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The Mandalorian episode 1 review!

By Paul Anthony

To say that I am blown away by the first episode of this sure to be a hit show is an understatement. Let’s talk about the overall show itself. When I first heard about this show I didn’t want to give it chance because it was about a new character and a bounty hunter nevertheless, I know people go crazy over Boba Fett the bounty hunter that was in a lot of films but had amount screen time around 10 minutes was a joke. But here we are, Star Wars first live action show and it is based on a bounty hunter that is new and honestly that is best part of show so far.

Each episode will be around 40 minutes which is long enough to tell a story without dragging it on and on. Now as of right now there will be eight episodes and starting tomorrow, they will be released every Friday. I have to admit I do like the idea of not releasing every episode at once, something we all knew Disney wasn’t going to do. Now the total time of season one will be 320 minutes. If you don’t want to do the math I will tell you how long that is in hours. Season one is five hours and 20 minutes long, which when you are talking about a season isn’t bad at all.

Episode 1 starts with a bang, the show opens with our Bounty Hunter showing how much of a bad ass he is and pretty much will take one anyone to get to his target. He doesn’t say much, I would say the entire episode he might have spoken two paragraphs of words which was okay actually. After we see he can be a badass his boss gives him his next mission but he has to meet the client in person, which he does but he is also greeted by imperial guards nonetheless the client tells him the last location and that the target is 50 years of age. The bounty hunter sets out and there he battles bad guys with the help of an Bounty Hunter Droid, then they see the target and its actually a baby looking Yoda and the droid explains that some beings age slower then others which explains how Yoda lived as long as he did. Our guy kills the droid and the episode ends there.

With the ending I am pumped to see what happens next try to see what makes this baby so important that certain people want it killed. A show like this is costing money because the graphics and effects and everything like that is on par with something you see at the theatres. In All Disney spent 120 million on this season alone, so I expect nothing short of a movie quality show. I am giving this first episode a good A rating and I hope the rest of the episodes can be as great as this one and have to say this show is a must watch!

The Shining Movie Review

By: Justin Hopkins

** Spoiler Warning **

  Hello, and welcome to the Classic 13, and in honor of Doctor Sleep coming out. Can’t think of a more appropriate time to look back at Stanley Kubrick’s 1980’s The Shining. Movie cited a lot of the times, as one of the best horror movies of all time. From the elevator scene, room 237, Redrum, and the scene at the bar. Everyone can seem to recite a favorite scene from this movie. A classic that has stood the test of time. Let’s take a closer look and throw my opinion, on a movie that has been talked about almost at nauseum.

The story start off by showing Jack Torrance, being interviewed for the winter Caretaker position at The Overlook Hotel. Where him, his wife and son Danny would spent the winter at, while Jack maintains the hotel over the winter. Learns about the grisly past of the hotel, but believes it will be okay, due to having his Family with him, and the quiet solitude will help him write his play and help with his sobriety. Meanwhile, back in town, Danny is shown a psychic vision, and goes into a seizure like fit. He is taken to a doctor by his Mom Wendy, and we learn of his imaginary friend Tony and an injury a drunk Jack had given him.  From there we see them going to the Overlook for their extended stay. While Jack goes off to talk to the owner. Wendy and Danny get a tour from Hallorann. Who sense the power in Danny, because he has the same thing. A power he shared with his Grandmother that they called, The Shining. Told him the house has spirits that will tempt to mess with him, and to not let them get to him and to stay out of room 237. As months go by, and the spirits not only haunt Danny more and more, but begin to eat away at Jack’s Sanity more and more, until he snaps in a terrifying climax that doesn’t let up till the end.

Casting was pretty spot on for this movie. Shelley Duvall did a great job as Wendy. From the start you can tell she is a woman who is kind of suffering silently. She wants so badly for her family to pull through the hard times they had been going through and is willing to do what it takes to make sure that happens. As Jack loses his mind and goes crazy, she really plays well off of that. To learn how she was being treated on set, during all of this, as well makes it that much better that she managed to pull it off. Danny Lloyd played Danny excellently. His interactions with the likes of The Twins and later on with Jack in the maze were some of my favorites in the movie. Even the secondary actors really stood out. Such as Scatman Crothers as Hallorann, Philip Stone as Grady, and Joe Turkel as Lloyd were all spot on for their roles. Of course, Jack Nicholson. For the time being, I’ll say, he did phenomenal as crazed Jack, and will come back to it later on.

I loved the way this movie was shot. Can never go wrong with long shots in my opinion, and the tracking shots were great way to tell the story going on. Transitions were amazing. The downward shot of Jack look at the model of the hedge maze, turning to Wendy and Danny in the maze. Showing Danny’s knowledge of the maze which would speak volumes toward the end. It was a slow burn of a ride, but was perfectly built up. Wouldn’t have had the same effect, if the scares just kept coming. Instead it let the tension build and build Only teasing and showing a little here and there and shows how well Kubrick is at pacing the story.  Alright, time to trigger some of you, but time to go to the negatives.

This is one that is more personal toward myself, but this is all my opinion so it is here. I use to really love this movie. Right up until I read the book, and I hate to be that person, but wow, this is just a shell in comparison to what it could have been. A good shell mind you, but one nevertheless. Say that, because the characters could have had so much more to do. All could have had so much more and the cast was so strong and could have brought out those aspects to perfection. Jack never got his redemption and died as a deranged man lost in a maze. Danny had so much more and Wendy’s character was gutted. Feel like the writing just failed the cast on this.

Kubrick did a very good job at creating isolation and horror aspect, but there was one problem, and that was largely the start. You never really feel happiness. When it’s supposed to be a descent into madness. There has to be a point of happiness somewhere. Wendy come across as someone on the brink of a breakdown. Never do enough with Danny, and Jack comes across as a crazy person who just gets even more crazy throughout. Outside of some splashes between Wendy and Danny, everything comes across as cold. Could have been due to how much of the book was left off or the fact they were doing some scenes over a hundred times, but the story suffers from not having this.

I want to forward this next part, with the reminder that I do think crazed Jack was great, but Jack Nicholson never came across a caring husband and Father. The scenes sprinkled in to try and make it come across that way failed miserably.  Like I said above, could have been because the countless takes robbing the scenes of any emotion, but I took notice of this on my first watch and has gotten worse with age.

And that is that, for this months Classic 13. I know not a lot of you will share my views when it comes to the negative and that is perfectly fine. Even with those in mind, still recognize this as an all-time great movie. Flaws and all. It has inspired a slew of people to get into the horror genre and with next year being it’s 40 year anniversary. Don’t see that changing anytime soon. Final Grade: A

Thank you for reading

Box Office rundown 11/11/19

By Paul Anthony

It has been a few weeks to be able to say this but now it is true that we do have a whole new top 4 and all the movies that open this past weekend all reach the top 4 spots. However Dr. Sleep was predicted to be number 1 and once again another big time film with the budget of 50 million failing to make it’s budget back in it’s opening weekend. Now this week’s number 1 was a film that was barely promoted and that film was Midway, however with it being Veterans day it would make sense that people would flock to see a world war two movie. Playing with Fire starring John Cena and Last Christmas rounded out the bottom 4, Last Christmas gave me a shock to see it that high because many critics were not enjoying, so let’s take a look at the rest of the top ten.

  1. Midway, 17.5 million
  2. Dr. Sleep, 14.1 million
  3.  Playing With Fire,  12.8 million
  4.  Last Christmas, 12.6 million
  5. Terminator: Dark Fate, 10.8 million
  6. Joker, 9.2 million
  7.  Maleficent 2, 8 million
  8. Harriet, 7.23 million
  9.  Zombieland: Double tap, 4.315 million
  10. The Addams family, 4.2 million

Now I have to guess this might be the week that the Joker film gets knocked out of the top ten but barely. this week we see three new films enter the mix and they are Ford v Ferrari, Charlie’s Angels and The Good Liar. Here are the predictions for this upcoming week!

  1. Ford v Ferrari
  2.  Charlie’s Angels
  3. DR. Sleep
  4.  The Good Liar
  5. Playing With Fire
  6.  Terminator: Dark fate
  7.  Last Christmas
  8.  Maleficent 2
  9.  Midway
  10.  Zombieland: Double tap

Alone In The Dark Movie Review

By: Justin Hopkins


  Hello and welcome back to this weeks, B Movie Sunday. Coming back from a bit of a break and aam doing so by breaking a bit of a rule I had for myself involving this series, and that is the movie in question, can’t have a theater run, and this one, did have one. For the life of me I don’t know how, because in my opinion; Alone In The Dark is very much a B Movie and to be honest, I can’t possible do a list like this without covering a Uwe Boll film. It would just be sacrilegious. Having seen many, many deem this as one of the worst movies ever. Kind of had to see for myself. Before we jump in, want to disclose that I have never played any of the Alone In The Dark Games. Read that it is loosely based off the fourth game, but with that said. Won’t be pointing out any changes made here, because I simply don’t know anything about that. Ok, good, lets begin.

Movie kicks off with an opening Prologue about The Abkani Tribe. Summarizing the information, which is a lot. The tell us about The Abkani Tribe, and their beliefs on there being two worlds; One of light and one of Dark.When they open the gates to the otherside. Something came through and The Abkani was wiped out. Somehow the keys were hidden and The Creatures were seeking them out and Agency 713 was created to hunt down the Supernatural. Hudgins wqas involved and started doing experiments on Orphans to bind man with creatures. He was shut down, but not before setting us a lab in a gold mine, and it goes on and on. Too much information, but we do finally get to the movie and it is a flashback. We see Hudgins and a Nun yelling about how it was for the betterment of the Human Race and reporting the Orphans were gone. Only one had escaped. A young Carnby. We see our first monster and what looked like Carnby being electrocuted, but he wakes up, and is a grown adult on a plane, scaring a kid in the seat next to him. He is returning home with an Abkani artifact, and is attacked in his cab, but a man, who turns out later to be a former 713 agent who had been missing for 20 something years. Now infected by a parasite. We get some semi decent action and a beautiful bullet time camera shot through a block of ice. Then we see Hudgins fishing out a crate from the ocean with the cliche doom is nigh fisherman, who throws that right out the window when he sees the box is made of pure gold. Has Hudgins locked away tp claim what is inside; which we don’t see but everyone near is killed and a psychic wave goes out and a bunch of people, Orphans who were tested on, stop what they are doing and just walk off. Except Carnby, who is simply knocked unconscious. While his girlfriend is working on decoding a tablet.  After being notified that his friend is missing and a little investigation later. He goes to his Girlfriend to examine this piece he has, and is kissed and hit and the dialogue starts to slip here. They are attacked by a monster, that they call Xenos, and the 713 saves them. You start to think that things will start moving at a faster pace, and it sort of does, and sort of dies, but it leads up to the final climax and battle at the gold mine. Will leave it at that for anyone who hasn’t seen this yet.

Know, you might be slightly confused by all of this, and yes I did summarize a lot of it, but it’s not much more clear in the movie. At times it doesn’t know what it wants to be. It’s a mystery, due to what happened at the orphanage, but there is no real investigation because they just tell you like it was some big reveal. An awful scene that feels like they shot it just to make a music video out of it, and is so bad that if they did make a music video out of it. Have no reason to even seek it out. A sex scene that is used to just drag out the run time, because they couldn’t be bothered to try and right a reason for it into the story.  A James Bond style scene with all the weapons that the 713 invented to fight the Xenos but the monsters tank the bullets and are never really affected by it, and they don’t focus on any of the deaths matter because you don’t care about any of the character, minus maybe Carnby, who doesn’t die anyways. The plot holes in this are massive and hard to ignore. Have characters shocked and enraged by the fact their radios and remote detonator fails to work. Despite them stressing the fact the monsters emit waves that interrupt electronics. Carnby spends his life trying to figure out what happened at the Orphanage, but misses the massive piece. Makes them look more dumb as it goes along, and the dialogue is rough to say the least.

It wasn’t all so bad. Christian Slater was pretty solid as Edward Carnby. Likable enough to keep my interest. He made the dialogue work and chemistry was strong enough the ones he interacted with. Especially with Stephen Dorff, who got better as the story went along. They did something with his character that I thought was truly special. He played the character that acts as a roadblock for you main protagonist. One who is dead set in his thought process and refuses to listen till they are dead, but he did not. Believed Carnby was a threat because he knew he had a parasite, but once he saw him fighting alongside his men. Knew he was telling the truth and they fought together. No questions asked. He was actually smart, and nice to see. Tara Reid and Matthew Walker were okay. They tried their best, but the dialogue came back to haunt them, and hindered them hard.

Minus the gunfight at Carnby’s House, the action scenes were fine. Nothing really special but I did enjoy the first altercation. Lastly, I did enjoy the design on the monsters. The CG looked terrifying and were well designed. They worked with what they needed to be, and could have been much worse.

Still have no idea how this made it to theater, but with all that said; I did have a bit of fun with this movie. It’s not good by any meaning of the word, but far from the worst that I have seen. I enjoy the performance from Christian Slater and Stephen Dorff. I am going to say check it out, but going to put a massive asterisks next to it. Have to be aware of what you are getting into. It’s not quite on the level of it’s so bad it’s good movie. It has a lot of dumb moments and cringy dialogue that make me chuckle, but definitely not for everybody. Key is to sit back and have fun with the stupidity of it all.

Thanks for reading.

Saturday sequel presents Bad Boys 2

By Paul Anthony

Before I get started I know might seem like a week of bashing Will Smith because his recent film Gemini Man is becoming such flop and then this week they decided release the first trailer for Bad Boys 3 so it only made sense. I have watched this film so much since it came out in 2003 and before I did my research on this film I have  to be honest I thought this film made a lot more money then it did, truth be told this film would basically be another flop under Will Smith yet it was able to spawn a third film granted many many years and the film will be the first film not to feature Micheal Bay which should actually help the film.

The film follows Mike and Marcus again this time going up against the biggest Drug Dealer Johnny Tapia who is bringing ecstasy into the city, the only problem is that every time the cops have a case against him, they lose which forces Mike and Marcus to do whatever it takes to find enough evidence against him so they can put him away for good. Things like always don’t go as plan and forces them to go undercover and deal with shootouts and everything else. Will Smith shows off that he can still fight and run and drive and shoot like he did in the first film and Marcus continues to be himself. The best part of the film is of course the laughs that Will and Martin bring when they are together, it is almost like they feed off of each other which is the magic of the film. There are classic scenes like at the Electronics store where it seems like they are talking about their sexual relationship then the best scene where they gang up on Reggie. That scene alone might be the most famous scene. In The end the gang which the film introduces Marcus’s Sister kills Tapia in Cuba and the case is closed.

Now the story was basic, there really wasn’t anything to think about , you know what they were going to do. Actor was average but at times was way overboard but nothing that would have hurt the film. The action was there like in any Micheal bay film it will never be boring, of course the laughs were there as well. Hard to believe this movie failed to make 300 million and yet here we are getting ready for the third and final film. In the end the film seem to get better over the first however in the end the grade will be a B plus or about 85 percent. If you haven’t seen please do it worth a watch!

Friday Roundabout 11/8/2019

By Paul Anthony

Welcome to another addition of roundabout where we take a quick look at stories that we might have missed, so let’s not waste anytime and get into it. First up we are jumping into the Wrestling world more importantly WWE. Now that AEW is in full swing there have been a lot wrestlers who are considering jumping ship when their current contracts are up and one of those wrestlers is none other then Randy Orton, which is one of the biggest names in the game. recently Orton has been posting on twitter that would imply after his contract is up that he is leaving for AEW, well we know now that Randy is staying put because he worked out a new deal that will keep him in WWE until 2024 at which put the 13 time world champion will be 44 years and have to assume he might have one more deal after that.

Justin loves the animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse, me not so much, not that I think it is bad or anything like that but because it’s an animated film, We know the sequel is coming in April of 2022 and now we know one of the Spider-Mans that will be in the film. That Spider-Man is Takuya Yamshiro which is the Japanese Spider-Man from the 70’s. Hey I hope they continue on with this film series because it is something new regarding an classic character.

Now this is a story that just blows my mind, recently a story came up regarding the first socks Micheal Jackson wore when he did the first moonwalk dance, Now listen we are talking about socks here and they could sell between 1 to 2 million dollars for some socks! This just blows my mind, I get it, they are socks from Micheal Jackson’s feet and say or believe what you want about him but you have to be an insane fan to buy some socks because at the end of the day they are just socks!

In my final story for the week is regarding the DCEU and more casting news is coming out regarding the film The Batman. We know whose going to play The Riddler and Catwoman but we now know who will play the Penguin who will be played by Colin Ferrell and Andy Serkis will play Alfred. Now this movie has been in hell for a few years now and it’s nice to see this film making progress but we are still far away from this movie coming out, so hopefully there won’t be more changes from this film. Well that covers this week!

Will Smith Star power fading??

By Paul Anthony

Some actors and actresses have star power that is off the roof and everything they touch is gold then there are some that you just kind of see the spot light fade from them. Right Now I am trying to figure out where does Will Smith fit in at because the last few years have been a big roller coaster ride for one Will Smith. I Brought this subject up because 2019 seems to be a common year for Will Smith now. First you had Aladdin which was a big box office hit and then a few months later you saw the release of Gemini Man which is just dying at the box office. As of right now the film only made 165 million and the budget is was 138 million as to where Aladdin’s budget was 200 million and brought in over a billion dollars and what is the difference for Will Smith?

Will wasn’t the true lead in Aladdin, yes he played a big role but it wasn’t the main role. Now Gemini Man came out and critics praised the film and this time Will was the main character and yet the moving is flopping bad. Next year will be a big year for Smith because Bad Boys 3 is being released and it is set to be the last film of the series. Should be a mega hit right? Wrong let’s look at Bad Boys 2 which came out in the summer of 2003. Now We all loved that film but once again look at the numbers, the film had 130 million dollar budget and only gross 273 million, the movie made more money then the first film but the first film only had a budget of 19 million and grossed 141 million. I am not saying bad Boys 3 is going to be a flop but it won’t be a big hit as we are expecting. When was his last true hit? Let’s go back to Men in Black 3 way back in 2012 when the film grossed nearly 625 million. Then came After Earth which he co starred with his son. Which pretty much gave us the clue that his star power as a lead was over. The budget was a 130 million and it grossed only 243 million and since then the only time his films make money is when he isn’t the true lead of the film.

Let this blog be a wake up call for studios who want to cast Will Smith as the lead in the film because his price tag just might not be worth a director’s career. Will needs to be used wisely and his days as the lead should be over, he is one of many actors whose star power is fading and should be used correctly and that means he can’t be the lead. Bad Boys 3 could say other wise but the numbers don’t lie and sure netflix and other streaming services could use his talents but let the film Aladdin show how to use a big name actor in a none lead role.

Trip through the fog. Review and Discussion on Dead By Daylight’s The Archives

By: Justin Hopkins

Hello and welcome into the foggy realm of the entity and the world of Dead By Daylight. For those who unaware of, Dead By Daylight is an online multiplayer game. Pitting 4 survivors trying to escape versus a killer trying to sacrifice them to the Entity. Most fun and frustrating time I have had with a video game for quite some time, and after a year and a half playing. Still sticking around, but last week, a new aspect has been added to the game; called The Archives. In it contains a Tome and a Rift, and today we will be taking a look at each and seeing if it is any good. Starting with The Rift.

I don’t know much about Online Gaming. After playing around with Friday The 13th and a bit of Fortnite. This is the first one I have ever really dedicated myself to. The rift is pretty much a Battle Pass. Don’t know how they work, but this one has a free side and a premium, and as you climb up the ranks, you get rewards. From Cosmetics, Serum to purchase The event cosmetics, emblems for survivors to wear and killer can put them to their hooks, and Aurric Cells, and I thoroughly enjoy all of this. The cosmetics look really great, and varied across a multitude of different characters. I only normally buy for a few and is nice to be getting them for the others now as well. Which is really nice, because the skins are very nice. Especially the Wraith and always need more stuff for the Huntress. I get a big kick out of the addition of decorating the hooks. It can be a bit of a grind at times, but it’s not like I am not playing anyways. Would much rather feel like I am working toward something then simply playing for Bloodpoints or just buying the pieces.

Now, on to the Tomes, which are in game challenges. Such as trap survivors in bear traps, heal x amount of survivors, and such. Sprinkled throughout as rewards, are bits of lore. Going into further depth, on some of the characters. This round we got The Hunger, Blood, Brass, and Grit, and Claudette’s 8th Birthday. One of my favorite things about this game. That goyt me to stick around and learn how to play, was how much I enjoy the lore, and have not been disappointed by either of these stories. The Hunger, being the lesser. Mostly because I don’t know much about the alchemist or care about his. The stuff about the Serum was good. Claudette’s was just sad though. Not having friends to invite to her Birthday Party. Almost feel bad for slugging them now.. no, I don’t. Blood, Brass, and Grit though. That is so good. What we knew of Evan MacMillan, The Trapper, to this point was that he idolized his Father and helped run the workers with an Iron Fist, but this gives us a far different take on the big guy. Putting Evan at fourteen, he was friends with the miners. Keeping their secret plan to unionize away from his abusive Father. Who likes to draw because of how much his Father hated it. I want to know more. What happened to sway him so far to the otherside, but I can’t because I have to wait for the next round of challenges. Which is.. Mildly frustrating.

Speaking of Challenges. This was stage one, and don’t know how, but after finishing, can view stage 4, and my god the difficulty spike. On the Killer side, you have some like sacrifice 3 survivors using NOED, five basement hooks using Agitation, and 4 sacrifices in the basement and on the Survivor side, gets even harder with; complete 4 gens using Dark Sense, unhook 3 survivors, and make 2 flashlight blind saves. Oh and each have to be done in individual games… Damn. I am not one to back down from a challenge. Much rather knuckle down and try my hardest over being given training wheels, but Behavior really has it cranked high. These could all be wrong and have a nice laugh at the idea later on, but if not. They are really expecting miracles. Most survivors run small game and keep an eye out for Hexes, especially if they catch whiff of NOED. Killers are going to be hugging walls if they see a flashlight, and trying to save that many on a timer is insane, and to complete 4 gens yourself would mean no other survivors are doing anything. Survive with friends and Kill your friends will have an easier time, but for solos like me. Certainly have our work cut out.

Know these may sound like small things. Cosmetics, bits of lore, styling the hooks, but it’s the small things that matter. Can feel a bit of rinse, wash and repeat, but to have challenges and goals to work for helps out greatly. Game is going on three and a half years, and still putting out stuff like this is a pretty cool thing to me. Big props to those working at Behaviour for the work they have done and looking forward to more challenges.

Thank you for reading.


Box office Rundown for November 4th

By Paul Anthony

Here we are in another week of looking at the numbers and as predicted Terminator: Dark Fate came in as number 1 but the numbers are way below what everyone was expecting and worldwide totals it still fell way below its 180 million dollar budget, coming in around 120 million with most of that coming from the foreign market. Joker remains in it’s spot at number and Harriet came in at number 4, one higher then I predicted.

  1. Terminator: Dark Fate, 29 million
  2. Joker, 13.9 million
  3. Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, 12.2 million
  4. Harriet, 12 million
  5. The Addams family, 8.5 million
  6. ZombieLand: Double Tap, 7.6 million
  7. Countdown, 5.9 million
  8. Black and Blue, 4.1 million
  9. Motherless Brooklyn, 3.7 million
  10.  Arctic Dogs, 3.1 million

We are now entering the period of the month where more competition is coming and one of the first big releases this month and that is DR. Sleep which is the sequel to The Shinning, but that isn’t the only movie opening this up coming weekend. You got Playing With Fire which is a family comedy, Midway starring Patrick Wilson and Last Christmas starring Emilia Clarke. Now Let’s see how my predictions go this week. Number 1 should be without a question DR. Sleep.

  1. Dr. Sleep
  2. Terminator: Dark Fate
  3. Joker
  4. Last Christmas
  5. Harriet
  6. Maleficent: Mistress of evil
  7. Countdown
  8. The Addams family
  9. Black and Blue
  10. ZombieLand: Double Tap

Now, with the new comers this top ten might not even look close to my predictions. So we will see how close I get this week!

Sequel Saturday presents Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2

By Paul Anthony

TMNT or better known as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was such a big hit in the 80’s and 90’s, so it only made sense to make them into films, well here comes 1990 and the turtles made it to the big screen and they struck magic because the first movie’s budget was only 13 million dollars and the film grossed over 200 million and with that being said you knew a sequel was coming along and that’s where we get a sequel just a year later called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Secret of The Ooze. The film was made from a slightly higher budget at 25 million but made far less then the first film. The movie only made 78 million. Still it made a profit but failed to reach even half of what the first film made.

So was the film just that bad or what because just a year ago it made so much money. Well for starters releasing a sequel within a year is never a good idea even if you have a large fan base sometimes fatigue just kicks in and then it is also could be the film itself. Here we go the film picks up a year after the last film and sees the Turtles living with April, still puzzled to why they saved the city and still have to live in the shadows. Shredder makes his return after the city and the turtles thought he was dead but this time instead of building the foot clan up again he rounds up the ones who didn’t get busted and seeks his revenge. In the mean time the turtles start to learn about their past when a story April is doing sheds light on their past with the green ooze that Splinter remembers and there he explains everything to the Turtles, though some feel disappointed that their past was nothing more then a mistake.

However Shredder sees what the ooze can do and wants some to help make monsters to defeat the turtles. Here is where we meet new villains Tokka and Rahzar who proves they can defeat the turtles but only are babies which mean they get outsmarted by the turtles, which forces Shredder to become Super Shredder from the ooze but in his fit of rage to defeat the turtles he kills himself. The turtles survive and are happy that Shredder is no more and life in the city returns to normal.

The movie does take a lighter tone to things and the turtles hardly used their weapons unlike the first film. For this reason many critics gave it a mixed reviewed instead of praising it since it went away from the source material. I don’t knock this film for trying something different because I don’t want to see the same movie twice and everything lines up to be a decent film. In the end I give it a B for their effort but would recommend anyone who likes them to watch this film!

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