Spare Parts 2020 Movie Review

By: Justin Hopkins


So, it has been a bit since I did a B Movie Sunday Review. Having a bit of an issue finding a movie that felt right to sit back and get into. When I found Spare Parts, at the store the other day and well, the cover told me everything I needed to know. Words Hard Punk-Rock and Grindhouse, with two awesome looking women, with weapons for arms, and I was sold. I didn’t even care what the synopsis on the back said. Definitely the movie I needed to use for this forum and know that I have watched it, lets dive in and discuss.


The movie kicks off with a tired woman, pushing wheel barrow through a junkyard. Wheel Barrow shown to be full of severed arms, and she has a robotic leg. When we cut to the band Ms. 45, Amy and her Sister Emma, Cassy, and Jill. Performing a biker bar. A Bar Brawl breaks out, when one of the guy gets on stage and gropes Amy, and she fights back. His Friends stormy the stage and patrons start fighting among themselves, and they fight off the friends. Cassy getting particular violent because someone touched Jill, who is pregnant with their child. Emma is not to pleased about any of this, and an argument breaks out between her and Amy when they are on the road, over everything that has been happening and having to perform at a place like that and Amy’s.. lifestyle. When one of the patrons, who took a liking to them, Emma in particular, tries to run them off the road. Emma tries to go after them, but blows the tires due to a spike strip. When a cop arrives. Calling in a tow truck and giving them a ride to the junkyard. Amy, Cassy and Jill are knocked out, by car exhaust being pumped into the room, but Emma was out on the phone. Finding someone trapped in a semi buried car and runs off toward them, but is intercepted by the fanatic and chloroformed. While they are under, the Doctor begins to amputate. Taking one arm from each of them. Leaving a bit of bone and metal connector. Amy comes to, being dragged out by a collar and chain. Guy attaches an attachment, with a machete at the end. Being taken to a make shift fight pit, where she finds the rest of her group. All with different weapons attachments. Where the people of the town and the leader, The Emperor. Calling them warriors who have to fight. Spill blood in the name of the Gods to help them prosper. The fight begins, but Jill does not survive the first round and they are tranquillized and taken back. to train for their next fight and this is where I will leave it for now.


This was a wild ride for sure and certainly creative. All of them weapons and various variations. From machetes to battle axes that shot out nails and chainsaw variations and the carnage candy was on full display. Close ups on the amputations. Skin being pulled away from the bone, faces being burned off in motorcycle wheels, and heads getting cut off vertically. Delivering on fun, creative kills all the way throughout.

While the story was serviceable for what they were going for. With The Emperor and the town doing all this in the name of their gods. A certain scene almost made this better, and that was during the dinner scene, where he admits to Amy that it was all a sham. Just a ploy to keep everyone under her thumb. Just a really nice touch to make him that much more despicable.

The cast showed up ready to make every bit of this work. Julian Richings was an amazing villain. From showing just how depraved he was with the baby “issue” to his dinner confession. Mannerisms and way he held himself, just aching to see him get his comeuppance. Ryan Allen’s Driller was a surprise shift throughout and Ryan played it perfect. Erin Noble as the Doctor was eerie peacefulness to her. Kathryn Kohut was a sombering as Lea that you wanted to see get through this nightmare ok, and than we get the Leading Ladies who absolutely killed it. Michelle Argyris as Amy, Emily Alatalo as Emma, Kiriana Stanton as Cassy and Chelsea Muirhead as Jill. They were such a good group at everything they did. Feeling like a real band and they had such great chemistry for them. Kiriana brought out the pain Cassy was going through having lost her Girlfriend and her unborn child. Amy’s rage and sorrow and wanting to see her and her Sister work through their issues to tear down the whole town for what they have down.

I loved the environment they build in this world. From the bar to the Junkyard. Giving it a gritty and dark feeling. Complementing the dark twisted nightmare they were going through and I am pretty sure the song the Ms. 45 sing at the beginning, will be stuck in my head for at least the next month. Was a great song at least.

Alright, onto the mixed, which is the end. It was fine. Defiantly not what I was expecting. If anyone would have taken over as Emperor, would have figured it would have been Amy. So, Emma was a surprise, but was thinking the Sisters would have gone on a bit more rage filled attack through the crowd. The final fight was great, and The Emperor’s Death was good and bloody, but just kind of expected more.

Negative, is the lighting. I know I shouldn’t be bashing this movie for lighting, but seriously, at one point a fight is going on and just flashing white lights for a good ten, twenty seconds and just beyond obnoxious. On a lighter side, the use of Tom being killed to build a rift between Amy and Emma was a bit dumb. No reason for her to believe that Tom was under the mask. Could have done something else.

With all that said, would gladly suggest giving Spare Parts a watch. This was a fun ride of a movie. Gore and carnage candy was stellar and the Actors and Actresses killed it in their roles. This is the perfect movie to enjoy with some friends, food, and drinks.

As Always, I hope you enjoyed and….

Thank You For Reading!


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