Box office Rundown 12/17/19

By Paul Anthony

We are now in the final few weeks of the box office year and this weekend, we have a big name entering the game and that film is Star Wars: Rise of SkyWalker. We also have Cats debuting as well which will make the box office very interesting because we literally have a little of everything in the current box office. Last week saw the debut of the third Jumanji film which came in at number 1, then we had the remake of the reboot in Black Christmas, which fell flat and then we had the Clint Eastwood film Richard Jewell which came in at number 1. Now We know Star Wars is going to come in a number one, its hard not to think it would even come in at any number but number one but lets take a look at the current top ten

  1. Jumanji: The Next Level, 59.251 million
  2. Frozen 2, 19 million
  3. Knives Out, 9.1 million
  4.  Richard Jewell, 4.680 million
  5.  Black Christmas, 4.240 million
  6.  Ford V Ferrari, 4.080 million
  7.  Queen and Slim, 3.583 million
  8.  A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, 3.276 million
  9. Dark Waters, 1.897 million
  10. 21 bridges, 1.183 million.

Now here how I predict this box office to go!

  1. Star Wars: Rise of SkyWalker
  2. Jumanji: The Next Level
  3.  Frozen 2
  4.  Knives Out
  5. Cats
  6. Richard Jewell
  7.  Ford V Ferrari
  8.  A Beautiful Day in Neighborhood
  9. 21 Bridges
  10.  Black Christmas

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