Graphic Audio Cemetery Girl: The Pretenders Audio Book Review and Discussion

By: Justin Hopkins


Back when I was over the road. Use to listen to a fair amount of Graphic Audio CDs. Listening to a lot of Marvel and Silver in particular. Cemetery Girl was one that was high up on my list to get, but stopped listening before I ever got it. As I have been playing more games such as Minecraft that doesn’t require that much sound however. Allowed me to get back to the audiobooks and I finally picked up Cemetery Girl and after giving it a listen. Decided to talk about it here. So lets dive in shall we and break down book one.


The story starts with a girl being rolled down a hill and left for dead in Dunhill Cemetery. Suffering from amnesia and takes shelter in a crypt. Doesn’t remember who she is and only a few flashes of being attacked. Afraid that if she goes to the police for help though, that the person who tried to kill her will try again so she stays at the cemetery until she can remember. While she was attempting to steal a few things for warmth was startled by a soul of a recently departed man ascend from his grave and disappear. Adding to the mystery of who she is. As days begin to go by, she makes it by blending in with people attending funerals. Stealing little things from their cars and the groundskeeper’s house. When she saves his life one even though. Dawns on her that she needs a name and gets one off a faded grave, Calexa Rose Dunhill. One night a group of teens break into the cemetery, trying and failing to raise a demon. A group she sees again when one of their friends die and they break in again, with their friend’s sister and murder her, in a sacrifice to bring him back. Burying in his burial plot when it doesn’t work. While she is watching from a distance, the girl’s spirit comes out and instead of disappearing like the other. Beelines it into Calexa. Giving her all of her memories and voice inside, longing for justice, but doing so would put her at risk of being exposed and her killer taking another shot at her.


This was a much shorter story than I am use to with this medium, clocking in at only a little over an hour and a half, but they make every bit to tell a wonderful tale and introduction into the world. Charlaine Harris did a wonderful job at writing the story. Calexa is a likeable character who really sucks you into her plight. She wears her emotions on her sleeve. Crafty and capable enough to survive in the cemetery, despite probably only being a kid, by the way the groundkeeper is reluctant to notify authorities and have her sent to a foster home, but at the same time, she is incredibly human. She is not some master thief or capable of going toe to toe with anybody. When she finds herself in a dangerous situation, you feel like she is in danger and helps you cling on to every minute of the story. Wondering how she is going to help Marla and not get caught at the same time. Lucinda and The Groundskeeper were wonderful additions and genuinely excited to see how the relationship with Calexa evolve from here.

Much like everything Graphic Audio puts together, the sound effects and background music is spectacular. Sounds of people walking and hearing a difference when people are far away or talking while they walk away. Get multiple, extremely talented voice actors voicing different characters. From Emlyn McFarland’s portrayal of Calexa. Andy Brownstein as the Groundskeeper and Shari Eliker and Lucinda and just everyone involved. May sound like a small thing, but it really makes a difference to immersing you into the story and Cemetery Girl is no different.

I do strongly suggest giving Cemetery Girl: The Pretenders. It is a perfect way to get introduced into audio books and a great short story for people who are well versed in them… and it is always a Graphic Novel for those who really don’t want to listen to an audio book. Whichever avenue you choose to enjoy what is a really good story.

As always, I hope you enjoyed and…

Thank You For Reading.

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