Sequel Saturday Presents Paranormal Activity

By Paul Anthony

In 2007 a small sleeper hit film was released called Paranormal Activity, now the film used the found footage style which wasn’t new but only a few films had such success with it, one of them being this film, so it was only natural that we would be getting a sequel. like any sequel the budget was bigger but not so big, the budget was only three million and the movie grossed 177 million which was 16 million less then the first film, also the budget for the first film was only 15 grand. Still the movie made a 174 million profit not bad for a sequel. I know this film is labeled as both a prequel and a sequel which at the time of this film, this idea was still new in this era. Most of the film does serve at a prequel because the movie events take place two months before the first film but ends after the events of the first film and a more of follow up to the events as well.

The film does some things right but still leaves us with a few questions which means more films to come but when there is a story to tell I am all for a sequel. Here we learn why this demonic figure haunted and took over Katie, it is revealed that this figure actually went after Katie’s sister Kristi’s family first and tells us why and here is why. Some point in their family a direct relative join a coven that makes deals with the devil basically in return for good wealth, it is a theme we see through out the series that the people are in fact in good wealthy shape. The devil in returns gets the first born son however there hasn’t been a first born son in decades since the deal was made up until Kristi has a new born son named Hunter.

The family goes through the events of paranormal activity which causes Kristi’s husband to contact the nanny they fired to perform a ritual to basically aim the demon towards Katie rather then Kristi, which they do and the first film takes place, Still Kristi had no idea her husband did what he did, however the devil still wanted Hunter which he sends Katie to retrieve Hunter which she kills both parents and takes Hunter and the film ends.

The only problem I really had with this film was at times it did seemed boring at times because they did drag the story out with the days and in the end I believe that is why the numbers were down, sure the magic wasn’t fully there as well but I believe that wouldn’t have hurt the numbers, in the end it did well enough for a third film to be released.


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