Castlevania Season 3 Review

By: Justin Hopkins


  I have been loving what they have been doing with this series so far, and was excited to see where they would go after the way season 2 had ended. With Dracula gone and Carmilla situating herself as the next big villain in a way and Isaac still running around. What was going to happen with Alucard and what adventures awaited Belmont and Sypha and just all around excitement for its return. With a lot to talk about, lets jump right in and discuss shall we, but first, going to change how I normal do this. Instead of glossing over the start and middle. Going to talk about what the characters are doing and the direction they are facing. Than talk about the stories and pros and cons and such. Going to be easier for us all… okay, good, let’s dive in shall we.

We open up, with Alucard by himself. Looking after his Castle on the Belmont Estate and get the fact that how lonely he is. Talking to dolls made up of Belmont and Sypha and even making up voices. Dawning on him how this was getting to him and didn’t even know how long it has been for, and is more than thrilled when two people come calling. Sumi and Taka, enslaved by Vampire Cho, and want to learn the secrets to killing vampires, and he more than happily accepts. Wanting to pass along secrets for them not only to take back and use to help make their home a better place. Meanwhile, Belmont and Sypha are hunting Night Creatures, and Sypha is having the time of her life, with it all. They are in a relationship and having a blast with it all. They arrive at Lindenfield, where we meet Saint Germain, The Judge, and the Monks of the Priory, who worship Dracula and have a dark secret going on at the Priory, that they are not letting anyone see. Carmilla finally gets home to Stryia, after fighting and marching her way through a cascade of problems, with Hector as her slave. Greeted by two of her three Vampire ” Sisters” Striga and Lenore, and Morana. Carmilla has a plan to take over the east. Eight hundred miles that has been devastated due to Dracula’s attacks, and with them in a state of chaos, should be easy to take control and keep humans alive inside as livestock, but need Hector to play ball and Lenore takes it upon herself to make him come around, without threat of him turning. Lastly, we get to Isaac, going on a journey to Stryia. Amassing an army of Night Creatures to exact revenge on those who betrayed him and Dracula. Running into several people along the way that affects his way of thinking about his mission and what he wants to achieve.

These stories were all so great. Building suspense and tension in a slow, let fun way. Giving them each of the time they needed to build, yet not lingering on them for to long either and felt different enough to always seem fresh. Loved the fact they didn’t paint Hector as an idiot. He knew Lenore was trying to befriend him and use him to do what she wanted, and she was fascinating character. Her design and way she held herself kept my attention and wondering how she was going to twist the situation to her advantage, and at the end. Never really even lied to him. Have to admit, they kind of got me with the Alucard story. Suspected they were going to turn, but a line he said, about them having plenty of time sort of had me thinking they were going to twist and have him turn, but by the final destination still got me, which I will talk more about later. Isaac was probably the weakest of the bunch. His line of thinking is very flawed, but the characters he was meeting were all so good. The Captain, especially. Isaac is a guy for the first time in a while, he seems to have to think for himself, and each person he meets is showing him a way to go. While, I didn’t care to much about him here. I do look forward to seeing the end of his arc. Lastly, we got Belmont and Sypha, who are just the best. I loved the dynamic between the two. The odd coupling, who bring out the more human side of him. Her over the top ways compliments his more stoic nature, and the fact we didn’t have the ” Argument that splits them up and both apologies at the end” cliched story was a big plus. They brought out a lot of fun, but when it was time for fighting, they were even more fun to watch. The pacing was great and the transitions were smooth throughout most. A little choppy during the climax, but for obvious reasons of what was happening. Going between two sets of fighting and two seperate sex scenes. A lot to blend together, and worked well enough, but a lot.

They introduced a ton of new characters and they all added to the story in great ways. Loved the designs of each of the vampire Sisters. My favorite in particular was Striga. She didn’t get the time that Lenore did, but the big burly vampire got enough to build my interest. She came off as a smart Military mind, and not even bothered by the fact we didn’t get to see her fight. Just has me hyped that when she does so. It will be awesome and want to see her square off with who I hope is Belmont, but don’t think that is the way they are going, but still have high hopes that she gets the time to beat some people and Night Creatures down at some point. Was shocked by the end reveal surrounding the good natured judge. What a twist that was, and Saint Germain ended up being pretty fun as well. Didn’t think much of him at first, but grew on me by the end.

I can’t wait for season 4, which this built up to very nicely. Many questions remaining., With Belmont and Sypha reeling after how things ended in Lindenfield. Isaac gaining the means to get to Styria, with an army, and Hector effectively being enslaved by Lemore and the Sisters now having the means to make Night Creatures of their own. Setting for an interesting battle to come between them and Isaac. Than you got Alucard who put Sumi and Taka on Pikes, ala Dracula. Leaving you wonder if this is the start of a villain turn for him, which would create a major shift. The future is really bright, after what was an exciting and fun season 3. If you haven’t checked it out. Definitely recommend you do so.

This is a little more rambling than normal, but I do hope you enjoyed, and as always…

Thank You For Reading.

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