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Tom and Jerry Movie Review

By Paul Anthony

Tom and Jerry the film now has been out for almost a week now and I managed to find time to review it. Like always I take time to see how the audience loves it and how critics love it and every so often we come across a film that critics hate but the audience loved and this film is one of those cases. The film so far has made nearly 40 million off of a budget of 79 million which as of right now is pretty good. The film stars Chloe Grace Moretz, Michael Pena, Colin Jost, Rob Delaney and Ken Jeong. Like Many other Warner brothers films, this film was released on HBO Max as well as in theaters. Now which side will I decide to side with will it be the audience or will it be the critics, like always lets take a look at the plot first.

The film stays true to Tom and jerry where we have the two enemies and at times friends. Tom is in central park trying to make money from playing the piano however the crowd seems to be more amazed at the fact that he is blind and playing the piano and just not being a cat that can play the piano. At this point Jerry is looking for a new place to live and learns that New York isn’t cheap and needs money or something to live in a better area, soon he stumbles across Tom and pretty much ruins his plans and the two wacky animals get into it as always. Here we meet Kayla (Moretz) who just doesn’t have any luck with jobs and decides to con her way into a job working for the Royal Gate Hotel, which she will serve as a wedding planner for this big wedding. Jerry soon finds his way to the hotel to live as well but when the staff realizes they have a mouse problem, she gets Tom’s help to get Jerry out of there. First nothing goes as plan because Jerry always finds a way to escape Tom and the two always leaves a mess behind them. Which also ruins the wedding causing a bigger mess then ever before but Tom and Jerry works together with Kayla to correct everything for the sake of the couple but the truce barely last and Tom and jerry go right back at it but just after the wedding.

Now the story was basic which in this case wasn’t a problem, the biggest problem to me was that they didn’t let Michael Pena and Ken Jeong be as funny as they could have been. Chloe Grace Moretz acting was stiff and yes it’s mostly because she had to pretend something was there when it wasn’t but nevertheless she could have been better. If people say the story was weak and predictable then they aren’t wrong but the movie does pay a great deal of respect to the franchise that is Tom and Jerry, the rest of the story was basically to serve as a filler. Now the part that I did enjoy was all the animals were computer animated instead of just Tom and jerry and even Butch. This was a great way to avoid explaining why Tom and Jerry was only animated. In the end I am giving it a good B or 80 percent because it stayed true to the source but could have been funnier with Pena and Jeong.

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