AEW First Episode Review

By Paul Anthony

Well last night was the night that we all have been waiting for, well if you are a an wrestling fan. last night was the first episode of AEW’s flagship show Dynamite which ran from 8 pm to 10 pm and went head to head with WWE’s Nxt. How did the show live up to the hype? Well Let’s start with the crowd at the very beginning was insane, right off the bat you can tell that the wrestling world wanted another big time player. Sure we still have Ring Of Honor and Impact Wresting but those two promotions don’t have the funds or the TV deal or the crowds to compete with AEW and WWE.

As of right now I don’t think WWE has to worry about anything just yet, however if they keep this up then it is only a matter of time before a wrestling war begins. First let’s talk about the commentary which had Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone and former Wrestler Excalibur. Now Both Jim and Tony’s voices are stand out in the business however without having any big matches it was hard for them to deliver the great calls instead they couldn’t stress enough about how TNT has Wrestling for the first time in 20 years. Nonetheless I do think they will get better as stories go on from. Next having heels and baby faces come out different tunnels is very much an old school thing and I loved it. Now another great touch they added was having the wrestlers records shown which if they do something with the winners it help us see whose going for what title.

Production was a miss at times, the mics didn’t start working right off the bat and you missed a word or two. Not a big deal but something they could improve on going forward. Theme music now this sounds stupid to judge but it was on a low end of hearing it but that could have been from the crowd as well. The Matches well some of the matches did seem to be sniff at times and some botches did happen, yet this is normal for an live event and I think once these guys and women start to work with each other more and more the quality should improve. Promos now I get that they needed to have matches to wow the crowd but the lack of promos did someone hurt the show.

Hear me out, right now there are no true story lines just yet, which I guess for the moment you don’t need promos but it would have been nice to see how these guys work on the mic. Now I get it these men and women are experienced but the promos have to be good which is something I hope do next week

In the End I am giving this show a good B+ which isn’t bad for their first show. I can’t wait to see how they improve going forward and in the end I hope they stick to their system and not try and be another WWE because Impact tried that and failed.


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