The Witcher Season 1 Review

By Paul Anthony

When The Game Of Thrones ended I did feel lost in some ways because it was one of my favorite shows and it grew on me. Then I heard Netflix was doing a show that was almost like that and the show would be based on a book series called The Witcher. Like Game of Thrones I never read the books so I wasn’t too sure if I would be into this series or not. Then It was released and I started to see everyone talk about it and of course I had to watch it and give it a try to see what the hype was about. Now I have to ask myself was the hype worth it? Could this fill the void that Game Of Thrones left behind?

The show does different from Game Of Thrones where the main characters which are three of them nearly chooses the paths they go on because of their abilities except the youngest of the three where the main characters of G.O.T didn’t really have a choice. The One thing I found to be almost annoying with show is the time jump with the stories of the main characters. First we have the true main character Geralt of Rivia, played by Henry Cavill. Geralt is a Witcher who hunts monsters and magic creatures of that nature. We are told that a Witcher has special abilities to fight these magic beings. He linked by destiny to princess Cirilla “Ciri”, who is the crown princess of Cintra. She to has magical powers that she receives from her grandmother, the powers skipped Ciri’s mother. Then we have a half elf and half human but is deformed because of it, she learns to become a mage and at the cost of fertility she rids herself of her deformity. Sooner rather then later these three will cross paths and we learn how they will do it.

Each episode follows the characters but what we learn through out the season is that there is a time hop. So one character could be in a different time period then another character. In Season one Geralt’s stories happen over a 12-15 year period and Ciri’s is more like a month and Yennefer of Vengerberg, happens over a 70 year period. I won’t lie it does get confusing so watching every scene is important and have pay attention to detail. I do love a show that makes you think and pay attention.

Now the show isn’t without flaws though. Character development was at a weak point, the back and forth with the characters didn’t really help the cause with the development. They did say they will fix this problem in season two so at least they know. Now certain costumes that people were wearing did look like the creative department were lazy but once again they saw their problem and heard the reviews. I do like this show overall and minus those few things I am giving it a good 80 percent and recommend you giving it a try, only sad thing is we have to wait until beginning of next year to see season 2!


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