Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez Review

By Paul Anthony

I always have to praise Netflix’s original series, they do hit the spot with good reviews and I can see why. The documentaries that they do are on the good end of things so with that being said when they released this one because it had to do with football and Aaron that I had take a watch because I remember this situation like it was just yesterday. Here we have a modern day O.J. Simpson case. This however was unheard of because Aaron was very much an active Football player not only that he was a superstar at such an young age and was just rewarded a big contract from the New England Patriots. I have to admit that besides the basics I didn’t know much about this case until now.

Instead of having an 3 or so hour long movie of sorts they basically broke it up into three episodes for which each episode focused on a different aspect of Aaron’s life and case. In the first episode we get the story of his childhood and how he was raised with his family and just being an all around fun kid. Friends and family are interviewed  so we can get an idea of Aaron was before the rise in football. Aaron was described as any other young football star in high school. As we hear the interviews we do see clips of him playing football and hits that he took at very young age. It’s revealed that His father was his backbone to keep him straight forward and pushed him mostly likely beyond his limits to be a football star.

In the second episode it talks about Aaron going to The University of Florida to play for the Gators and then we also learn that Aaron’s father had passed in 2006 and his mom wasted no time to bring in another guy. This was the first signed that we saw that Aaron’s life was held together by his father. Now in Florida and enjoying being a superstar in college. Aaron starts to have a change in his behavior after he realize he could get away with anything because football down there was everything and as long as you win it doesn’t matter. Then the episode starts to shift to him being drafted and scouts made it clear this guy had social problems but his talent was worth it. Once in New England he became a star again and once again the trouble followed because now it was revealed he was involved in the murder of his friend Odin Lloyd, who he meant through his girlfriend.

In The final episode it mostly breaks down the murder case and Aaron’s life behind bars and the trials he was at and we see first hand the affects of his actions and honestly the affects that football has on our culture. The show clips of fans Aaron’s protesting that he is innocent and they disregard that there is another family that is hurting because of him. In the end they reveal that Aaron had CTE from all the hits that he took from high school through the pros.

This was a very strong emotional documentary because it showed us how football really is above everything even above Life and Death. In the end Aaron is gone and the people around was affect by his actions and Football needs to make changes and preach to people that this game can change one’s life for the better and for the worse and in the end it is clear they are the true Villain where Aaron was a henchmen and Odin was a victim.

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