WWE Money In The Bank 2020 Predictions

By: Justin Hopkins:

Money In The Bank is a funny thing. Can really make or break someone and create moment that lasts forever. From Brock using the beat box last year, to Rob Van Dam uses his for a match at One Night Stand. Seth Rollins crashing the scene of the Main Event at Wrestlemania or my favorite, The Edge cash in on John Cena at New Years Revolution. Some decent moments, the Orton, Alexa, and Bayley Cash ins. Than the bad, Corbin, Sandow, and Strowman. Whatever will happen this year, where the formula is changed up completely, with Money On The Roof. The contestants are going to be battling their way to the top of WWE Headquarters where a ring will be set up and  the briefcases will be hanging above. Men’s and Women’s matches will be going on at the same time and have no idea how they are planning on pulling that off, but I am excited to see how they plan on doing this. So, lets dive in a try to predict those matches and the rests of the card, shall we.

Four Way Tag Team Championships – Forgotten Sons vs Miz And Morrison vs Lucha House Party vs New Day (Champions)


This is actually a pretty tricky one to predict. See Miz and Morrison breaking up soon, so not them. As much fun as it would be seeing the house party actually win something for a change, they are more there to up the numbers and they really haven’t done enough for the Forgotten Sons to get the win here. So, by process of elimination here, got to go with the champs retaining here.  Winner – New Day.

Smackdown’s Women Championship – Tamina vs Bayley (Championship)

I would love to be apart of the sweeping Tamina Train. Believe in the underdog story of someone who has been around for so long and chase for new rivalries to go off it. Wouldn’t have to be long..but we seem so close to having the renewed rivalry of Bayley and Sasha.. but do they need the title for that. Not really… I don’t think they will give the strap to Tamina though. So, going with the champ to defend. Winner – Bayley.

  WWE Universal Championship – Bray Wyatt vs Braun Strowman (Champion)

This one another tough would to pick, and almost seems that by having Wyatt going instead of The Fiend might suggest that Strowman is going to get the win, and I am kind of for it. I don’t want to see Strowman be a transitional champion. Would like to see him have a decent run with the belt until things get back to normal and Roman returns, and who knows. This can actually turn into something special, if they let him run with it. Winner – Braun Strowman

WWE Championship – Seth Rollins vs Drew McIntyre (Champion)

Speaking of something special. Drew has really been making the most of the empty arena settings and don’t see any reason to take the strap off him before a crowd can celebrate it formally. Wouldn’t want to see him lose it and win it back in front of a crowd… because I am afraid that they will lose interest in him before that and not get another run. So, for safety reasons, I really want to see a successful defense. Winner – Drew McIntyre

Men’ Money On The Roof – A.J. Styles vs Daniel Bryan vs King Corbin vs Aleister Black vs Rey Mysterio vs Otis

You have no idea how badly how much I want to say Shayna or Asuka wins this briefcase. Each of them are capable of mixing it up with the guys and the matches are going to be transpiring at the same time. What if they are fighting on the roof, beating the guys up and women’s case has been snatched up and bodies are laying. A distraught Shayna can’t believe she lost, but looks up at the men’s case. Cuts away to the guys and they come through the door in time to see Shayna bringing it down. but I don’t think they will do something as gutsy. Going to go with A.J. for his work on the Boneyard match. Winner – A.J Styles

Women’s Money On The Roof – Shayna Baszler vs Asuka vs Lacey Evans vs Nia Jaxs vs Dana Brooke vs Carmella

This really feels like a two woman fight here. Lacey, Carmella, and Nia all kind of have reasons to win. Adding something to the case, but Asuka and Shayna are on fire, and Asuka has probably been the brightest star in the empty arena. Able to bring life to every segment and match she is apart of and really want to see her dancing around with the case. So going with the heart and predict the Empress is walking away with it. Winner – Asuka

Bonus pick – Otis is going off the roof.

There are some rumored matches, which I am just going to ignore cause I can’t even guess if they will actually happen or not. With that said, this should be a fun event to watch, one way of the other. Sort of a danger from the Money on the roof matches being overcrowded and beyond hectic, but glad to see them trying something new here and that is all I can ask.

As always, I hope you enjoyed and…

Thank You For Reading.




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