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Candyman Farewell to the Flesh Review

By: Justin Hopkins


And the march goes on. One more day closer to The Candyman’s big return. We went through the first one last night so lets keep the train moving to the 1995 sequel, Farewell to the Flesh. Taking the titular character from Chicago and dropping him into New Orleans, while digging deeper into the lore at the same time. Lets jump in and see how the shift paid off for them.


The movie starts with Professor Purcell going through the story of The Candyman, giving him a name, Daniel Tobitaille, during an event at a book store promoting his book on the Candyman. Bringing up the events in the first movie, claiming Helen Lyle was to blame for the murders. As she had taken such an intense obsession with the topic and turned herself into the Candyman. After being pushed a bit by the crowd. Uses the shine on his book to say Candyman five time. Which was to set up a joke of being attacked by an associate. All the while, a nervous guy watches from the back. Later confronting Purcell when he is walking down the street. Recognizing Ethan when he gave his name, and apologizing for his Dad dying, only Ethan yelled at him. Claiming his Dad came to him for help and Candyman was real and Purcell would be next. Shaken up by it, he goes to the bar. When Ethan attacks him and is thrown out. Yelling that he is next. The Professor goes to clean himself off, when the Candyman shows himself and kills the Professor. After the title card, we see Mardi Gras in effect and three more days till the start of lent. Hear the Radio DJ, King Fish talking as we meet Annie, as she is driving through. On her way to work. While King Fish is warning people not to say his name in front of the mirror. We meet up with her at her job as a school teacher. Student working on art projects. One of the kids, drawing a picture of the Candyman. When someone comes in and tell her their has been a problem with her brother, Ethan. Which she rushes to deal with. Stopping at her Mother’s house, who is drinking and upset about Ethan and the fact she has cancer. Together, along with Annie’s Husband, Paul. She tries to get him to talk or get a lawyer, but Ethan isn’t listen. Content with just confessing and taking the fall. When she pushes him, he throws an ashtray through the window, and he gets carried away. While she says she won’t give up on him. Trying to talk to the lady cop, but she won’t hear it either. Believing it to be a slam dunk case, on not only Purcell, but a string of other, including their Father. Later that night, she gets inspired by some old photos, to take a trip to the old family house. To try and finding anything that might be able to help her Brother. Finding a small group pf homeless and see the ruins of the old slave house out back. When she goes upstairs, she finds multiple graffiti pictures of Daniel and his death, till reached the final image of Birth of Candyman. Standing in front of a pile of skulls. From their, she goes back to work, in time to break up a fight between a picture, Matthew drew of Candyman being chased. Telling her that if you said his name five times in the mirror, he will come for her. In an attempt to prove that it is made up. She does just that. Having a laugh when nothing happened but Matthew is still upset. That night, she can’t sleep and Paul comes to get her off the balcony. Making her dessert, while she is in the bathroom, and Candyman appears. Telling her soon they will take a journey together, before disappearing. Rushing out of the bathroom, when she hears a clatter. Candyman having Paul. Annie, watching helplessly as he kills Paul with the hook. She tries to run, but he appears before her and she blacks out and that is where I will leave it for now.


Lets start this off with how we did the first and that is talking about the myth. which has changed from the first, and as far as this movie goes, I did like it. I know a lot of people may disagree with that point of view, but for me. Kind of plays with the idea of hoe an Urban Legend works. How the point of it is there, but elements of it change based on location. The premise, being that he was alive and killed after falling for a white woman, and he could be summoned by saying his name five time. While some of the details changing and adding to it. Such as the location of his death changing and his soul being tied to a mirror. Which was what was allowing him to get around. They gave him a name, Daniel and that even calling him Candyman, was a horrible thing to say. An insult one of the kids in the lynch mob called him and the mob mocked him with the term. As far as this movie goes, I do like the direction they went in with the story.

This one definitely upped the gore factor. Racking up the body count and carnage candy in spectacular fashion. Getting the first kill in the opening sequence and settling just long enough to tell the story before ratcheting right back up. The death of Paul was both grotesque and hard hitting, since Paul was a likeable guy and they made his death a rather slow one painful one. While the blood splattering Annie’s face was a nice touch. They utilized the the hook in some fun ways. From slow and painful to fast, and the death by bees scene was particularly brutal as it would be. All of which gets a big thumbs up from me.

Once again, they handled the racial and social aspects of the movie very well. Not just with the cruelty and unjust scene of what happened to Daniel, but with the Reverend having to live with the idea that the cops would not help him find Mathew when he went missing. As well with the family aspect as well. Isabelle growing up never knowing about Daniel, but even Annie’s Mom refusing to admit that Daniel was related because she would be ashamed by the association. Leaving off on a bit of hope, with Annie including Daniel’s picture in the family Photobook.

I loved the fact that this story was set around Mardi Gras. Seeing the city celebrate and party, oblivious to the terror that is unfolding to Annie. Allowing not just her to slip through the crowd but Candyman as well. The symbolism of it all coming to a close, on the final day, and seeing her and Matthew leave it all behind at the start of Ash Wednesday.

Tony Todd was once again fantastic in the roll of Candyman as well as Daniel. Bringing out so much pain and agony and sorrow during his final moments alive. Making you hate everyone involved. Wonderfully bringing back the terror and frightening calmness in the Candyman when he talks. To the sickening joy he gets in killing. He had a great grasp on the character and the second time around he came back better. Playing off him was the wonderful Kelly Rowan, who did excellent as Annie. Who built up a really likeable character in Annie. Feeling the fear and desperation that continued to build up within her, but the sympathy she had for him was there as well. Knew she had to stop him, but did feel bad for Daniel. And we got to mention Timothy Carhart, for loveable Paul. Complete opposite of Trevor, and saved dessert.

This movie did have a bit of minor negatives. I feel like they could have done more with Detective Ray and Pam. Especially after Pam learned the truth. A little closer look at the Slave house before the finale. At least let Annie go to the front of it. A bigger negative would have been how little we got to know Matthew. Would like to know more about his story and how he got involved with Candyman.

With all of that said, Farewell to the Flesh was a much better sequel than what people give credit for. I enjoyed the direction they took the myth into. Building up on it and learning more his story. Diving into the family descendants. Loved the ramp up on carnage candy, New characters and return of a horror icon. All coming together for a great entry in the series. Final Grade – A –

As always, I hope you enjoyed and….

Thank You For Reading!

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