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Predator Movie Rankings ( Including the 2 Alien vs Predators)

By: Justin Hopkins

It is so good to see my favorite franchise thriving at the moment. The human hunting alien is killing it over on Hulu, with Prey at the moment, and our review of said movie is over on our YouTube channel. Leaving only one thing left to do, and that is to rank them from worst to best. A tough challenge for someone who loves most of these films, but I am onboard for anything that lets me talk about Predator for a little while longer. So without further ado, lets dive in shall we.

7-The Predator

The bottom of the barrel, worst of the bunch. The only movie on this list that I have not gone back to re-watch since I saw it in theaters. The worst part is, there is a good movie in here somewhere. It had so much potential. The Fugitive Predator having to work with the humans to take down the Upgraded Predator. Cause the movie was at least tolerable till he died. The dialogue was terrible, they never caught on to the fact the jokes have to stop in movies like this, and the end was garbage.

6-Alien vs Predator: Requiem

While I can still find some enjoyment in this entry, still not that great. Wolfe, the lone Predator carries this movie on his back and I do like the Predalien we get here. Kelly was a really good character, who we really should have spent more time with over the dipstick brothers, especially, Ricky, seriously, they could have killed him. How are you going to make us suffer this character and not give us the satisfaction of his death. Also, having the final fight that we’ve been waiting the entire film for, end with the government bombing the town, is just cheap way to end it.

5-Predator 2

Don’t read to much into this placement. I love this movie. So much of Predator lore and weaponry comes from here. Loved going to the city setting after being in the jungle. The City Hunter himself was a different kind of hunter compared to the Jungle Hunter. Not showing Donald’s character honor in the way the previous one showed Arnold in the final fight and we got to look at the Trophy Room, which set the ball rolling for….

4-Alien vs Predator

Speak of undeserved hate. This movie was a blast. Yes, it probably should have been released as with an R-rating, but the story was great. Showing some backstory of the Predator’s history on Earth and how they use the Xenos as the ultimate prey. That the younger Predators must hunt to prove themselves as worthy Hunters. Each species got the chance to shine and we were introduced to Scar, who was so much fun to follow. Seeing the Predator working with a human for a change. A quality that has intrigued me so much. Would love to see them come back to this idea down the road.


This was so much fun. Seeing the game preserve planet. Giving us the Predator Dogs and the clans at war with one another. The characters of different backgrounds having to come together and figure out what is going on and how they could possibly overcome and escape. The Topher Grace swerve handled perfectly and made you feel even more sad for Nikolai sacrifice himself for him.


Amber Midthunder made me care bout Naru. I can’t remember the last time I went into one of these movies and did not cheer on the Predator. From start to finish, they built such a great world. The characters are well thought out. Casting was spot on. The effects and kills were great and would absolutely would love to see them revisit this world again. While it is sitting in second place, it is not here comfortably. This movie is going to age like a fine wine. Sure to earn the title of classic and may very well over take the top spot. Which of course,


Yeah, it is. I am going to keep this short, cause can only hurl praise on it so many times. It gave use a wonderful world and a marvelous Alien. Set a high bar and I love that we keep getting entries that try to match. For my money, all except one failed to be enjoyable and I’ll take all they dish out.

As always, I hope you enjoyed and….

Thank You For Reading!


AVP Aliens vs Predators: Ultimate Prey Audiobook

By: Justin Hopkins


I was thrilled to see this drop on Audible. Was a massive fan of Alien: Bug Hunt and thrilled to see Jonathon Maberry coming back for Aliens vs Predators. I love the Yautja (Predator) and will always take them and the Xenomorphs being brought together. Now, that I have listened to it, multiple times, lets dive in, but just like before. I will do my best to skirt around any major spoilers. Do my nest to talk about the stories within without blowing anything major.


Ultimate Prey brings us Stretching from the old west to current day. On fierce foreign planets and deep space voyage in far away futures. Characters finding themselves caught in a timeless fight between extraterrestrials. One, running solely off of instincts. The other, bound by pride and honor of the hunt. While many, are unsuspecting. Dealing with something much larger then themselves. Others, are aware of the situation, but everyone will be digging down deep within, to find out how far they can push themselves and finding allies in unsuspected places.


Going into it, was most excited for the Yautja and coming out of it, they were my favorite part. How much we got a deep dive into their lifestyles and actions. How much honor and pride they take, in not just the Hunt but their every day lives. the differing opinions they have on humans and how, not only did some of them change based around their encounters, but how they changed the people they were around.

A lot of the writers did something interesting. Which was done in the movies, but did click for me here and that was how different people reacted when dealing with a Yautja vs when they dealt with a Xenomorph. How scared and filled with terror a xenomorph they’d get when encountered by their more animalistic ways. While, their was base level of fear when staring at the Yautja. There was a morbid curiosity, in the foe that more resembles them in a way. More fear would tick in when the mask came off, but by then curiosity had already set in. This was not all the time of course, but was interesting when this did play out.

Loved the callback and references some utilized, such as the Raid on Area 51 event for the basis of their story. Bo’Kui being the ancestor from the Yautja from Drug Wars, in Predator: If it Bleeds anthology. A sequel to Predators and Scott Sigler bringing his world from Aliens: Phalanx back. Fun moments for people who have been following along and great way to get people to go back and enjoy what came before.

I loved the complex character work they bring us throughout. Abuse victim finding the strength to stand up for themselves. A trans character, who had been poisoned and left for dead on a planet in the middle of the battling species. Finding an unlikely ally, who is in a similar situation. On the flip side, you have Yautja’s who are coming to light with issues of their own. Broken pride and honor running deeper then they thought. All of which elevated the stories over just being about the hunt.

Alright, shout out time. Everyone killed it. Standing ovation to Jonathon Maberry and Bryan Thomas Schmidt. Again, can’t imagine how hard it was to narrow this down to fifteen and getting just the right placement. All of the writers did amazing. Pouring so much love and care into their stories and they would be. Even the couple, I was not a fan of, were still good. Just compared to the rest of the lot kind of fell flat. Starting with, Chris Ryall, Steven L. Sears, Delilah S. Dawson, David Barnett, Mira Grant, Susanne L. Lambdin, Jess Landry, Bryan Thomas Schmidt, Yvonne Navarro, Curtis C. Chen, Roshin “Rush” Bhatia, Maurice Broaddus, E.C. Myers, Scott Sigler, Jonathon Maberry and Louis Ozawa. We got to call out the narrators as well, being an audiobook and all, and they did an excellent job breathing life into their characters and stories. Starting with, Bradford Hastings, Nicol Zanzarella, Stephanie Weeks, Feordor Chin, Timothy Andrés Padon, Soneela Nankani, Chelsea Stephens, Hilary Huber, Erica Sullivan, Sura Siu and Shiromi Arserio.

My Favorites

3. Abuse, Interrupted 2. First Hunt 1. Blood and Honor

This was a blast of an anthology. From great character work, deep dives into the Yautja and some terrifying moments with the Xenomorphs and some peeks up their own hierarchy. The pacing was perfect and even the ones I didn’t really take to I would listen to again. Just because I had such a good time in general. Check it out if you haven’t. Final Grade – S


As always, I hope you enjoyed and….

Thank You For Reading!

Predator 1987 Movie Review

By: Justin Hopkins


June 12 marked the 34th anniversary of the epic, Predator. So, I am a touch late for the celebration, but I am certainly not going to pass on the chance to talk about this movie. Actually pretty nervous about this one. 34 year old classic that has been praised numerous times, but it is such a classic that it is hard to pass on the chance to talk about it. So, lets jump in and discuss.


The movie kicks off with a ship traveling through space and landing on Earth, before we jump to Dutch. Landing on a base to meet with General Phillips. To discuss a mission. Going behind enemy lines to rescue mission to save some hostages. Learns an old friend Dillon, was there and the guy who recommended Dutch and his team for the assignment. After the manliest of handshakes, learns that Dillon will be joining the team and we jump to the team flying in. Listening to music and getting to know them a bit, before they land. Making their way to the downed helicopter. Finding signs that things may not be as explained to them by the General and Dillion, but they carry on. Tracking where the Guerrillas went. When they find the skinned remains of another recue team, lead by a friend of Dutch, Jim Hopper. Again Dillon denies any knowledge, but it does stoke the rage in the team. Not only wanting to save the hostages, but get a bit of payback in the process. Finding their base, and after stealthily taking out the guys on watch. They attack in a massive hail of bullets, explosions and one liners. When the smoke settles, they learn Dillon had in fact lied. That he used them as a hit squad to squash out an invasion and in fact, they were the second team. Hopper was the first, but lost contact with them. Insisting that they bring back, a woman, Anna, to grill her for information when they get back. Unbeknownst to them, they are being watched by something from the trees that is much worse than the Guerrillas and that is where I leave it for now.


This was a tremendous story and they did great job with handling the characters. Taking their time to build up Dutch and his team. Everyone having their own personality and characteristics. Getting to know them and building the bond they have together. Just how they good they work together and operate. Easily overwhelming the Guerrillas and by showing how strong they were. Should how much stronger the Predator is in comparison.

The Predator itself is such an amazing creature. Hands down my favorite alien, by a mile, and is up there on my favorite monster list. The look and design is incredible. From his advanced arsenal, the silver mask over top of alien face and mandible like mouth and jaws. The dreads and fishnets. Him being a hunter and only hunting prey that is armed and would be a challenge to go after. Way he handled Dutch who had proved himself a skilled hunter and flat out challenging to a battle. Everything about the Predator was simply perfect.

The movie is chalked full of not only some great action and gore, but some of the most quotable lines and incredible moments. From seeing the Predator for the first time and the manliest handshake. Had incredible lines. Knock-Knock, I aint got time to bleed and of course, Get to the chopper. Such a fun movie that stays with you longer after you have watched it.

Casting was spot on. Everyone did incredible work at making this movie great. Kevin Peter Hall was spectacular as the Predator. Giving him a menacing and threatening demeanor. Using his seven feet three body frame to his absolute advantage. His facial expression and look in his eyes when his mask came off. The way he looked at Dutch when he had him cornered and saw the trap. Playing off of Arnold so well. Peter Cullen was a great choice to voice him. The tiny clicks and harsh tone. Elpidia Carrilo did a wonderful job as Anna. Than you get the team. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, Bill Duke, Jesse Ventura, Sonny Landham, Richard Chaves and Shane Black were all incredible together. The chemistry was fantastic between the group and they were incredible to watch.

So, this is an incredibly short review, but I have nothing negative to say. Not even a mixed. Just a great movie from top to bottom. It’s has great horror elements, action and suspense. Sci-Fi and parts that make you laugh and a monster that has stood the test of time. It is nothing short of a classic. Final Grade – S

As always, I hope you enjoyed and….

Thank You For Reading!

Predator: Hunting Grounds Game Review

By: Justin Hopkins

When this game was announced was very much on the fence about whether or not I wanted to bother with it. Was a fan of Friday The 13th and then Dead By Daylight. Enjoying Asymmetrical Games, but wasn’t real enthusiastic about what I was seeing from this. Which changed after I played their demo. Having a great time as both Fireteam and playing as the Predator. So much so that I ended up pre-ordering the game. Looking forward to seeing what the full game had to offer and now with an extra day to play. Does it still hold on to its charm. Let’s devein and check it out shall we.

Being an online multiplayer, it doesn’t have much of a story to it. You either play the role of Fireteam, where you work with 3 other soldiers (As long as nothing goes wrong in loading) attempting top complete missions and take down AI. While at the same time, another player is hunting you as the Predator. You win by either escaping on the chopper, downing the Predator while escaping their explosion, or defending it’s body for extraction; you may or may not have to defuse its bomb.

A simple story that works just find. Puts you in the jungle just like Arnie and his men were in the first movie. They make the most of one short map with various different missions. For starting out, works just fine, with room to grow. Hope we get more like a artic temple like from AVP or something off planet.

Breaking down the sides more, we will start with the Fireteam and you got four different Soldiers to pick from; Assault, Recon, Scout and than Support. Each having their own skills and attributes. Assault being your balanced. Recon and Scouts being a little more speedy, but Scout being faster but has less health and can’t carry as much. Support being more armored but slower. You have various perks to play with that can boast your speed, strength, reload and even how much damage you can inflict on the Predator. Wide range of weapons, Assault rifles to shotguns and if you pre-ordered you get the mini gun that I have yet to use, because I like the others a little more, but none of it will help if you aren’t team oriented. The key to playing as Fireteam is working together. Making sure you all keep an eye out on one another and if all four of you are swarming together. Then you’re going to clean up. Stealth can be a thing, especially if you are down members and need to call for reinforcements, but as long as you are working together. Probably won’t get to that point.

Alright, on to the headliner and the one most people, myself included, were looking forward to play; The Predator, or Yautja of you prefer. They come in three classes; Hunter, Scout, and Berserker.  Hunter is balanced, Scout if fast and has very little health ( I have not played this class and probably never will. Ever) and Berserker is your tank. The customization is a lot of fun. Picking between male and female and what masks and predlocks you can put on them. Various weapons and traps and I am clearly avoiding gameplay.

I don’t want to seem like I am trashing it isn’t terrible. They are very challenging to learn how to play, because you have to be patient. Mess with the tight group. Try to force them to split up and pick off stragglers or catch the right time to charge them and I think that is where it loses me a little. The wait times are so long, to get into a game, to attempt to break the group up in some chance you even can and don’t have to settle for a yolo play at the end. Meanwhile, their health is atrociously low. It does not take much to be gunned down. The reason I won’t even touch scout. Not when Berserker can be taken out with ease. Not even just playing as the Predator. Don’t even really feel intimated when I go against them. I don’t want them to be walking tanks who eat bullets, but something has to be done to make them a bit of a threat, and I think that a single player mode can help out.

I think a big help can be a place where you can practice playing as the Predator. Learning how to play him more effectively and how everything works against harder AI then people who have been playing shooters for ten plus years. Can practice movements, trap placements and be a better player before going to face others. Not to mention you give people a chance to just play the game, instead of waiting ten plus  minutes to play a five minute round.

I know a complaint I have seen is how thick the forest can be and it can be hard to see incoming AI, but I personally like that. Makes them a bit of a bit of a challenge. Adding to their ability to be a threat and they can be. Especially, if you get swarmed and Predator is pressuring with them. All making for more of a fun experience.

With all of that said, Predator: Hunting Grounds is still a pretty fun game to play. Got a fun little shooter with the Fireteam and despite my personal complaints. There is fun to be had with the Predator. You just got to be patient when playing the role and see a lot of potential going forward.

As always, I hope you enjoyed and…

Thank You For Reading.

My top 6 anticipated games of 2020

By: Justin Hopkins

It is a sad way to kick-off a new year, when you realize that a game you love, is just not for you anymore, but that is the way this year is starting for me. A game that I have loved for the best part of a year and a half, has finally pushed my last nerve and have to walk away. It is sad, but as I look into the new year. There is a lot to be excited for. So, one game may have come to an end for me, I have six more to look forward too. Before I start, got to say, I play on Playstation, so with the exception of my Honorable Mention. We will focus on Sony. Not that there’s anything wrong with PC or Xbox, just going with what I got. Cool, let’s get started than.


The only reason that this is sitting at Honorable Mention and not number 1, is that it is not confirmed for 2020. I haven’t bought an Xbox since the 360. The moment that trailer dropped, I knew I would be getting an Xbox X-Series to continue Senua’s Journey. I loved the first game. Such an intense, beautifully made game, with a gripping story that sucked you in the game with everything they did and can only imagine what they have store for the second game.


It seems that I am in need of a new online multiplayer game and what better, than Predator Hunting Grounds. Seems like a very basic idea. You either play as your choice of Yautja and hunting a team of marines. The Marines are working together to complete their mission and escape alive. The concept art looks fantastic, especially for the Yautja and am really excited to use the bow and you get the skin from the first movie if you Pre-Order. As always, go into it with a bit of caution. Online multiplayers can fall apart quickly, but still willing to give this one a chance all the same.

5. Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

This game is probably the one game I know the least about, but am strangely being pulled towards it. It action roleplay game, that sees you playing a young vampire in Seattle, and that was all it really needed to be said to win me over. As you play through, you learn new abilities through factions engaged in a civil war, and I just like it. Wish I could say why. Didn’t even play the first one. Just has a certain vibe that has really won me over, and if they have a fair amount of creative character, would be that much more happy for it.


Alright, so the first trailer did not do this a whole lot of justice. The Kamala Khan one though, did a lot better, and with test players hyping it up even more. Don’t know if this was announced, but curious on how many heroes will be involved, and the story looks interesting, and I have a weakness for Superhero games. Have even enjoyed the bad ones, so this one should be a blast. Especially, if we get to play as our choice of characters, or focus a bit more on the lesser known heroes.


Resident Evil 2 Remake was fantastic and set the bar for how a video game remake should work. They stayed true to what made it great. Tweaked a few things to change it up and gave side stories and than the original versions. We might not get all of that this time around, but with them saying they took what they learned in 2 and carried it over to 3 has me confident going in, and as a bonus, you get the online multiplayer that they have been talking about for some time now, Project Resistance. Capcom has a successful track with their remakes, and have no doubt they can make it at a hat trick with Nemesis.

2. Doom Eternal

I love the Doom Series. They are so much fun. The adrenaline filled carnage of playing Doom Guy. Running around killing everything in your wake. Game literally knows exactly what it is. Oh, this rocket launcher, isn’t enough. Well how about if it shoots multiple locked on rockets? Still want more, how about a movable turret? No, here is a gun that will wipe out everyone in a bloody paste and you get to carry them all around at your ready. Low on ammo. Get up and close for more, or use this chainsaw, and god yes, give me more. Can play these game all the time, and a pre-order for Doom 64. A big yes to even more Doom, and just misses out on the number one slot.


I don’t think there is any game series that brings back more fond memories than Destroy All Human. A friend of mine way, back in high school gave me a game he swore I could not beat without cheats, it was Destroy All Humans, and I did beat it without cheating. Bought a Wii for the lone purpose to play, Destroy All Humans: Big Willy Unleashed. Watched another friend fail for over 4 hours to get any points in human plink-o in Destroy All Humans: Path Of The Furon. I even have the Original on PS4 due to a charity giveaway, but when this game finally comes out, am going to be getting a copy and just getting lost in the world of Cryptosporidium 137 all over again. Graphics look spectacular and hope for some new content, but one way or another. Destroy All Humans is the game I am most looking forward to the most, in 2020

I know, I didn’t say Cyberpunk 2077. I am going to play it, but is a game I know less about than Vampires. I know they have been working on it for a long time and don’t want to look into it at all. Want to go in blind, and because of that. It did not make the list, but I am sure there is plenty more that didn’t make the list. Feel free to drop any in the comments. In the meantime, hope you enjoyed and as always…

Thank you for reading.

Alien and Predator discussion

By: Justin Hopkins

This might seem a bit odd to talk about. Since there hasn’t been much movement on either side of the ball. Minus some sketchy rumors here and there, but seeing them made me think about their perspective future, and with their future under the Disney Flagship. I am a big fan of both, Predator more so than the Xenomorph and really think there is so much more that can be done, and came up with a bit of an idea that I felt like share with you all today. I don’t want to call it a pitch… but it is my pitch for what I would like to see from a series of movies, two Alien and two Predator and both coming together for a third and where they can go from there. A few things before we begin, while I will be drawing from the comics and other source material. I am far from an expert on them. I am just taking things I feel can fit well into a movie, and going from there. So, if I incidentally change up something, I don’t mean it in malice or anything like that. Want be going into a lot of detail, just enough to make a basic outline and bring it all together, and it goes without saying, this just my opinion. Mixing up the normal for this page and starting a conversation about these two creatures is always fun. With all of that said, lets jump in, with the Xenomorph himself.


  I know there is been a fair amount wanting to see the return of Ellen to the franchise, but I think her Daughter Amanda may have more to go off of to reignite this franchise with. I have something planned for Ellen later on, but for now, it is all going to be about Amanda. Taking place after the events of Alien Isolation, and her desire to find out what Weyland knows and what they want with the Xenomorphs and mostly, what happened to her Mom still. It’s almost a driving force for her. She is going to have a team of mercenaries and those who have had their lives affected by the Xenos, and they pretty much going from one Weyland location to the next trying to find something, but the Nostromo incident is well above anyone’s pay grade and patience is getting thin. They know the answers can be found at one of Weylands most High Tech Labs. They wanted to avoid it, but with their string of failures, decide to go all in, and of course, things go sideways. Weyland has been studying numerous Xenomorphs and they get loose during the break in. All the while, Amanda’s genius and ingenuity is on display and she comes off even more dominating at times than those around her. Refraining from drawing to many comparisons to Ellen. No lines or similar moments. Amanda needs to be her own character in her own way and more on that later on. Unfortunately, the computers and destroyed during the chaos, and the whole operation turns into a waste, but her and whatever is left of her team make it out, with a scientist, will call Johnny, and with his help, we go into the second movie with a lead.

  While the first movie leans more toward an action roots. The second is going back to its horror. Weyland now knows Amanda is getting closer, and with knowledge of what Johnny knows. They use it to set up a trap for the team consisting of personal military, Xenomorphs and Androids, and it is going to be a bloodbath. All the while, Johnny is going to keep Amanda going and by the end, it’ll be just the two of them and maybe one more who make it out, but they make it out, with a name. Dr. Church. The foremost expert Weyland has when it comes to all things Xeno, but he is stationed on a planet that has been completely overrun by Xenomorphs, and they set off immediately. More on that later. For now, lets go to the other side.


  This one is a little harder to do. We have seen a good many versions of the Predator, or Yautja, I would spent the first movie, telling the tale of one Machiko Noguchi. An administrator in charge of Prosperity Wells on planet Ryushi. We got a version of her in the form of Alexa Woods, but we need the real deal. On Ryushi, the Yautja set a group of Xenomorphs loose on the colony to hunt, and Machiko steps up. Doing everything in her power to keep her people alive, but fends off the Xenomorphs to the point she impresses the Yautja on the hunt. To the point, the leader marks her with one of her kill, and she eventually joins there clan and leaves with them. This all should be the first movie. To introduce Machiko, and the Yautja clan.

  The sequel picks up with Machiko and her clan on a hunt, not a Xeno one, but some other exotic alien species. Through her eyes, we really jump into the Yautja hierarchy and how they live and really build up the lore here. Lift up the curtain and let us really enjoy their culture a bit. Meanwhile, while Machiko is accepted among her clan. Has issues with other Yautja. They can bring in Yautja known as Shorty, who tends to give her the most grief. For one reason or another, the Yautja have to go to the Alien infested planet to either get a Queen or a new Alien to make eggs and Machiko’s clan is chosen, but before they go. Shorty challenges her for her spot on the hunt, and she gets cheated out of a victory. This is the final straw. After they leave, she decides that she is going to leave, but before she leaves. Sees another ship inbound. One that contains humans. Aware that they are going to be completely overrun. She beelines it to the planet and crash lands in front of them, and of course, it is Amanda and crew and the movie ends with, her saying she is there to help.


  We are picking up on where we left off. Amanda explaining why they are there, and while Machiko doesn’t like the idea of sticking around longer than they have to, is moved by her plight and is going to help Amanda find out what happened to her Mom. She has her weapons and with expertise with the Yautja, and things get going early and breaks are very minimum. We have Machiko squaring off with her former clan. Waves of Xenomorphs and Queens. An Empress and different variations of Xenomorphs. An all out fight all the way to Dr. Church. A sinister, twisted man who has been basically playing Dr. Frankenstein on this planet. Using his own security guards as lab rats. They finally do get him alone, and he more than happily, tells what he knows about the Nostromo, and that is basically what she kind of already knows, and that is, no one knows what exactly happened. Ash was sent to collect the Xeno, but everything went wrong when Ellen stepped up and foiled it. All he knew what she escaped in a pod, and the Nostromo blew up. Before Amanda can get her mind around that. A giant tail erupts through the wall, and takes out Dr. Church. Enter the Queen Mother Alien. Machiko jumps in and takes the fight to it, but is outmatched. When Shorty crashes in to help her. In the comics, Machiko kills Shorty after a fight and learns he wanted to actually mate with her. We are playing with that idea and give him a little more heroic demise. Once again, Machiko is alone and knocked down. About to suffer the killing blow, and bam. The Queen Mother gets whacked by a mechanical arm, and we get Amanda in the Mech suit, followed by the line ” Stay away from her you b****.” Made so much more special because they have made no other Ripley comparisons till this very moment. You let it cook and not diminish moment. Together, they vanquish the Queen Mother, prime the lab to blow, and Machiko, Amanda, and Johnny make it out to see the explosion from space. They are going home. Machiko is off to blaze a new path in her life, and Amanda may not know what happened to her Mom, but was not abandoned by her. Ellen went off as a hero. Know Amanda is off to piece together a life with Johnny.


  We get a scene, with Lance Hendricks. ( I know he is up there, but they have used CGI on so much worse) talking to a lackey about what a disaster this all was and going through everything lost at the hands of Machiko and Amanda. When another guy rushes in with news. They have received communication, from the escape pod from the Nostromo and when played, it’s the voice of Android Ash and we set up, for a movie around the audiobook, Out of the Shadows.

  And that is all I got. I know it is a bit disjointed and can use a lot more love, but like I said, just a quick little outline of where they can go. A conversation of things can do, while we wait to see what they actually do. What do you think. Like it? Hate it? Let me know. In the meantime,

  Thank you for reading.

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