Cherry Movie Review

By Paul Anthony

It is crazy to me how many options we have now to watch a good movie and sadly it is thanks to the pandemic which changed the landscape for everyone. Now more and more streaming services are having big name actors and directors attached to films that are on their platforms. During this pandemic, I have reviewed several films that were exclusively on streaming services but not too many on Apple TV+, well actually this is only the second film, the first being the film Greyhound which starred Tom Hanks. Tom Holland has become a very popular actor in the last few years thanks to him taking on the role of Peter Parker/ Spider-Man in the MCU. Which made me stumble upon this film Cherry which Tom’s stars in but this film also caught my attention because it was directed by Anthony and Joe Russo. Now this movie is based on the book that has the same name and was written by Nico Walker. The book is an example of Autofiction, which means its an autobiography but has fictionalized elements to it. So Nico was in the military and did rob banks and did have a drug addiction but then changed other events for the sake of the story. On another side note, he actually did write this book, while he was still in prison, just a little fun fact there. Now this film had a budget of 40 million and was bought by Apple for 40 million and was in the theaters for a little just when theaters were allowing a small amount of people back in. had this film been released in a normal year, I could see it making a figure in the low 100 million range which is good for a 40 million dollar film.

In the film we meet Cherry (Holland) and right off the bat the high school student meets his soon to be girlfriend Emily. Soon they hit it off and begin dating and even go to the same college together until one day Emily announces that she wants to transfer to another school. Cherry who is heart broken decides to enlist in the army as a medic but Emily realizes this was mistake to transfer and decides to cancel and remain with Cherry but it was too late for Cherry to back out, so the young couple decides to get married before Cherry goes to basic training and then off to war for the next two years. We do see what poor Cherry had to go through and when he returns home, he soon begins to suffer from PTSD. To help him deal with the disorder his doctor begins to prescribe him pills after pills to the point he becomes addicted to them and so does Emily. Once the addiction became so bad. Cherry begins to rob Banks to pay for his and Emily’s habit which puts them down dark paths and nearly kills Emily, She goes off to rehab but leaves early due too missing Cherry. With Cherry’s life getting out of control, he realizes what he needs to do and during his last robbery he does inform the teller to call the cops but before they arrive he gets high one more time. We find out that he serves 14 years and gets released early and when does, still his wife Emily waits for them, they walk off enjoying their life together.

Now I do think this movie being a drama more than anything was a bit long but the flip side it told a much darker story to see this fall into the drug life. Both Tom Holland and Ciara Bravo brought their A game as these druggies. Some may knock this film because it made it seems like Cherry was a victim though he committed crimes and I see those points but I also understand that these life styles are created and not made so there is a grey area. What I mean is you wanted to root for Cherry to get help because at his core he was still good just did bad things. The only knock I truly have is that it could have been slightly shorter but I did enjoy Holland performance. In the end I am giving this film a B+ for a rating!!

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