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Jeffery Epstein: Filthy Rich Review

By Paul Anthony

Netflix has no doubt made a name for themselves with making documentaries and in fact I will watch them over and over again. However this one has to be one of the more powerful ones I have watched and its crazy because it is only 4 episodes long. Which to be honest may not be long enough, if you want each victim to have a voice and share their story of how they got sucked into this Jeffrey Epstein drama. But at the same time they told the story that we had to know about how this guy used people and his power to get away with whatever he wanted.

The show starts basically telling us who Jeffery Epstein was and how he came to be, basically we learn from earlier on that Jeffery, does have one good ability and that is being a con man. We see that he is too smart for his own good because he uses his ability to rise up in the society and gain power and watch he got that power then he began get the money, that we all dream of. The Second episode we see the people he is connected when he gets away the first time, basically serving a fraction of jailtime. We begin to see that his sweet plea deal was his connections pulling strings and getting him off on the serious charges. The third episode we now see his chamber which is actually a full island in the virgin islands. We also learn through these first 3 episodes that he uses his power and money to get young girls that are under 18 and flashes money to blind them to have sex with them even when they say no.

Around this time the MeTo movement was in full swing and with that being said everything was getting expose and sexual harassment and assault was becoming more and more important and finally the victims got their justice when Epstein was finally sent to jail where he belongs. In the fourth and finally episode Jeffery found a way out like he always does and this time it was him taking his life, which meant he had the last word, though it is debated on if someone killed him or he did he do it to himself. We learn the victims never wanted him to die but instead just sit in jail where he would have spent the rest of his life at. It disappoints the victims that once again he found a way out. We learn at the end that the victims come together and see each other and exchange stories to help cope with the pain they went through and it is very touching.

The stories were put together very well, though I wish they gave us more details on how he truly got away with everything that he did and what did he have on people of power that he used their connections to get away with everything. In the end this was a powerful one that made me keep watching and I love programs like that. In the end I am giving this series a A for a rating or 90 percent!

Unsolved Mysteries review

By Paul Anthony

One of the first shows that I got into as a kid growing up that wasn’t a cartoon or sitcom had to be this show Unsolved Mysteries. Like many of the fans of the show I would watch reruns and when they brought the show back in 2008 I would watch those episodes as well then the show ended again and for ten long years the show was on ice until now when Netflix brought it back and of course I had to watch it and though the season only consist of 6 episodes so far with another 6 on the way but the question becomes did these episodes so far live up to the legacy of the show before it?

Let’s break down each episode plot for you first. As I mentioned before the show has 6 episodes so far with 6 more on the way. Episode one is about the death and disappearance of Rey Rivera and the episode is titled Mystery on the Rooftop. Second episode titled 13 minutes which involves Patrice Endres, a salon owner who disappears in a 13 minute window that she had for a break. Third episode titled House of Terror which involves the Dupont’s family Murder and the disappearance of the father and husband Xavier Dupont. Fourth Episode titled No Ride Home features the death of Alfonzo Brooks. Fifth episode is titled Berkshires UFO which the title basically explain the plot which was about the Berkshires county UFO sighting and Alien Adduction. The final episode is called the missing witness which is about Lena Chapin.

Each episode basically have the victim’s friends and family giving the good side of the victims and then explaining what could have happen and so forth and they also have former investigators of the crime to explain their side of things and why everything hasn’t been solved yet. Each episode in it’s own right is intense and gives you a good amount of details where you can come up with your own conclusion even if it you can’t prove it.

Ranking the episodes from my point of view goes a little like this. 1. Missing Witness, 2. No Ride Home, 3. Mystery on the Rooftop, 4. 13 Minutes, 5. Berkshires UFO and 6 House of Terror. The Missing Witness is my favorite by far because of the situation with the witness being the daughter of the murderer and when she is ready to tell the world key evidence about her missing Step-father, she to is killed with no body found and leaves behind a son that the mother who is the murderer has custody to and it is very twisted and just sad. My least favorite is House of Terror and its not a knock on the episode but I know it in involves an French family but having the entire episode in French and reading the subtitles as you are trying to follow the story was just not working for me.

The big and only con about this show is the fact it no longer has a host which does make it feel like every other Netflix show, but that is just being picky right there. In the end they did a great job with the show and I am looking forward to more episodes.



Please if you have any information regarding the cases of the show please go to http://www.unsolved.com

Netflix Review: Pandemic

By Paul Anthony

These days all we can do is review stuff it seems like is on Netflix and I find crazy how their series of shows always managed to grab us and we get hooked big time!. But does that mean the shows are actually good or is just the perfect timing for the most part, they are just that good but a few are just perfect timing and this series was just that. I am reviewing a Netflix series called Pandemic: How To Prevent An Outbreak. Catchy little title in the perfect time. Since I have been reviewing films and shows I generally don’t lose interest in what I am watching unless its something that is truly boring. I get it Netflix filmed this before everything started to happened but once again timing can be everything.

The series contain 6 episodes that were about 45 to 60 minute long. The first episode was about the front line workers such as doctors and nurses treating the patients that have these viruses and no doubt they show the audience the hard work that they do cure and prevent a virus from getting worse. the Episode was a good start to the series and it made me even value our frontline workers even more, its the following episodes that began to bore me because they step away from the frontline workers to show us the research side of things. We spend the five hours of our lives following researchers around as they find a way to make a cure and test it on pigs and other animals. Now I get it that it is a job that is required to help everyone and once again it starts off good but then it tails off and starts to drag. The title caught me because I thought because of what we are dealing with that this series should be interesting and it had potential to be just that. Maybe if the series was 3 or at the max 4 episodes I would be praising it rather then bashing it. It is hard to praise something that you begin lose much interest in. the topic was a hot but it didn’t need to be dragged out. They give us more information then most of us have ever known about outbreaks and what frontline workers and health officals have to go through and it was nice to see that, it really was.

We are now in the end of the blog where I have to give the final say of what I think of it. In the end I believe the series was just too long for its own good and because that, it becomes very boring at times and you begin to wonder and lose track of the information they are giving you and even they realize that by adding stuff about people who are against vaccines and goes the opposite way of their title. If the show is called how to prevent an outbreak and your showing me segments where people bash the health process and then clearly you ran out of material to give to us. Should have made the series shorter. In the end I am giving this series a D for a review and would say overall this was a miss for Netflix.


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