Trip through the fog. Review and Discussion on Dead By Daylight’s The Archives

By: Justin Hopkins

Hello and welcome into the foggy realm of the entity and the world of Dead By Daylight. For those who unaware of, Dead By Daylight is an online multiplayer game. Pitting 4 survivors trying to escape versus a killer trying to sacrifice them to the Entity. Most fun and frustrating time I have had with a video game for quite some time, and after a year and a half playing. Still sticking around, but last week, a new aspect has been added to the game; called The Archives. In it contains a Tome and a Rift, and today we will be taking a look at each and seeing if it is any good. Starting with The Rift.

I don’t know much about Online Gaming. After playing around with Friday The 13th and a bit of Fortnite. This is the first one I have ever really dedicated myself to. The rift is pretty much a Battle Pass. Don’t know how they work, but this one has a free side and a premium, and as you climb up the ranks, you get rewards. From Cosmetics, Serum to purchase The event cosmetics, emblems for survivors to wear and killer can put them to their hooks, and Aurric Cells, and I thoroughly enjoy all of this. The cosmetics look really great, and varied across a multitude of different characters. I only normally buy for a few and is nice to be getting them for the others now as well. Which is really nice, because the skins are very nice. Especially the Wraith and always need more stuff for the Huntress. I get a big kick out of the addition of decorating the hooks. It can be a bit of a grind at times, but it’s not like I am not playing anyways. Would much rather feel like I am working toward something then simply playing for Bloodpoints or just buying the pieces.

Now, on to the Tomes, which are in game challenges. Such as trap survivors in bear traps, heal x amount of survivors, and such. Sprinkled throughout as rewards, are bits of lore. Going into further depth, on some of the characters. This round we got The Hunger, Blood, Brass, and Grit, and Claudette’s 8th Birthday. One of my favorite things about this game. That goyt me to stick around and learn how to play, was how much I enjoy the lore, and have not been disappointed by either of these stories. The Hunger, being the lesser. Mostly because I don’t know much about the alchemist or care about his. The stuff about the Serum was good. Claudette’s was just sad though. Not having friends to invite to her Birthday Party. Almost feel bad for slugging them now.. no, I don’t. Blood, Brass, and Grit though. That is so good. What we knew of Evan MacMillan, The Trapper, to this point was that he idolized his Father and helped run the workers with an Iron Fist, but this gives us a far different take on the big guy. Putting Evan at fourteen, he was friends with the miners. Keeping their secret plan to unionize away from his abusive Father. Who likes to draw because of how much his Father hated it. I want to know more. What happened to sway him so far to the otherside, but I can’t because I have to wait for the next round of challenges. Which is.. Mildly frustrating.

Speaking of Challenges. This was stage one, and don’t know how, but after finishing, can view stage 4, and my god the difficulty spike. On the Killer side, you have some like sacrifice 3 survivors using NOED, five basement hooks using Agitation, and 4 sacrifices in the basement and on the Survivor side, gets even harder with; complete 4 gens using Dark Sense, unhook 3 survivors, and make 2 flashlight blind saves. Oh and each have to be done in individual games… Damn. I am not one to back down from a challenge. Much rather knuckle down and try my hardest over being given training wheels, but Behavior really has it cranked high. These could all be wrong and have a nice laugh at the idea later on, but if not. They are really expecting miracles. Most survivors run small game and keep an eye out for Hexes, especially if they catch whiff of NOED. Killers are going to be hugging walls if they see a flashlight, and trying to save that many on a timer is insane, and to complete 4 gens yourself would mean no other survivors are doing anything. Survive with friends and Kill your friends will have an easier time, but for solos like me. Certainly have our work cut out.

Know these may sound like small things. Cosmetics, bits of lore, styling the hooks, but it’s the small things that matter. Can feel a bit of rinse, wash and repeat, but to have challenges and goals to work for helps out greatly. Game is going on three and a half years, and still putting out stuff like this is a pretty cool thing to me. Big props to those working at Behaviour for the work they have done and looking forward to more challenges.

Thank you for reading.



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