Friday Roundabout: 10-18-2019

By: Justin Hopkins

Hello and welcome back to the roundabout. Where we go through bits of news through the last week that I feel like deserve another little go over. Some bigger than others. From movies to video games and a little in between. Taking all  the stories and narrowed it down to 6. So without further adieu, lets jump in with the most recent bits, swarming around the Merc With The Mouth himself, Deadpool.

Rumors have been breaking all day that Deadpool 3, has been moved to In Development and will be released in 2022. This coming off the heels of Ryan Reynolds having a meeting at Marvel Studios. While their has been no official statement, the sources tend to carry some clout, and Deadpool 3 just has to happen in my opinion. He has proven to be a huge money maker, and with a much wider pool to use, with the entire MCU roster. It would be foolish to not use him, and have no reason to believe them when they say they will diverge from the R rating. Looking forward to an official statement and hope 2022 date sticks.

Hoping from Marvel to DC. We have the signing of two names for The Batman movie, in Zoe Kravitz to play Catwoman and Paul Dano taking the helm of The Riddler. Most of the controversy around this to this point has been around Robert Pattinson and I am not sure if either of these two have drawn much ire, but like I have said for him. I have gone down the route of judging based off casting  decisions. Tom Hardy as Venom, Ben Affleck’s Batman, Heath Ledger, Will Smiths Deadshot… This can go on for a while, and kind of tired of being proven wrong. So, I will wait and give them all a shot. More hyped over Robert’s interview saying this Batman is no hero and hope they portray him in more of a brutal sense.

In other casting notes, we have Neil Patrick Harris being signed to Matrix 4, in an unknown capacity. I didn’t mind Matrix Revolution as much as people hated it. I completely understand why it is hated. Very much in the right, but I can go back and watch the Mr. Smith and Neo scenes and be entertained, and hope the Matrix 4 can try and leave a better taste in the viewers this time around, and with the intriguing characters within the Matrix World. Neil Patrick Harris can really shine in whatever capacity they sign him in.

Now, I know how much everyone loves a good reboot, especially when it revolves around a still loved TV Show such as Walker, Texas Ranger. We got news really early in the week that Jared Padalecki, from Supernatural, will be taking up the lead, in the roboot titled Walker. I am actually excited for this. I enjoyed Walker, Texas Ranger, but it is more on the cheesier side of things, and if the approach it with a little more serious side. Think it can go far, and with Supernatural coming to an end Jared can throw his attention into this, and think he can thrive well as the Texas Ranger. And now that I am saddened by the Supernatural part. Let’s get to the part that killed me internally.

We were so close. So, so close to the release of Doom Eternal, when the news dropped.. that it was getting pushed to March of 2020. I was looking forward to some more demon slaughter and Doom Slayer and getting over the nightmare that was Doom: Annihilation. But, I get it. It’s better to have a complete game, full of awesomeness. Then an unfinished product, and they are promising some awesome pre-order stuff like Invasion Mode. Where you can infiltrate other people’s games as a Demon and Doom 64 as well. Along with the other fun things they had up for the Pre-orders. I get why, but still deeply saddened by this. Had been annoying my co-workers about it and now I have to wait longer.

Alright, I wanted to have some sort of Movie trailer, but nope. Going to go in a different direction and talk about the trailer that dropped from Behavior’s Dead By Daylight and upcoming addition, The Archives. This is really exciting news if you are into the game, and maybe if you haven’t played before and thinking about it. This is going to add a much needed layer to the game. While, the main goal stays the same. Survivors repair gens to escape. Killer must kill them before that happens. This is going to give players goals to hit through various activities. Will make it worthwhile to try new killers and do more as a survivor and reward them for it. Through additional lore and cosmetics such. There will 2 layers as well. Each release, will contain a Tome and a Rift. A Tome is free and can be completed at any time. While The Rift will have a free and paid side. Costing a 100 auric cells I believe, and has even more, but The Rift is on a time limit, and when it’s closed, it’s closed. Both are so exciting, because the game can become repetitive and feel this can breathe fresh life into what is a really fun game and with the Halloween Event coming up. Hope it they will drop this to go along with it.

And that is all I got for this weeks roundabout. Are you a Dead By Daylight Player and excited for The Archives? Got an opinion on the Batman Casting news. Share your thoughts and opinions on any of these stories in the comment section, and as always…

Thanks for reading.

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