Netflix Review: Pandemic

By Paul Anthony

These days all we can do is review stuff it seems like is on Netflix and I find crazy how their series of shows always managed to grab us and we get hooked big time!. But does that mean the shows are actually good or is just the perfect timing for the most part, they are just that good but a few are just perfect timing and this series was just that. I am reviewing a Netflix series called Pandemic: How To Prevent An Outbreak. Catchy little title in the perfect time. Since I have been reviewing films and shows I generally don’t lose interest in what I am watching unless its something that is truly boring. I get it Netflix filmed this before everything started to happened but once again timing can be everything.

The series contain 6 episodes that were about 45 to 60 minute long. The first episode was about the front line workers such as doctors and nurses treating the patients that have these viruses and no doubt they show the audience the hard work that they do cure and prevent a virus from getting worse. the Episode was a good start to the series and it made me even value our frontline workers even more, its the following episodes that began to bore me because they step away from the frontline workers to show us the research side of things. We spend the five hours of our lives following researchers around as they find a way to make a cure and test it on pigs and other animals. Now I get it that it is a job that is required to help everyone and once again it starts off good but then it tails off and starts to drag. The title caught me because I thought because of what we are dealing with that this series should be interesting and it had potential to be just that. Maybe if the series was 3 or at the max 4 episodes I would be praising it rather then bashing it. It is hard to praise something that you begin lose much interest in. the topic was a hot but it didn’t need to be dragged out. They give us more information then most of us have ever known about outbreaks and what frontline workers and health officals have to go through and it was nice to see that, it really was.

We are now in the end of the blog where I have to give the final say of what I think of it. In the end I believe the series was just too long for its own good and because that, it becomes very boring at times and you begin to wonder and lose track of the information they are giving you and even they realize that by adding stuff about people who are against vaccines and goes the opposite way of their title. If the show is called how to prevent an outbreak and your showing me segments where people bash the health process and then clearly you ran out of material to give to us. Should have made the series shorter. In the end I am giving this series a D for a review and would say overall this was a miss for Netflix.



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