Fear Street 1666 Movie Review

By: Justin Hopkins


The hype was real going into Fear Street 1666. The third in a trilogy that has been simply blow away expectations by leaps in bounds. Me and Paulie did the reviews on the other two on the Podcast, where we did a bit of speculations on where they were going, but they were just minor. Had no idea on what to expect going in or the feintest idea on where it was going and was excited. Been such a wild ride and couldn’t wait to see the conclusion. So, lets not waste time and jump right in.


After the recap we get things going with Sarah Fier and her brother, Henry helping to deliver piglets. Taking one to Solomon Goode, giving us a chance to meet the people of the village. All secretly planning not only a party later, but Sarah, Hannah and other friend, head on out to the woods first. Sneaking out to a recluse Widow to steal berries. Telling various stories about the Widow along the way. When they finally sneak in. Starting to look, sure she wasn’t there. Sarah finds a book, detailing the way to make a deal with the devil. When the Widow arrives. Giving her a cryptic warning. To beware the devil before they make their leave. Heading back to the party around the bomb fire. Sarah stepping in when Caleb grabs Hannah. Hitting and humiliating him, as her and Hannah run off into the woods. Where they share a kiss and as it started to progress. A sound gets them running. Afraid of what may happen if they are caught. The next morning Hannah comes to get her. Her Father, Pastor Cyrus was acting strange. Sitting up in bed. Just mumbling and she was afraid that they brought the devil because of what they did. That they wouldn’t be able to see each other anymore. While Sarah was reassuring her that it would be fine. Hannah’s Mother comes back and is enraged. They had been spotted by Thomas who was telling the village. Throwing Sarah out and everyone is watching. Making it home and her Dad is blaming himself. As the day goes on, Sarah notices all the food is rotted and the Mother Pig had eaten all of the piglets. Through the town, similar craziness is going on. Bad food, horses are going wild. Sarah’s dog is found dead in the well and the locals start blaming the Devil. When she goes home, Solomon swings by and she tells him she is worried that it is her fault. It wasn’t just a dalliance she had with Hannah and those feels are what has brought the devil to Union. Which Solomon disagrees with. When they are interrupted by what was going on outside. Pastor Cyrus had taken the kids and barricaded them into the church. When Solomon finally breaks in. The kids are dead and have had their eyes cut out. Cyrus, has his eyes out as well, but goes for Sarah and Solomon has to put him down with a rake. A town meeting is called, which Sarah and Hannah watch through the window. Everyone wanting to find the culprit. Everyone yelling and screaming. Some blamed all the kids for partying. Another wants body checks for the mark of the beast. One even has a list. Solomon tries to talk sense into them, but that was when caleb lies about what happened at the party. That he was bewitched and humiliated by the two witches in town, Sarah and Hannah. Who are then spotted. They try to run, but Hannah is caught. Sarah manages to sneak her way back. Where Hannah tells her that they are going to hang her tomorrow. When Sarah concocts a plan. That they want a witch. She will give them a witch and that is where I will leave it for now.


This was such a great end for the trilogy. Did a great job setting the stage for Sarah to be the witch and within reason. She was pushed into it by the village to protect herself and Hannah. All the things like the Widows warning and Cyrus attacking her. Putting the pieces together. Setting Sarah up to go full witch and then shifted direction entirely and you see the shift coming. When she goes to Solomon. You can see where this is going, but it doesn’t deflate you, but sucks you in. Changes how you felt and know about Sarah and what this means for what is currently happening in 1994. Speaking of which. I loved the fact that this was an almost even split of our time spent in 1666 and 1994. We got to spent enough time learning the truth behind Sarah Fier and what we needed. So, we can go back with more than enough time to properly round things out in a thrilling way.

The cinematography was stellar. I loved the camera work throughout. Especially on scenes like the town hall meeting. Making the descent into madness as the townsfolk all set their targets on Hannah and Sarah. The clashes between colonial times of being dirty and gritty to the neon aesthetics of the mall worked nice. The score was much better in this movie, without constant music changes in the first two. The gore was again, well done, including the visual of Sarah’s hanging body.

They did a great job at putting all the pieces in place and tying up the loose end. Explaining how her hand ended up where it did without being cheap. How her body was dug up and relocated by Hannah and her friend. Taking the secret with them so she could rest in peace. Explaining why Goode kept his mouth shut and didn’t back Ziggy’s story. Even having Ziggy bring Nurse Lane closure so she can find peace of her own.

The actresses and actors not only did a great job, but most did it twice. Since almost everyone that we have seen in 1994 and 1978 were back and killing it with a whole new character. Kiana Madeira was excellent as Sarah. The chemistry she had with Olivia Scott Welch was on point. When the two of them were on screen whether it was as Sarah and Hannah or Deena and Sam. They always made you care. From the very beginning with the mixed feelings from the break up to grief of Deena losing Sam to the madness she was in and the heart wrenching scene of Hannah helplessly watching them kill Sarah and being the last one at the tree to the feel good end we got. All coming together off their hard work. Ashley Zuckerman really used this movie let himself shine. First as Solomon but then we got to see the evil side of Nick Goode and he nailed it in that aspect. Same with a lout of the others. Benjamin Flores Jr., Julia Rehwald, Darrell Britt-Gibson, Gillian Jacobs, and while we didn’t get to see Elizabeth Scopel’s Sarah Fier outside of a scene or two. Her voice was chilling.

Negatives… I suppose we didn’t need the list mid credit scene of the book being snatched from the caverns by a mystery person. Could have really just ended it with Deena and Sam. I want to see more of course, but this felt like a close for the story we have been following. This is a nothing negative. Just didn’t care for it.

Leigh Janiak crafted a wonderful trilogy and Fear Street 1666 was a spectacular, wild ride of a finale. The cast all came out and pulled out multiple great characters and if you haven’t seen these movies yet. You should change that and check it out. Final Grade – S

As always, I hope you enjoyed and….

Thank You For Reading!

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