Ford V Ferrari Review

By Paul Anthony

It has been awhile since I saw a movie that wasn’t a big time comedy or a big time action film but yet it was nice to watch a film that had a good story and it was about cars and about a company that I don’t like. That was enough for me to go see the film, what was I expecting revolving a movie that was more of a good story film then anything else, well I was expecting it to be a boring film that starred Matt Damon and Christian Bale. What I got instead was a film that told an emotional story of two friends that would help change the game in racing and cars for that matter but saw that it wasn’t easy to do so.

So we know who the stars of the film was so no need to waste time there, the plot goes that now Ford and America to that matter is tired of losing to Ferrari and Italy in one of the biggest races ” 24 hours of Le Mans” which in racing is considered the third race of the triple crown in the racing world. Ford starts to form a plan to beat Ferrari which has won 4 out of five of the previous races and the last American to do so was in 1959 when Carroll Shelby did it though because of heart problems he had retire and start to design cars rather then race them. There Ford recruits him and only driver he knows that can pull of the feat is Ken Miles played by Bale. The two work hard with a team to design the Ford GT40. However the battle becomes when Henry Ford 2 and his V.P want’s company racers to drive the car yet Miles proved time and race after race he was the best. Even during the race the Ford company wanted Miles to be a team player and have the top 3 spots go to Ford which Miles doesn’t agree but for the greater good does. later with doing a practice run to get ready for the next race, a failed brakes lead to Ken Miles dying in a car accident and leaving Shelby to wonder in sorrow. it was revealed that their design helped Ford win the following 3 Le Mans after 1966.

The Movie had some good acting to it and the made you hate the right people and love the right people. now we know this was a movie and some facts might have been twisted but that isn’t my point. The writing was good as well, from what I watched I didn’t see nothing that was rushed or seemed out of place with how the story was going. The car scenes were amazing and proved you need to do a Fast and Furious movie to have a good race car scene. In The end I would say go see this movie because you will enjoy it. Overall I am giving it a A plus or at least a 95 percent for a great rating.

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