Enola Holmes Movie Review

By: Justin Hopkins


My knowledge on Sherlock Holmes is minimal. Besides the Robert Downey Jr. movies, I only read a few of the books. I know much about Enola Holmes. Didn’t know she existed, until the trailer dropped, but looked pretty good and a fan of Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill so was pretty hyped for the release. Opting to go in blind so I wouldn’t be trying to compare and enjoy the story the movie was trying to tell and now that I watched. Lets dive in and discuss shall we.

We open with Enola riding her bike through the country side while talking directly to the camera. Explaining her life with her Mom. Her name being purposely named Enola because it is alone spelled backward. She was taught to always think and watch and read classical, intellectual books. On top of sports and fighting and one day, her Mother was just gone. Leaving behind a simple gift for Enola. She didn’t really know her brother Sherlock and Mycroft. To the point they didn’t recognize her at the train station. Mycroft is horrified to see the house in the shape it is and how Enola acts and plans to send her to a Boarding School. Even sending for Miss Harrison, head of a boarding school to break her and build her into a proper woman. While, Sherlock’s job is to find Mother. After a little push from Sherlock, she looks into the gift and finds clues that leads her to a wealth of cash and another clue that leads her to London. Laying clues to try and send Sherlock into the opposite direction and hopes a train to London. Where she encounters soon to be Lord, Tewkesbury. On the run from his family and a man who wants to kill him. Enola is reluctant to help him at first, but manages to save him and ditch the assassin by leaping off a train. After making it to London they go their separate ways and she continues to search for her Mother. Showing that she may have a lot of strengths, but city life is not one of them. Getting conned into a disheveled place to stay. strats to follow leads from a tea room to an abandon warehouse where she discovers her Mother had been making explosives. A little distracted by this, misses the return of the assassin from the train, till her head was underwater. Managing to fight out of it and brawling their way through where she manages to get rid of him after setting off the gunpowder. Back in her room, decides that she can’t just leave Tewkesbury, putting her investigation to the side to help and save Tewkesbury, and that is where I will leave it for now.

Enola Holmes was an interesting story. Had humor, an intriguing adventure, coming to own story. With two separate mysteries entwinned in both and Enola was just the perfect person to go through it all with. She was likeable character who was easy to get behind. Wanting to see her get through all the obstacles facing her. A world not kind to women like herself, the best detective in the world on her trail, Scotland Yard, and whoever is trying to kill Tewkesbury. All while trying to find her Mom. Barring that least learn to cycle. The Tewkesbury Mystery. Should have seen it after the conversation with the Grandmother, but went right over my head.

Millie Bobby Brown was tremendous as Enola. Brought out the very best and very worst of Enola. How capable she could be in her own right, but how easy things go over her head when dropped in the city. Growing throughout and that’s largely due to Millie’s Performance. Helena Bonham Carter was fun as Eudoria. Want to see so much from her in sequels. Somewhat of a mysterious character that I want to learn so much more about. Henry Cavill was amazing as Sherlock Holmes. Had the charisma and deduction down. If they came out and said they want to do a standalone with him, I would be all for it.

For what it is worth, Sam Claflin did well as Mycroft, I just found him to be incredibly boring. I get where they were going with his character. Being a brash old schooler who though women were nothing more than people to marry, breed and be seen. All of which she was already going through in the real world. Having it at home was just overkill and couldn’t really tug on the emotional side cause they didn’t have a relationship with one another in the first place and that was all he was.

A much smaller negative, was her constantly looking at the camera and talking. About eighty percent of the time it was fine and made the movie unique. Her winking and asking the camera questions though was far more cringey then anything else. Like I said, small negative and won’t actually complain about it. but one that was still present.

Had some fun with Enola Holmes and would suggest giving it a watch. Great characters throughout, compelling mysteries and plenty of room to grow from her. Looking forward to seeing where they take Enola from here. Hoping for new characters and more intricate mysteries, seeing how where her and Sherlock go from here and with more coming out about her Mother. Final Grade – A

As always, I hope you enjoyed and….

Thank You For Reading.

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