Sequel Saturday presents: Daddy’s Home 2

By Paul Anthony

Okay I know this week I am late but I away on break because we are gearing up for the new year and a new us but that is another story now let’s get to this weekends blog and this time I am reviewing Daddy’s Home 2 which is the third film of that Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg and usually they do have magic. I loved The Other guys which came out in 2010, in which I did enjoy, so you know they would work together again and make magic which it worked with Daddy’s Home because it became Will Ferrell highest grossing movie of Ferrell’s career which came in at 242 million dollars world wide, which honestly isn’t much. I often find Will Ferrell’s movies very much a hit and miss, sadly most of his movies are misses and when he does have hits, I have to say its more because of who he is working with rather then him being funny. Well here we are Daddy’s Home became a hit which means a sequel was coming and this time we would get to meet the fathers of the fathers or let’s keep it simple and say we get to meet the grandfathers. The movie stars Mark Wahlberg, Will Ferrell, Mel Gibson and John Lithgow and the question becomes was this a hit? With a 70 million dollar budget it did gross 180 million making it a hit but was it really?

The movie starts with us seeing life after the events of the first film, Brad and Dusty are getting  along and being Co-Dads but the love is becoming annoying for the kids who don’t want two Christmases so the dads come together with a plan to get a rental property and have a Christmas there with everybody which includes Dusty’s dad which is played by Mel Gibson and Brad’s dad which is played by John Withgow. Right off the bad we see how Brad became Brad and Dusty became Dusty, it was because of their dads. Which means the jokes were the same and the plot was going to be the same and sure enough that is what we got. The grandfathers were different people and the families and few crazy things bring them to bond and in the end we get the ending we thought was going to happen.

I think this movie fell flat with me, as I was watching it, the jokes didn’t catch with me which means the movie began to lose my attention, the plot wasn’t creative at all and very predictable. You might ask me what could have been different and I would answer that by saying give Brad the badass father and Dusty the weirdo father, just to make things very interesting and might have made the jokes funny. In the end I am giving this a film a grade of a D or 60 percent because the movie needed to thrive on the jokes and it didn’t and the story needed to be different and it wasn’t but hey if your a Ferrell fan then I am sure you will love it!

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