused it.

3. Lisa Trevor – Resident Evil

Among those to appear on this list, or in general really. None are more sad, then that of one Lisa Trevor. She was forced to be the lab rat of the Umbrella Corporation  at a young age and began to develop horrific mutations. Her Mother was as well, but when her Mother tried to escape and was killed and replaced by an imposter, to appease Lisa. Under the impression that the imposter stole her Mother’s face. Leading Lisa to ripped her face off. Dead set to return it to her Mother. Her terrifying appearance is matched only by the fact she is unstoppable enemy who will kill you even if you try to fight.

2. The Darklings – The Darkness.

If there is one on this list that I am shocked they have not used in a movie let, it is The Darkness. With how popular Comic Book Movies have been and more turning towards a darker tone. The Darkness seems ripe for the picking, but their loss is this lists gain, because the Darklings are terrifying horde. Don’t let their short, over the top antics fool you. They are lethal as they come, who not only will kill you, but keep the onslaught going after your demise, for nothing more then  sheer enjoyment. The fact that they are creation of whomever is wielding the power of the Darkness, is irrelevant, because they ultimately take their marching orders from the Darkness itself. As long as they remain bathed in darkness. There is little they can’t do.

1. Huntress – Dead By Daylight

This is an absolute, personal choice, and you can at me all you want, but it will not stop her from being top of the list . For all Dead By Daylight’s faults, and their lore is tremendous to read, and Anna’s stands out among the rest. After the death of her Mother, Anna was left to fend for herself at a young age, not much older then seven, in the wilderness. She has never mentally aged beyond that moment. Growing into a hulking, hunting goddess. Taking out everything from deer to bear and later humans, with nothing more then her instincts and trusty ax and hatchets. Except little girls, needing to protect them from the dangers out there. Leading to their death of illness or hunger. Even her mori, one kill shot to the head, and two to the chest. Like a little kid celebrating over their downed victim. She is a raw nerve that can’t be reasoned with, because she doesn’t know she is doing anything wrong. The moment in the game, when you first hear her humming lullaby. The entire game changes, because the moment a chase begins. You have to ready for incoming hatchets. All of your usual tactics go right out the window and even when you are unhooking or out in the open. Never knowing when a hatchet will come from nowhere.

And that is all I got. I hope you enjoyed. As challenging as it was, had a good time trying to find the best that I could find. Now is the real fun part. Do you disagree? Have one that I left off? Are you Sally Smithson, blinking over for daring to put Huntress on over her? Let me know in the comments. All for conversation and love to know more about horror characters that I don’t know about. In the meantime;

Thank you for reading.

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