Saturday Sequel Presents Return To Halloweentown

By Paul Anthony

I know this one seems to be random considering up to this point all the films I have reviewed for this series has been part two’s and never reached part three’s yet but here I am about to review a part 4, trust me I know but I just had to. Today is Halloween and we all know that but I wanted to take a step back from hard horror films and focus on the light hearted films like this film franchise. Now this film is an interesting one because you this film would be made and excitement and ratings proved that but I think fans of the series was shocked to get the final product that we got, I know I was. Return to Halloween is fourth and final film in this Disney original movie Franchise. It started way back in 1998 and ended in 2006. I remember watching the first 2 and honestly after watching this film I do need to watch the third film but also each film was a new story so they have been indirect sequels minus part 2 which the story did continue in some ways with the first film.

In This film Marnie and her brother Dylan head off to college in Halloweentown. However Marnie soon learns that she can’t use magic which basically makes this college the same as any other college. She learns that she actually did this because of the events that took place in part 3 so basically this is her fault. At the same time there evil lurking at the school that want to use her to fulfil a prophecy which will turn people into slaves but they need her help. Which after a few basic twists they sucker her into helping them, she quickly outsmarts them to save the date. Pretty basic here but I wasn’t expecting anything crazy from a Disney Movie.

There are things that I didn’t like about this film and the major blow was the recasting of Marnie who from the first three films was played by Kimberly J. Brown, however in this film she was played by Sara Paxton. From the research I did there was never a reason given for the change though Brown stated she wanted to come back for the fourth film. With the casting change also brought character changes which made the character seem like two different people and also the youngest child Sophie was mentioned in this film but never seen. They explained this by saying she was off to train as a witch yet Marnie didn’t have any training and just went to school. The Graphics were bigger and also cheaper looking at times. I was okay with the plot, sure it could have been better but not by much. It does seem like Disney wanted to make this movie just to make it and because of this I have to say this might be the weakest of the four films. The Sara Paxton acting did make this film hard to watch. In the end, it does seem like an average Disney film which is sad to say because the series was fun up to this point. In the end this was just average or C rating Tv film. I am sorry if you were expecting better for this film.

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