My Top Five Favorite Female Video Game Characters

By: Justin Hopkins

Growing up, me and my cousins spent countless hours versing each other in video games, especially Goldeneye and Mario Kart. The favorite seemed to be the Siberian Special Forces characters, so to avoid the argument, I just picked a new character, Natalya. In my childhood mind, thought it would be amusing to beat them with the girl and it carried to Mario Kart and would beat them with Peach as well. As time went on, the motivation changed but I kept picking them Female Characters. From Mortal Kombat and Tekken. When I had the option to choose would go with a female, in games like Fallout and Pokemon. Tended to gravitate more toward games with women leads. With this being Women’s History Month, figured I could take and spotlight some of my all time favorites. Considered doing a best of or toughest , but those are kind of everywhere and all kind of read the same, not to say mine is special or unique, but saying favorites can open the door with some other names and helps add a little more variety. Going off of power, style charisma, character and general knowledge. A strong enough contender may not make the list, because I just never got around to playing their game don’t know enough to put them on my list. Alright, lets jump in shall we.

Honorable Mentions

Sniper wolf – Bloody Mary – Heather Mason – Zelda – Jill Valentine – Ellie – Laura Croft – Alma Wade

Again, these are all great character, but for one reason or another, I couldn’t put them in my top 5.

5. Samus Aran – Metroid Series and Super Smash Bros.

Got to pay respect to Video Games Frist Human Protagonist. A character that I know more from getting stomped on by Samus players in Smash Bros. Her entry into the world of Video Game World was legendary. A hard Bounty Hunter in some orange armor and the biggest surprise at the end where you learn Samus is a woman was such a delight and her impact is still felt today. When a new entry is announced, it’s still a big deal because of the star power she has remained.

4. Jennifer Mui – The Mercenaries Series

Okay, I may have lost some of you. I am aware that there are bigger names that could easily over take her, but not in my book. Mercenaries was one of the first games I really jumped into after not really playing much in the way of Video Games and the former Paratrooper turned Merc was a big reason for my love of those games. Even named my character in The Genwhunner Series after her. She never felt out of place in the world. Having a smart mouth and fiery temper. Believable that she was fully capable of not only running alongside the likes of Mattias and Christopher Jacobs, but outshine them as well and got me to play through this game way more times than I probably should, but had an absolute blast seeing how many things I could destroy and how much money we can drain out of the factions with Mui.

3. Bayonetta – Bayonetta Series and Smash Bros. Ultimate

Waited way to long to get into these games. Bayonetta is crazy and over the top in the most spectacular ways. Just does nothing in half measures. She holds nothing back in the slightest. Overflowing charisma, power, sexuality and all comes together in a badass fighter. She is a one woman army, with guns on her boots, which is awesome, who is not afraid to take on anyone and will trash talk while beating them down and keeps you engaged to see what she is going to do next. Saying some of the funniest things and is so close to leapfrogging to the top spot.

2. Senua – Hellblade Senua Sacrifice

Senua had to be on the list. A fighter in every sense of the word. Her plight pulled me in like almost no other. Another amazing warrior, who suffers from Psychosis. Whop believes that it is a curse that has not only plagued her but her village as well and she just brings you in and makes you feel all the pain and suffering the she experienced, except she had something good, in Dillian and that too was now gone and gets you behind her and believe that she is fully capable of tearing down the walls of Hades and fight with all she got to get his soul back and so excited for her return in Senua Saga. Been pumped since that trailer and cannot wait to experience her next story.

1.Claire Redfield – Resident Evil

I have harped on a ton about my love of Claire Redfield. I get it, this list could have been majority from the Resident Evil World. They have made some amazingly strong memorable women, but for my money, it is Claire. She has had training to take care of herself, but she isn’t a top cop or solider or super spy. A person who was thrown into a horrifying situation and took it head on. A character who has grown and evolved throughout the years. Even when she is not in the thick of things. Still working to make the world a better place to live. Her hope and humanity separates her from the Resident Evil Crowd and the fact that when she pops up in a game, they are always that more special, especially in Resident Evil 2, puts her at number 1 on my list.


As always, I hope you enjoyed and….

Thank You For Reading.



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