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Child’S Play Review!

By Paul Anthony

I know there was a lot of hype when this movie was announced, the hype was weird because Netflix just made two awesome films that brought the franchise back from the dead when the Seed of Chucky was released. When people announce a reboot they generally don’t want the former cast and crew involved, by now we should realize this because this is nothing new yet people will still boo woo, so here is some advice go see the product when it comes out so they won’t reboot it then. Now this film was labeled as a reboot, the intent is to reboot the series if this was a standalone film it was clear this would  be reimagination because it is a  twist to a old story.

Now let’s get to the movie shall we, now there are some things they did right and other things they did wrong so let’s get to what they did right. For starters casting Mark Hamill for the voice of this new Chucky was a great idea. Replacing Brad Dourif was no easy task but then again Mark Hamill is just as good. Adding a computer program as the issue instead of voodoo was another thing that I did enjoy, we are now in the age of films where people want to actually believe it could happen and we all know how computers can be.

Now Here are the things that weren’t bad but wasn’t good either and that is Andy’s age in this one I just find it hard to believe that a 13 year old kid would want a doll to play with unlike a much younger kid, yet it was workable. Here is what I don’t like the characters in this movie seemed to be rushed. One minute Andy doesn’t have friends and the next minute he does and shortly after things his friends turn their back him. I get kids are like that but still there should be more to it and was it sad that I had no love for the mother and didn’t care if she died. The chucky doll design did look fake and cheesy compared to what the original had going for it.

Though the character development was weak I still have to praise the film for being better then I thought. I believe this film could be good enough to spawn a sequel which based on how it ended I think they intend to make a part but we all know money talks so if the film fails to make it big then it ends there, in the end I get it 3.8 stars and hope for a part two!


How to make a movie flop

By Paul Anthony

Some movies set themselves up for failure, the movie could be great or just okay which is enough to get by, however there are films that truly give themselves no chance to succeed and one film is doing that right now and that film is the reboot of Child’s Play. The studio announced that the reboot would be coming out on June 21st, 2019. The date seems like it is no big deal right? Well wrong and here is why.

First it is in the beginning of the summer, now I understand that’s when people come out and enjoy the movies so you would think it makes sense but another thing that is wrong with the date is that another film a much bigger film is being released on that date and that film is Toys Story 4. If you are going to put a film in the summer slot most of the time it is a film that is getting a lot of hype and/ or is from an establish successful film franchise. It doesn’t matter what genre the film is which has been proven summer not always about the action film.

Toys Story 4 is no joke and I wouldn’t put a low hyped reboot next to a film that is from a legendary film franchise. Each film has grossed more than a the previous film with the third film reaching the one billion marker back in 2010. Not to mention its been 9 years since the previous came out. Now if you are going to say well Child’s Play is a establish film series then yes but it is a film series that is pretty much dead and haven’t been good since 1992 and its last film basically killed it with the Seed of Chucky. It made a comeback on netflix though but that is still not the same anymore as the big screen audience. I was caught off guard how good the films were and I believed Netflix was doing a lot of good for the killer doll, which even makes this reboot even more annoying because no one wants this reboot.

If they want this film to be the start of something more and make a run at having a second chance at a good film series then it would be wise to change the date of this film. Having it in the summer line up would be the biggest mistake. I would recommend them putting it in the fall line up and even better in October when people are craving a good horror film. If studios want a good successful horror film Like IT then they need to look at everything they did right and Even that film was not released in the summer. Now until the trailer drops and the film gets promoted more and get more details then we can’t say much more, so we shall see!

Fall Top 5

By Paul Anthony

Okay so the summer movie season wasn’t that good, sure we had our moments but now we are in our fall movie season and in this blog, we will take a quick look at the top 5 movies that could peak our interest. Now the fall season starts after Labor Day and ends the Thursday before the first Friday in November. So, some big-name titles will be missing from this list.

Let’s get started, now like before we will go from number 5 to number.

  1. Jigsaw, okay, okay I know this might tick a lot of people off but it has been seven long years since the last film which was supposed to be the last one but the movie made some money off its low budget you knew an 8th film would happen. The trailer looked good and could be the best film of the series or close to it or we could just get another horrible movie, for now it’s on the list.
  2. Cult of Chucky, this film might not come out in theatres but it doesn’t mean it’s not as good as any other film. The Curse of Chucky caught us off guard of how good it was, it brought Chucky back to his roots and made us forget the film before it. Now we are expecting it to be good and this film has a lot to live up to. The reviews have been positive so far, which is a good thing, you can buy your copy in early October.
  3. The Lego Ninja movie, It seems like these Lego movies are good right now, so it only make sense that this movie on this list. Currently it sits at 89 percent and I would not be shocked if it stays this way. The fall season is full of horror movies, so having a good family movie to see to get a break.
  4. Kingsman: The Golden Circle. The first movie was a sleeper hit and it quickly grew on us, at first it didn’t seem like we would get a part two but after the first film final run we knew a sequel would happen and fans went crazy over the cast and when the trailer came out they went insane but now the film will be release shorty and we will see if they can maintain the magic from the first film, it currently sits at 99 percent.
  5. Blade Runner 2049, you want to talk about waiting for a sequel, try waiting for a sequel for thirty plus years and now the wait is over, the film brings back Harrison Ford and adds Ryan Gosling. Now the first one became a cult film because in today standards a 40 million profit wouldn’t get you far. It currently sits at 99 percent, so with that and good word of mouth they should have a hit on their hands and who knows the fan base might not have to wait another thirty years if the film does good.

So there you have it, the top five movies to see the next few months.

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