Top 8 Final Guys

By: Justin Hopkins

Last weekend myself and Paul got together for a Top 5 Final Girls on our podcast. (Shameless plug but check it out on spotify and apple or through our Facebook page) While that was a challenging list to narrow down some excellent candidates to just five. This proved to be an almost as hard. Guys surviving to the end is not a big thing in the horror. Then it gets even harder trying to rank them beyond the obvious 2, but I am always up for a challenge, and after some hard thinking and even more tears, I came up with my top 8. Like always, this is my opinion and am always open to who you prefer and others opinion. It’s all about starting a conversation and with that said, let the conversation begin.

8. Doctor Daniel Challis – Halloween 3 Season of the Witch

Played by the talented Tom Atkins, he is a name I don’t often hear brought up very often as it probably should. Mostly because the movie itself has been slow to gain the respect it probably deserves (myself included). A man who went above and beyond to try and find out what happened to his patient, and even when he was in over his head. Still fought as hard as he could to try and save the kids, and had it not been for a matter of minutes, would have done so. He may have come up short on that last part, but fought off everything that was thrown his way, and Colonel Cochran did not live to see his plan come to fruition. Had he been successful in stopping the last comercial, he may be a little higher, but as it stands, he sits comfortably at the number 8 spot.

7. Dutch – Predator

Alright, I get that this might not be horror, but have scanned message board, that were split, and asked around my own life, and after a conversation with someone who is still terrified by the scene where the predator rips out the guys spine; I am counting it. But for argument sake I kept him low on the list. Despite the fact he should be much higher.   Besides how can I not count the manliest man, in what has to be the manliest movie of all time. As Arnold Schwarzenegger takes on one of the most gruesome alien threats in hollywood history, Predator, or Yautja for the die hards. Who picked his way through a special forces unit, and made Arnold actually a believable underdog. Dutch takes a pounding, but thanks to his inner strength, experience, and intelligence. Is able to pick up the win, and his importance is still felt, as they have been trying to hit the bar, that Dutch left in his place.

6. Preacher –  Deep Blue Sea

You can say that Tom Jane was more important role, but LL Cool J made all the difference and made more of an impact on the story. The comedic character at first, acting as the cook and comedic character, who argued with his bird. You think that he is doomed to be killed, but that is not what happens. He is so likeable that I found myself getting behind him more then anyone, and becomes the heart and soul of the group at the end. While it is not as remembered as much as the Samuel L. Jackson speech, but the end scene where he is leading the prayer as they are going up is tremendous, and he did take the final shot to kill the last shark. Making it his second kill of the movie. Had Carter not resurfaced, I believe the movie still ends on a high note.

5. Casey Connor – The Faculty

Elijah Woods played the perfect underdog. Literally start the movie getting manhandled by the football team. If anyone had any reason to leave his classmates to die, it was him, but he didn’t. He buckled down and faced the odds head on, because he is the stuff of heroes. Even with everyone converted to an alien and all hope seems gone. Casey kept fighting to the very end. Taking down the mother alien and saved the day, and the coming of age story came full circle.

4. Alex Browning – Final Destination

Devin Sawa’s Alex did not have an easy opponent, as he tried to get a head and stop Death itself, from finishing the job, after a handful of students and teacher who got off a doomed plane. Never knowing where it Death would strike from next, and seamless accidents, light gust of wind, or even a slight bit of water, would be more than enough to trigger a sequence that would lead to one’s demise, and the more people he saves. Puts himself closer to the chopping block himself. Alex was such a likeable character and we wanted to see him prevail, but left us wondering how he could defeat Death itself. Throughout the franchise, we had good characters step into lead, but Alex still reigns supreme as the best of the bunch.

3. Odd Thomas – Odd Thomas

I see dead people, but, then by God, I do something about it! – Odd Thomas

Prime example, of my personal opinion, being that Odd Thomas is my favorite movie. Anton Yelchin, turns in a great performance, as fry cook, psychic Odd Thomas. Who uses his abilities for the greater good. Often putting his own life at risk, but that doesn’t matter. Because he is such a good guy and it pours out of him at all times. Becoming aware that something horrible is about to happen in his small town. He sets out on a mad dash against the clock. Trying to stop whatever evil is about to bestow his town, before it is to late. He earns his place, for his heroism throughout, the final climax, and the message at the end.

2. Tommy Jarvis – Friday the 13th 

I have switched up number 2 and 1 at least a half-a-dozen times, and still only 85 percent sure of my final call, but Tommy Jarvis is definitely among the best Final Guys of all time. He really fought Jason on several occasions, with Thom Matthew being the best of the three. Despite being the reason Jason came back from the dead, he came more than prepared to deal with the situation. Fighting Jason head on, and wanting to end the nightmare for good, and am hoping to see him do battle once again, through those behind the fan movie, Never Hike Alone, if that is the direction they are heading. While, Jason battled against plenty of strong foes, Tommy may very well rank as the best, and earned the second slot on the list.

1. Ashley “Ash”  J. Williams – Evil Dead Franchise

There can be only one, chainsaw handed, boomstick wielding demon slayer and king of the Final Guys, and that is Ash. What more can be said that hasn’t already. Fell in love with him from the start. Despite his cowardice and over the top buffoonery. Is deep down, a hero who fights with everything he has to save his friends and try and stop the evil. Whether it is a cabin in the woods, medieval times, or the local S-mart. We can trust in Ash and his ability to wing up a weapon of devastation and take out evil whenever it appears.

And that is the end of the list. Don’t agree? Disagree that Dutch should be on the list? Did I leave off your favorite, which I probably did, Let me know in the comments. Like I have said, it’s all about starting a conversation. We all have a list in us, and feel free to share yours. Till next time;

Thanks for reading.


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