Box Office Rundown 2/22/21

By Paul Anthony

Welcome to box office Monday where we run down the numbers from the weekend and see who took the top spot!! Now it has been awhile since we did this and a lot has changed with the world. We know we are in a pandemic which basically shut down Hollywood for several months and theaters closed as while. Now Hollywood started back and came up with the idea that some films might have to go to streaming as while but they will still be out in theaters as while. Usually I would give an opinion if the moving going to be a flop based on the numbers regardless if we have reviewed it or not, well this time for the moment at least that will be harder to decide until life goes back to normal with everything being at full capacity but I will try my best!! This week we had two new films join the current set of films that are out but only 1 manage to crack the top ten. Nomadland came in at number 7, well Blithe Spirit came in at number 13 now here are the rest of the top ten films over the weekend!!

  1. The Croods: A New Age which made $1,700,000 and has been out for 13 weeks now making 50 plus million so far
  2. The Little Things which made 1,200,000 and has been out for 4 weeks and made a total of 11,800,000 so far
  3. Judas and the Black Messiah which made 905,000 this week and has been out for 2 weeks which a gross 3,390,000 so far
  4. WonderWoman 1984 made 805,000 this week and has been out for for 9 weeks making 42,692,000 so far
  5. The Marksman which made 775,000 this week and has been out for 6 weeks making 11,450,000 so far
  6. Monster Hunter which made 510,000 this week and has been out for 10 weeks making a total of 13,407, 385 so far
  7. Nomadland which is in its opening weekend made 503,000
  8. Land which made 500,000 this week and has been out for two weeks making a gross of 1,626,205 so far
  9. News of the World which made 245,000 and has been out for 9 weeks and total gross so far is 11,706,560
    1. the War with grandpa which made 224,188 and has been out for 20 weeks making a gross of 20,329,117

Now we shall see next week who can stay in the top ten or join the top 10!!

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