Saturday Sequel presents Wrong Turn 2

By Paul Anthony

Welcome to a blog in the hit series Saturday Sequel in this blog I am reviewing Wrong Turn 2: Dead End. Now this was the sequel to Wrong Turn which came out in 2003. Unlike the first one, this film was released direct to Dvd. Now this film came out when that part of the business was booming but most were nothing but soft core porn. basically you had bad acting, no story, tons of nudity. Did we have that in this film? Very little actually. Yes we did have some nudity but it made sense because of the story.

First let’s review the plot, in this film a new reality show in the words, here we meet the people that will be on the show and right off the bat, we see the monsters of the woods but we meet new cannibals with Three Finger and they are Ma and Pa and brother and sister pretty basic but made sense because these ones grew up in the woods. They begin kill off the shows cast and until the final two get away. Pretty basic yes. The cast really didn’t have any stars that we have heard of but that is normal however the acting wasn’t bad at all and story went very smooth without anything being out of place and there was nothing that I saw that made me go “That makes no sense”. Graphics is another big issue with low budget movies. If anything these graphics were still cheap but good actually.

Why did I pick this movie? Well for one we are in October, so I needed an scary movie. I recently watched Wrong Turn and I love that film so much that I bought the entire series. The first time I watched part 2 I figured one of the sequels were better then the others and I am pretty sure I picked the right one. Since this film has come out it continued spawn sequels. In the end I give this movie a B+, which for a direct to DVD film is very high, considering the time frame that it came out and Let’s be honest we all Love Three Finger here with his goofy laugh which makes me just want to punch him. Now I don’t know where you can get this film if you only want this film. I bought mine with a combo of the whole series, just check your local retailer or your favorite one and find out.

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