Short discussion on Batwoman

By: Justin Hopkins

I almost didn’t do this. When it was announced that Ruby Rose was leaving the role and would be replaced by someone else, I was sad for the departure, but I understood their decision to recast. Thought Ruby did well in the position, but if she is unhappy in the position, it is better to cut ties, because eventually it spills over and things get worse. While they still have so much more to go with the character and don’t want one season with one of my favorite characters. Than it came out that they were recasting the role entirely. Putting someone entirely new under the Batwoman costume… and I wasn’t entirely upset. To the point where they may actually be making the right decision.

Ruby put her stamp on the character. She has bonded with everyone not only in her own show, but Supergirl, The Flash and everyone else. To simply replace her with a new Kate would mean everyone would just have to attach blinders on and ignore the obvious changed that it is someone new. Of course they could do something of a retcon through the Legends, but that would feel a little weak and would eventually have to confront that. Only character who could get anything from it, would be Alice, but they are already pushing that character a little to much by having her return in the second season. ( Although, I do think that Rachael Skarsten has been wonderful) By recasting her, you can address the change directly and keeps the door open for Ruby to come back in a surprise cameo down the line, if the stars line up for it.

By creating this new version of Batwoman this does give them leeway to create something a bit more from scratch. They do get to have some fun making someone new. Have read the description of what they want and it sounds intriguing. Make someone who feels like they are alone. Knows the pitfalls of life and can relate to the other side of the coin more. Someone who will push the line to do what they think is right, even if it aligns herself with the other heroes. Something that would make a cross over that much more interesting and has happened in the Batwoman comics.

I don’t really have a preference for who to cast. I know it is boring that I am not picking someone, but cast very rarely matters to me, because of how many times someone strange has been cast and was amazing, D.C especially being good at that. There are a lot of good names in the cast pool at this point. Wallis Day, from the Krypton series, Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Stephanie Beatriz, And Magician’s Jade Tailor have all expressed extreme interest in the role and each of them would excel amazingly at it. Saw an article that Even WWE’s Sonya Deville has expressed interest. She would be a dark horse for it, but with her fight background and desire to make a name for herself in acting. May very well do some big things here.

Wrapping this up, I want to thank Ruby Rose for giving us an entertaining season of Batwoman and hope nothing but the best for her going forward, and hope for the best with Season 2 and excited to see who they bring in and what their plans are for the new character they have in store for the next Batwoman.

As always, I hope you enjoyed and…

Thank You For Reading.

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