Pokemon Gen Whunner Plays Pokemon Ruby

By: Justin Hopkins

By: Justin Hopkins

I am somewhat of an old soul at this point. Bones cracking and all that fun stuff and once upon a time, was a massive poke fan. Had hundreds of cards, including a holographic Charizard. Had the hat and stuffed animals and played hundreds of hours of Pokemon Blue, Stadium and a bit of Silver, but that was as far down the line as I got. Played a bit of Ruby, but never too much further than the first gym, before hustling. As I grew up, even after I threw all of my stuff away (Blue was one thing, the game wouldn’t even hold a save anymore, but the Charizard card hurts still. So does the hat) I always counted myself a fan, but only really talked about the first generation. Kind of dismissing the others as being lesser without ever giving them a fair chance. Didn’t outright bash them, but yeah. Than I heard a phrase, “Gen Whunner” Poke fans only interested in the first generation and will blindly bash all of the rest. To which my original response, was up yours they are the best and.. of god I am that exact thing. Like those crazy fans who bash movies from the trailer. We got to fix that. If I like Pokemon as much as I say I do, I should at least give the other games a chance and share my experience along the way. Choosing to start where I left off, Generation 3, Pokemon Ruby. We all know the story, so instead, will go through the run I had and then pros, cons and all that fun jazz. With all of that said, Lets dive in shall we.

Started Mui’s Adventure by having to pick a starter. Didn’t want Mudkip cause he reminded me of a drunk hillbilly whose is ranting about Bigfoot from his porch. Treecko was out cause I always went with Bulbasaur, So fire chicken Torchic it was. I named it Wahoo and off we went. Powering on our way to Route 102. Where I grinned him while trying to find a Ralts. Knew I could find one and it was either Ralts or Abra and wanted something different. Managing to track one down and named her Stormy. From their it was off to Rustboro and despite a fair amount of training. Roxanne beat us the first go around. Needing to go up one more for Ralts to learn confusion and we blew her out the next time. Making the trade for Makuhita and the long journey. We found everything and anything we could. Wanting to get them fully evolved quickly, Only picking up two Zigzagoon which I named Ziggy1 which was lower level and Ziggy2 who was 26. For their pickup ability and my love of Raccoons. With the combined might of Gardevoir and Blaziken was too much for any Gym Leader we went against, and those who did try, Hariyama finished them off. Tate and Liza were the only ones that looked like they might have a chance at beating me, but an Absol named Fionna I picked up outside of Fortree City, came in clutch and wiped them out. With the circuit done, we went to deal with Groudon and our first issue arose. I had played to loose and missed the chance to pick up the Master ball. Wasn’t about to let that stopped my and three resets later, Nea the Groudon took the final spot from Ziggy1. Just to fill up the numbers and off to the league.

Standing outside the building and I knew we were not ready. Stormy being out highest level at 49 and all. I took a swing, but even though we nearly took out Phoebe’s last Dusclops. We were in trouble. Gardevoir was not hitting hard enough and Blaziken had a real problem with Power Points. So the grind began. Mixing it up with a series of wild encounters and throwing myself at the elite four. When two heroes arose. Absol was becoming a powerful closer and with Ice Blast. Was going to be able to take care of Drake and the biggest hero, Ziggy2 had amassed a collection of not only eithers, but PP Ups as well and Groudon enough to take some hit and soften some tougher opponents up the heavy hitters. Making it to Steven Stone and we took him down to Claydol on our first shot and to be a troll. Took him out with a Perish Song. Becoming a Pokemon Champion for the first time in fifteen odd years, but the game was not over yet. Real fast, I caught the Regis, won a ribbon with Castform and Rayquaza should have got into the ball when I told him and he got a Perish Song as well. With everything done, I spent all my money on decorations and retired to a cave on Rt. 116 like all good Champions, with Nea, Fionna, Stormy, Wahoo, Makit, and Ziggy2.

I really enjoyed my time in the Hoenn Region. For the most part, I enjoyed a lot of the designs of the Gen 3 Pokemon had to offer. Could see some fun combinations to use on multiple playthroughs, but loved the team that I had. Felt like everyone one of them had a purpose and wasn’t just powering through with 1. Really liked the fact they showed Norman helping Wally. The idea that being a prestigious honer for towns and seeing Norman helping out a local kid with something as trivial as catching a Pokemon was a nice touch. Team Magma was a fun enemy. ice change up from Team Rocket and felt a bit more dangerous since they were actively messing with Legendary Beasts. Than their was Brendan. This wasn’t much of a rivalry in the terms of like Gary, but he was a good counter part. Wanting to be helpful like his Dad and frustrated that he was getting past up, because he is probably use to being a leader for people his age. He was fine.

Con wise, got to go with the Regi’s. The hoops you have to have to jump through just to open their caves are dumb and if you have to google what to do, because you can’t read the clues then it is a faulty system. Made the horrifying mistake of not bringing a repel to New Mauvillie. caught Magnemite and voltorb to fill out a bit more of the pokedex and hated both of them by time I left. Speaking of, the Ghost Pokemon were a massive letdown, but I am being immensely bias. Haunter is my favorite Pokemon of all time. Ghastly and Gengar are in the top ten. Caught one and immediately binned it, because I disliked it so much. It was the one hangup I couldn’t move past.

With all that said, i wished kid me would have stuck with Ruby. Hate a great time and would gladly play through again at some point down the line. Try and actually catch Rayquaza. Who knows. Final Grade- A+

As always, I hope you all enjoyed reading this and…

Thank You For Reading.

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