Batwoman Episode 1 Review and Reaction

By: Justin Hopkins

I am not going to lie, it’ll be a struggle to look at this from a non-bias point of view. Have loved the Batwoman character since I picked up Hydrology a few years back. ( Still bitter about that ending) Besides the art work being top notch. Fell in love with the story they were telling and especially the character of Kate Kane, Batwoman. She is similar to Batman but so much more different and complex and has for the most part, walked her own path. Even if it put her against the “Good Guys.” Her character has grown and evolved and have been dying for them to do more with the character, and geeked out when she made her appearance in Elseworlds. Been waiting on pins and needles for this show to debut and… I absolutely loved the first episode. Let’s do what we do here and start by looking into what happened and go from there.

It starts off with Kate training in icy waters for what is revealed later to be a spot on the Crow Special Forces, that protect Gotham in the absence of Batman. She is fueled by the memory of her Mom and Sister dying, after what appeared to be Batman leaving them to die. Back in Gotham, we see people of Gotham gathering, to turn off the illustrious Bat Signal. Town have given up hope on him returning and ready to move on. However, the proceeds were interrupted by a gang of masked men, led by Alice. Who Kidnap Sophie, Kate’s Ex- Girlfriend and established member of the Crows. After Kate gets the call from her Step-Sister, comes back immediately to try and save her, and we get our first flashback to her time in the military academy and it was Sophie that she was seeing during the time of her getting caught. It was a change in the mythos, but they kept the most important parts. When her Dad won’t bring her into the investigation, she takes it on herself and goes to the abandoned Wayne Towers. Cousins of Bruce and knows that the security footage could be found there. Where she runs into Luke Fox. Who seems to be the lone security guard that she disposes of easy enough and gets what she is looking for, takes it back to her Dad and goes off on her own to get Sophie back, and we get our first big fight. Which was pretty good. Showed how strong and capable she is, and even though she came up short, gave her room to grow, and Alice came off creepy and dominating as she needed to. Hitting low when she tells Kate that wants to get even with her Dad, but Kate isn’t good enough leverage, because her Dad doesn’t care and try as she might, Commander Kane would never make her a Crow and loved Sophie more. Before dumping her unconscious and ends up at her Step-Sisters underground doctors office. Giving her character good reason to be around. After confronting her Dad, she returns to demand Luke calls Bruce back when she stumbles upon the Bat Cave and they even redo the scene from Batman Begins where the Bats spiral around her and I am going to stop talking about the story because I don’t want to ruin anymore and tell you to go see it for yourselves because it is fantastic.

I really enjoy the cast all around. Cameron Johnson has me interested in what role Luke Fox’s role is going to be , besides suit maker that is. Her Sister Mary, Nicole Kang has me intrigued as well. After the emotional gut punch reveal surrounding Sophie, wonder were they are going to go with Sophie’s character. Rachel Skarsten was a terrific choice for the colorful Alice. She came across as an intelligent and intimidating foe, but her speech patterns of someone truly out of their mind, and have got high hopes from here. Then we get to Ruby Rose. She was just great choice. Think she brings Kate’s character to life in the best ways possible. From Kate mannerisms and desire to do things her own way and defying the norms. Headstrong and going in head first. She wants to be more than just a gay, female hero, but just qualities that make up Kate Kane, and this was a good way to start things off.

My sole negative, and it is a nitpick, but one that has been a norm amongst these shows, and that is the incomplete costume. I get that she is starting out and needs time in the story to get her real suit made, but the hurried together Bruce Wayne Suit looks so weird, especially the head piece. Looks like a big helmet from a distance, and I hope they don’t drag this out much longer and she gets her real suit soon.

This will probably be the last review on this show I do, till Mid-Season break, because doing single episode reviews are not only difficult, but I think are pointless and misleading. Since they are such small time frames and only have so much information. We don’t know where they are taking us to, and don’t want to try and guess, but had to make the exception here, because I am already hooked. Want to know where this is going, and love the story they have begin to set up. The emotional weight driving the characters and how things will play out has me eagerly waiting till Sunday and what happens next. If you haven’t checked it out, I do suggest checking it out. In the meantime…

Thanks for reading.

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