WWE Elimination Chamber 2020 Predictions

By: Justin Hopkins

It’s been awhile since I covered anything WWE and even longer if you take away the little fantasy bookings I did. Mostly, due to how disillusioned and heart breaking it has been, but we are at the last stop to Wrestlemania. An exciting time (Mostly) and there are some fun things that can happen here, and one slightly disturbing fact about things to come. With that said, let’s jump right and talk about the matches and who I think shall walk away as the winners shall we.

Rumored Matches

I am going to just put them into one quick paragraph here. There are a few rumors of some more matches to be added to the card. The most likely being Drew Gulak vs Daniel Bryan, which I think will be a victory for Drew Gulak through some cheating. I am glad to see them using some guys they don’t and can be a fun rivalry to carry all the way to Mania, and Bryan can get a good match out of almost anyone. The second match, is a possible third chamber match and this is a pretty weak rumor, and only one sight seemed to even mention it. Would be a Smackdown’s Women’s Chamber and only Lacey Evans seemed to be added. She did make some comment about a possible multi person match, and to be honest. Would make sense to have something like this to start the wheels going for Bayleys Title Match at Mania. If they do, I think Bayley will win, and likely screw over Sasha to get the wheels going for that.

United States Championship Match: Andrada Vs Humberto Carrillo

Alright, onto the regular stated matches, and we go to the US Title. Honestly, this one is kind of a difficult pick. Andrada coming back from suspension and if they didn’t pull it off him for that. Don’t see him dropping the belt just yet. Humberto has been chasing for quite some time and would make his victory at Mania a bit more sweeter. So, going with the champ to win it here.

Winner: Andrada

Intercontinental Championship Match: Braun Strowman Vs Sami Zayn, Cesaro, and Shinsuke Nakamura

  I would love to say the trio would come out victorious here. Each one of them being horrible underutilized and deserves so much more, but if Braun isn’t carrying that strap into Mania he is going to be involved in another stupid angle and he deserves a moment of his own. While these three can have a great triple threat from the group imploding, and potentially steal the show. Once again, champ is retaining.

Winner: Braun Strowman

AJ Styles Vs Aleister Black

This is where the wheels start to wobble a bit for me. I would much rather see this match at Mania than AJ and Undertaker. Again, we are suppose to be building stars and the match between the up and coming Black vs the veteran Styles is way more interesting. Unfortunately, this is not the way we are going, and we got two guys here and neither can stand a loss. Even when you factor in all of the outside interference that will be thrown Aleister’s way. He still can really use the win and he is just don’t see that happening.

Winner: AJ Styles

Raw Tag Team Championship Match: The Street Profits Vs Seth Rollins and Murphy

It’ll be a fun match that will probably go down like it did on Raw, with a bunch of outside interference and Murphy will take the pin. No reason to take the belts off of The Street Profits. Not much more to say about this one.

Winner: Street Profits

Smackdown Tag Team Elimination Chamber Match: Miz and Morrison vs New Day vs Heavy Machinery vs Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler vs Usos vs Lucha House Party

I have no possible idea what can go down in this match. They could have Roode and Ziggler win to set up them vs Heavy Machinery at Mania and incorporate the Mandy Rose storyline. To really make Otis the ultimate winner, both get the girl and the titles and with how popular he is, would make for a great moment, and the more I talk about it. More I actually want to see it happen. They can drop the titles to New Day or Usos to set up that excellent match, or keep it on Miz and Morrison and set them up for a three team match, with them having to fight off New Day and Usos. And Lucha House Party will be involved in the match as well, and have no belief in them except pulling off some high spots to pop the crowd and be their downfall at the same time, but I have talked myself into the first one.

  Winner: Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler

Number 1 Contender Women’s Elimination Chamber Match: Natalya vs Liv Morgan vs Sarah Logan vs Ruby Riot vs Asuka vs Shayna Baszler

This is the match that has me really worried and showcases their desperate need to stop burying talent and building their star power. I am fully invested in Shayna winning this match and going on to face Becky. There is a rumor that she has some heat and it’s idiotic. The ball is already rolling and will kill her before she gets going. She has to win this, but she can not destroy everyone in this match. If she does, she will have no one who can reasonably go against her after Mania (No, I do not want to see her face Charlotte, at all… ever.) Had Liv not been brought back into the fold in a stupid lesbian story and Sarah actually got one over on Charlotte, and they brought Ruby back in a strong way. They wouldn’t have this problem, but here we are. These three women have to look like the strong, capable wrestlers that each one of them are, even if that means working together to take Shayna out of the equation for a bit. To really showcase that they can go to the crowd and when Shayna wins the belt at Mania. You have three more talented women waiting in the wings. As far as Asuka and Natalya goes, Asuka is fantastic and hurts to say, she needs to go back to making the Tag Belts worth something with Kairi and just no on Natalya. She is good in the ring, but no.

Winner: Shayna Baszler

And that is that for this years Elimination Chamber. There is a lot of fun to be had with these matches and hope it goes well. We are a few weeks away and have had my fill of twists on this years road to Wrestlemania. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoyed and as always…

Thank You For Reading.


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