So we have wait a little longer for History!!

By Paul Anthony

Here at Smash we often talk a lot about everything that is entertaining and that goes from movies to sports and so forth, but from time to time we do like to talk about other things and one of the things I do like to talk about is space and from time to time I get a chance to talk about it and I am going to enjoy it. I wanted to talk about the launch that was suppose to happen because it was history in the making and sadly that didn’t happen. Just twenty minutes before the launch, they decided to cancel it because of weather. Needless to say I was some what happy because I would have missed and now we know that they do plan to try and launch on Saturday at 3:22 pm, I do not know why it can’t be 3:30 but hey I don’t make the times.

If you saw the word history then let me explain, it ‘s been nearly ten years since NASA launched Astronauts on American soil since July of 2011. When Space Shuttle Atlantis left Florida. NASA has been sending Astronauts to Russia where we basically would get ride from them to the space station. Though NASA still planned none manned missions, it truly never felt the same. In fact I lost a bit of interest and I believe many people did as well. I believe they suffered some budget cuts because of lost of interest in between launches, however this mission isn’t all on them. They decided to bring in a company called SpaceX, which is one of the bigger private space companies out there, to build a rocket to send our people back to space. Interesting enough this company which started nearly twenty years ago, started because people wanted to find a way to make traveling to space cheaper so one day in our future hopefully, we can send people to Mars and beyond who knows. With NASA’s budget getting smaller and smaller these days, it only made sense for these two space companies to work together and make something happen.

Now I do not know at this time what this mission is about, It could be about sending supplies to the ISS or just to make history by helping the states get back into space travel. I know this launch has peaked my interest. Discovery channel was promoting this launch and how it was going to air on the channel live, which I hope is still the case because I would love to see this launch live and I am sure you will as well. I hope this starts a bright future with sending our Astronauts back to space from home but only time will tell! Remember folks the Launch is suppose to happen Saturday at 3:22 pm eastern time!

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