The Christmas Chronicles Review

By Paul Anthony

So I know it is a year late basically but it is almost Christmas time and it was time to do a Christmas movie review. Now Netflix has been coming strong with the movies with having some big names attached to their projects. This film  starred Kurt Russell as Santa Clause and Goldie Hawn as Mrs. Clause though she makes a cameo in this film though I have to wonder in the sequel if she will have a bigger role in the next film.

So the film starts in the opening credits, we see a family that continues to grow with each clip, we see the children grow then the opening credits end and we notice that the father is no longer with the family which we learn he had died in between the Christmases. This causes the son to become a rebel or future criminal of sorts. When the mother has to work and the brother Teddy has to watch his younger sister Kate against his will things go wrong when Kate spots Santa. The duo comes together to catch Santa and to the shock of Teddy, Santa is real and they begin to follow him and the see the reindeers and the sleigh, the whole nine yards but once they get in the sleigh and cause basically an accident and then the whole night becomes ruin and Santa fears that Christmas might be ruin if they don’t correct the wrong and fix the sleigh which leads them on a goose chase.

When everything comes together Teddy realizes that Santa could have solved the problem with his magic in a matter of seconds and Santa reveals that this was plan to help Teddy to get his Christmas sprit back in which he does in the end when we find out that Teddy did write Santa and all he wanted was to see his father one last time and Santa does his best by giving him a magic ornament in which his father tells him that he is proud of him.

The story was pretty much predictably but still one that with the right plot points were able to touch the heart. Having Kurt Russel as a Santa was a good touch to the film and have to admit I thought he was the best part of the film. Though the acting from the kids was a little stiff at times I didn’t see them really hurting the film. The Writing was basic as well you saw with the lost of the father, it was going to touch the heart which is a basic element of a Christmas movie. In the end I am giving this film an 7 out 10  or a good 70 percent. Though it was basic it still did enough to please the heart!


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