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Clue Movie Review

By: Justin Hopkins


I was kind of flip flopping on which classic to review for the month, especially since I haven’t remembered to review one the last few months. Had a few in mind, but yesterday someone mentioned this gem and this just felt right. Following the spooky season, a comedic mystery of Clue seemed to be fitting. So, lets dive into the whodunit world and see how well it really is shall we.


The Movie kicks off with Wadsworth The Butler showing up. Throwing food to two ferocious guard dogs before going inside. Making sure the maid and cook were ready for their guests. As Colonel Mustard showed up. Making a point that that wasn’t his name, but Wadsworth stresses the importance of using Aliases. Mrs. White showed up next, dressed in mourning attire. Tense moment of recognition between Yvette and Miss. White, but they don’t say why. Followed by the arrival of Mrs. Peacock, Mr. Green, Miss Scarlett and Professor Plum, who arrived together when Scarlett’s car broke down and he picked her up. Upon their arrival dinner is served, with one guest, Mr. Body still missing. Which confuses them since they were under the impression that he was the host, not a guest, but Wadsworth is not answering any questions. Mrs. Peacock starts nervously talking, to find out Mr. Breen knows her from working in Washington. Through talking, find out Plum has a background in Psychology, Scarlet knows Mustard and everyone works or lives in Washington. Colonel Mustard grows tired of this and demands to know what is going on. When Mr. Body arrives. Already agitated, they go to the Study for the truth, before it comes out, Mr. Body tries to leave to find that they have been locked in till it is all resolved. Which is that they are all being blackmailed. From adulatory, to running an escort service, picking up those escorts, murder and homosexuality and the blackmailer is non other than Mr. Body. The cops are on their way and Wadsworth has all the evidence to have him arrested, but Mr. Body was ready for it. Suspecting Wadsworth was up to something and brought them each a box containing a weapon. Giving them the option, to kill Wadsworth while the lights are out, and they can all leave and no one will ever know that this happened. A gunshot went off and when the lights came back on. Mr. Body was on the ground. Leaving them to figure out who the killer was before the cops arrive.


This was a fun, clever way to bring the board game to life. The characters all having their own unique personalities and quirks. All trying to figure out who the killer is. Each of them having their own reason to commit murder while at the same time, not seeming to be capable of killing at the same time. Changing Mrs. White from the maid to a younger character was a wise move. The mansion was gorgeous. Focusing on the locations from the game, including the two secret passages Mixing in comedy that never derailed the build up in tension which worked its way up slowly throughout. The mansion was gorgeous. Focusing on the locations from the game, including the two secret passages

The actors were spot on with choices for the characters. Tim Curry is amazing as he normally is. Same with Christopher Lloyd Although, I think Martin Mull and Madeline Khan may have outshined him. Martin’s portrayal as the bumbling alpha male was some of the funniest moments and the reactions Madeline played the black widow, Mrs. White was really good. Throw in the fantastic chemistry they shared with Eileen Brennan, Michael McKean and Lesley Ann Warren and you have the making of something special.

The multiple endings is also probably their biggest weaknesses. I get the reason behind them. Every game of clue being different and someone new, but, none of them seemed to feel right after everything that transpired. I liked the idea of them all killing someone else, but Mr. Green being FBI was almost going a little to far. When all that really needed to happen was the cops breaking in, demanding who done it and everyone pointing fingers again. The other endings suffered similar with Wadsworth being FBI. They were just fine, if I had to pick a favorite, it would be the Mrs. Peacock being the killer cause that twist seemed to be most subdued.

All said in done, Clue is an absolute blast. Some great actors doing their all to bring the board game to life. Having the right amount of comedy and tension. If you haven’t checked it out, do strongly suggest giving it a go and if you have, well it is always the right time to watch it again. Final Grade – A

As always, I hope you enjoyed and…

Thank You For Reading.


88 Movie Review

By: Justin Hopkins


  So, I decided to mix things up, just a little bit. Up until this point, have mostly kept this series to B movie horror, but the action genre has some gems just waiting to be stumbled upon. Checking through the list, 88 jumped out to me right away. Mostly, because I am a big fan of Katharine Isabelle. The synopsis sounded promising and was sure this would be perfect. Wow, this movie was really something else. Let’s jump right into this one and I will do my best to make heads and tails of this rather interesting film.

88, starts out by giving some information on what Fuge States are (In a very brief explanation, they are a mental disorder where one loses memory and self identity for periods of time. Mostly due to a traumatic event) and that is where Gwen is when the movie starts. In a trance like state when she is broken of it has no idea where she is, how she got there or anything. Her hand is bloody and wrapped up, and her bag is full of gumballs and a gun. When one of the waitresses sees it, screams and alerts the cops in the diner. After an old man taps her, and she flinches, causing her to shot another waitress, and she flees the scene, with the police right behind her. Then we jump to another version of Gwen, passed out on the side of the road in a red dress. This is not the Gwen we see at the diner, but one who almost runs off pure impulse. She attacks the man who pulls over to help her, and steals his car and cigarettes, and goes by the name Flamingo, and this is how the movie plays out. Hoping back and forth, with the Gwen version trying to find out what has happened to her and the Flamingo one, going about things almost randomly, till she learns that her boyfriend was killed by a man named Cyrus, and that is honestly, about as close to the story that I could easily describe in the way I normally would.

Have to give a round of applause to the Director April Mullen and writer Tim Doiron. The way they brought these two stories together was simply incredible. Nothing is ever just a wasted moment. Even a simple sentence in the Gwen half ends up being something massive in the Flamingo story and vice-versa. A little sentence about the situation between Vinnie and Cyrus becomes a big part of what set everything off. The milk and gumballs and the number 88. It’s a movie that makes you sit and pay attention to everything and can be a slight issue at times, cause it’s so easy to miss something. That said, they did a fantastic job at connecting all the dots though.

Between watching and doing this, did a bit of research on Fuge states. Out of curiosity, wanting to see how much of what we see from Gwen\Flamingo is coming from the real deal, and yeah they did a good job at that. Flamingo is a character who doesn’t really ever seem to be in reality. She just goes about her day from one thing to the next. Often experiencing hallucination and blackouts. Now, she may or may not be to an extreme exaggerated form. I don’t know that much about the condition, only read a few articles, but the fact they obvious took time to take the condition seriously is a nice touch.

Acting wise, Katharine Isabelle was fantastic. Playing the more sweet and caring Gwen, who didn’t want to hurt anyone and just wanted to know what happened and why her love was killed. Than turn it around to the mentally broken and violent prone Flamingo. Both roles were so important. Each of them had to carry the narrative and couldn’t imagine anyone other than Katharine Isabelle did. On the villain side, we have Cyrus, played by the extremely talented Christopher Lloyd. He plays such a great bad guy, because it always comes as such a surprise. It shouldn’t really at this point, but he was really sadistic in this, and I think they may have ruined it a bit with the ending. Which we will get into now.

I genuinely didn’t see the Gwen ending coming and still don’t know if I liked it. Felt like a shock that was right there for you to see, and that was how Aster died. All this time, was about avenging his death, and then you see what happens. That while Cyrus and his men were coming to kill them. It was Gwen who shot him by mistake, and that was what triggered the Fuge State, and she gets arrested after Cyrus kills himself. I liked the surprise. Did something different, and not so much the surprise swerve that causes my dislike, but the suicide. I cared about both Gwen and Flamingo and this just seemed to make everything the two have been through for nothing, but maybe that was the point and they want you to think about it long after it’s over, and ask me a week from now. May end up really liking this, but for now. Was such a depressing way for Gwen’s story to end, but not the final shot. Once, again we jump back to Flamingo, going into the Diner. She starts to hallucinate again, as she takes the spot in the diner, we start with, and her and Aster’s song begins to play, and we zoom in on her face. Recreating the exact shot that the movie begins on. While I don’t quite like where the story ends. I did like how the movie comes to an end, by circling back to where we start with.

This movie can be a chore to watch at times. At an hour and twenty eight minutes, it doesn’t seem like all that long, but with how much that is happening and how much you have to pay attention. It can fell much longer, but would absolutely suggest 88 to anyone who wants a mind bender of a movie to watch. It’s a fun movie that is well worth the watch. Hope you enjoyed the review and as always…

Thank you for reading.


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