Box office Rundown 3/2/2020

By Paul Anthony

Here we are beginning the slow period of the movie season. Movies in March are hardly promoted and half time we don’t know even know what is coming out. This good news for a studio like BlumHouse that took a beating the last few months with some of their releases to redeem themselves. This past weekend we saw the release of the reboot of The Invisible Man which added a twist to the franchise. Good news is that it came in as number 1 with 29 million just from the domestic box office and looking at next week there should be no real reason why this film doesn’t come in at number 1 or 2. This week’s winners have to be The Invisible Man, My Hero Academia: Hero Rising and Impractical Joker: The movie both were wide releases but just at 1300 theaters and they were able to remain in the top ten. We don’t have winners without losers and we have two losers for this week both fell 4 spots each and by next week they should be out of the top ten all together and those losers are Brahms: The Boy 2 and Fantasy Island.

  1. The Invisible Man, 29 million
  2.  Sonic The Hedgehog, 16 million
  3.  The Call of the Wild, 13.205 million
  4. My Hero Academia: Hero Rising, 5.109 million
  5.  Bad Boys for life, 4.3 million
  6.  Birds of Prey, 4.100 million
  7.  Impractical Jokers: The Movie, 3.545 million
  8.  1917, 2.670 million
  9.  Brahms: The Boy 2, 2.622 million
  10.  Fantasy Island, 2.330 million

Now Here are the predictions for the following week!

  1. The Invisible Man
  2. Onward
  3.  Sonic The Hedgehog
  4.  Emma
  5.  The Call of the Wild
  6.  Impractical Jokers: The Movie
  7.  Birds of Prey
  8.  Bad Boys for Life
  9. 1917
  10.  The Way Back


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