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Friday Roundabout 3-6-2020

By: Justin Hopkins

Hello and welcome to this weeks roundabout. Where we go back through the past week’s entertainment stories, some big, some small, and some in between, and I share my thoughts on each of them, and we got a few of them, so let’s jump right in shall we.

Starting up, we go into the world of MLB and the Players Association filing a Grievance against the Pittsburgh Pirates, Florida Marlins, Oakland Athletics, and Tampa Bay Rays for their lack of spending in the off season. Second time for the Pirates, to my knowledge. Which they should go after each of these teams as hard as they can. One of the way to raise excitement for the sport is if each team remains competitive, especially the Pirates. For the love of everything, Nutting spend money! After the bad off season with all the scandals. MLB can use a win and this could be what they are looking for.

On a little bit of a sad note. We saw not only Superman: Red Son cancelling their Premier and James Bond No Time To Die be pushed back to November, due to the Coronavirus. It is sad to see happen, but necessary one. Would hate to see the virus gain that much more traction due to one of these gatherings and safety has comes first.

In Blumhouse news, following the success of the Invisible Man. Rumors are that Frankenstein may be the next one, which is something I am all for. I love seeing the classic monsters coming back to the forefront, and if it’s not Creature From the Black Lagoon. Frankenstein is a great next choice.

While I am excited for Frankenstein, I am not for the movie they are working on and that is more Paranormal Activity. If you were a fan, than I am happy you are going to get more, but I white knuckled my way through the first three and couldn’t take anymore, and the prospect of more coming does nothing to make me want to even bother in getting caught up.

There were some rumors of CM Punk getting involved in the future Evil Dead Movies, as Ash. That’s a little to far, because I don’t think anyone can fill Bruce’s Shoes, but Punk would be an awesome addition to the Evil Dead World. He has tons of Charisma and can really run with just about anything that is thrown his way, and can be a great lead for films to come. One of those things I didn’t know I wanted, but after hearing it; would love to see it happen.

Now onto the T.V side of things and got a fair amount and will start with the cancelation of a series I never thought would get the axe, and that is Judge Judy. After 25 years, kind of thought this show was going to run till she stepped down. Has had tons of Judges who have tried to follow in her tracks, with varying success. While fans of Judy can rejoice with the fact that she does have a new show in the works called Judy Justice. Hats off to 25 years and everyone involved in the success of that and future success of their new project.

She-Hulk is a show that I am highly anticipating and have seen bits come through Pre-production. Bit of news that Alison Brie or someone like her being up for the title role as Jennifer, kind of hoping that they just sign Alison who could be great at the role. Along with Mark Ruffalo being in preliminary talks to play as Bruce. Who is going to be pivotal in the success of getting the show started, especially since it sounds like they want to cover the origin story for the Shulkie. Plus, can give him a fitting ending as well.

To C.W we have a premier date for Stargirl. I love everything they have done in the Arrowverse and excited to see what they have planned with her as well and there is so much room to grow and the fact it’s a new character coming to the front of the line. Which I am always for.

I actually get to end on a positive light, and send my congratulations to Melissa Benoist and Husband Chris Woods for their pregnancy news. Wish them all the best as they prepare for their first child.

And that is that for this week’s Roundabout. Hope you all enjoyed and as always…

Thank You For Reading.



The Invisible Man Review

By Paul Anthony

Well guys I just got back from the theater and I have to say going in this movie Blumhouse seemed to be struggling to give us a good horror film. Black Christmas which was a reboot of a reboot that no wanted was a disaster and fantasy island got negative reviews however they made money because of the budget being so low. Now here we are with another film and that Film is The Invisible Man could they really redeem their selves? Well for starters they kept their plan going with producing a low budget horror film, the budget was only around 7 million and so far the film has already grossed nearly 10 million and mind you we won’t see Saturday numbers until tomorrow so already the movie made money but was it good?

First let this be know this is a spoiler so wait to read this blog. Okay now the plot follows a girl who wants to leave her abusive boyfriend and one night she does but not until he catches up with her and her sister and breaks her sister’s car window but they manage to drive away and she stays with a friend and his daughter. Emotional she is scared and following the next two weeks she hardly leaves to get the mail until she gets the news that her ex-boyfriend  had committed suicide. There she begins to get the mail and take baby steps until she gets a letter stating that she will get 5 million in payments from his death. However she begins to notice things happening that would indicate that he is very much alive however she can’t see him and no one believes her. Then it becomes clear to her that he is alive when a full out attack happens and yet no one believes her and she even gets put away because she is accused of murdering her sister, well she is locked up she learns that she is pregnant. When Tom who is her boyfriend’s brother and a attorney informs her that she won’t be getting money because of her crimes however he does inform her there is a way out and makes it clear that he is in own the plan to basically screw her over. She plots her way out to prove she isn’t crazy well being under attack and she goes to his house and finds another suit that makes you become invisible and there she comes up with a plan however she has to rush to her friend’s house to save them and kill her boyfriend for good only to learn it was Tom however she knows her boyfriend set it up this way and when she kills him after it is revealed he was so called kidnapped but she was invisible to the camera and so it looked like he committed suicide and freeing her for good.

Now the cast was small and honestly well used and I do think they redeemed their selves with this film. I give them credit with using a real situation that a lot of women go through well using technology to make him appear invisible. There was no over the top drug and what not. The story was simple and they used some jump scares to make their point but nothing felt over the top. I am giving this film a good A for a grade. though its a horror film, it truly felt more like a thriller. Nevertheless it was good film!

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