Disenchantment Season 2

By: Justin Hopkins

**Spoiler Warning**

 I have been looking forward to this for far to long. The first season was so good, and left us with so many questions. What happened to Luci, and why did Dagmar turn everyone to stone. Was Elfo really dead and what was the fate of Dreamland. On top of all of that, Matt Groening created such a vast and interesting world of characters and settings that left me wanting to see more, and was counting down the days when Season 2 was announced. Lets dive in and see if it lived up to expectations.

The story started off with where they left of, with King Zog, alone and Bean is on the ship with her Mother. Unaware that Oona had just got tied up and cast off the side. Under the belief that everyone she knew was gone, and on her way to her Mother’s homeland. Where she meets her Aunt and Uncles. The same responsible for sending her Luci in the first place. Quickly aware that not everything is as it seems, and after a bit of sneaking around, Bean learns that her Mother and aunt and uncle are planning something, and revolves around her. With the help of Jerry can reunite with Luci and after a conversation with Elfo through the Phoenix fire, escape her mother and journey into hell to rescue him, and then on to Dreamland. To see if King Zog made it and how they can help, and with the help of Oona and the Pirate Captain Leavo. They were able to save Dreamland, and that was just the first three episodes. Which I thought was a wise use of time and a smart decision to make.

They made sure to bring the characters back to where they are needed to be, but at the same time, not quite finish certain arcs. They left things open to where they can tell little side stories or ones that end in a single episode, but at the same time, you can tell something is happening just below the surface. The Elves are there, but are looking for something, and Queen Dagmar still wants Bean for whatever destiny that she believes her to be a necessity for. Along with the creepy music box and magical markings found around the castle, along with a growing plot from Odval and the High Priestess. There is always a feeling that something is going on or is about to happen that keeps you watching and guessing and just genuinely engaged.

The character work got a lot better and more developed from season 1 to 2. Tiabeanie especially. When we met her, she seemed lost and confused about her place within the world. Where here, she still has a bit of it, but it becoming more assertive. She remembers what she has been through and confidence rises throughout, and her relationships with everyone. From how far her and Zog have come and bond growing between her and Luci and poor, poor Jerry. Any time Bean wasn’t on the screen, her absences was felt and missed, because she has become such a vital and dynamic character. I will discuss Elfo in a bit.

The surprises for me, were from Luci and Prince Derek, especially Derek. He went from a goofy background character to fantastic when he got an episode to himself and they played him perfectly. Almost self aware of the fact that he never does anything and his feelings were hurt for it and made you feel guilty in a way for not noticing him sooner. I won’t say how this ends, but his role is far from expected. Luci too, was a surprise. He was great in season 1, but loved how they used him now. Going into hell and seeing that he wasn’t the best demon. In fact he was bottom of the barrel, and after he lost his powers, thought he’d be obnoxious, but far from it. May have even been more useful as the bar owner. Don’t know if they will keep him that way, but can’t wait to see what happens from here.

The comedy was great throughout. Already quoting more then I should at work. Sometimes it was repetitive and went on for to long, but didn’t break the flow that much. Loved the animation work and the designs of heaven, hell, and the steampunk city later on. Was good stuff all around.

Now, on to my negatives, and this may be a little disputed, but Elfo to me was a  negative. He was lovable in season 1, because of his naive and childish demeanor. Yeah he had his rough edges, but for the most part, he was a driving force for good, and worked so well, because of the position Bean and Luci were at. Luci being chaos and Bean being your neutral. She could flow from side to side and they worked perfectly together. I get that he was upset and growing more and more pessimistic due to what he has been through, but he was almost too much of a jerk at times. To the point I didn’t want to see him around anymore. Started getting better toward the end, and hope the trend continues in the next season, because he is still good. Just thought his value dropped a bit here.

The next is a bit of a minor one, but kind of wish we got some answers here. I am excited for what comes next, but just a little bit. At least what Bean’s destiny is or what Dagmar believes it should be. Small complaint, but with how they ended this with the episode, Tiabeanie Falls. Kind of wish we got a little bit more.

All in all, this was a great season. It was a lot of fun, with great character development and some hysterical jokes. Love the voice acting from Abbi Jacobson, Eric Andre, Nat Faxon, and everyone else. Already can’t wait, because the ending was unexpected and again, left us with so many questions and so many moving pieces. Going to give it an A, and if you haven’t watched it. Need to check it out.

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