Friday Roundabout 9-20-2019

By Justin Hopkins

Welcome to this edition of the roundabout and to the end of what I hope was a great week for you all. Got a handful of news stories throughout the week that I wanted to discuss a little bit. Ranging from lighthearted and nostalgia returns, rumors, hopeful and most serious. So, without further ado, lets jump in with news on a TV movie that I am excited for, Psych.

Psych is a show that I still can pick up and watch today. James Roday, Dule Hill, and the rest of the cast were always great, and one of the rare shows it seems to have had a great season finale. The first movie was enjoyable, albeit had its flaws, but was excited to learn they were making another, and we now know the title will be, Psych 2: Lassie comes home. Liking the fact they are making it around Timothy Omundson’s character, since he was limited to a cameo due to a stroke. The story sounds like a solid one to boot, but what I don’t like is the fact it is being pushed back to the spring of 2020 to line up with NBCU streaming service known as Peacock. Everyone doesn’t need to have a streaming service. Could understand it from a Disney or Warner Brothers. They have massive catalogs of TV and Movies and is worth the cost. To a lesser extent even SYFY, but NBC, come on. Broadcast and On Demand should really be enough, but the saddest part is, as far as I am concerned; this will absolutely work and will get it long enough to watch Psych 2.

Sticking to that same vein, we had a trailer drop for 90’s hit show, Are you afraid of the dark, and the inner 90’s kid that I am is stoked as can be. Call it sad, but I don’t care. This was my childhood. This and Goosebumps were my introduction to the horror genre and the fact they are bringing it back in a limited series is the best. Trailer looks exciting. Little bit like they may be copying off Goosebumps and Scary stories a bit, by having the stories coming to life, but will hold my judgement for October 11.

Rumor mill wise is ripe as always, but want to shine a light on one that is just being lightly discussed and that concerning the clown, Pennywise and the possibility of a Chapter 3. Bill Skarsgard did an interview that him and director Andy Muschietti have been in talks about doing a third movie and a possible idea already in mind. It’s far to early to say, but the money is clearly there to be had and hype build following Part 2, especially for an origin story tale of sorts. Which normally never happens, but should strike while the fire is lit.

Now, on to something much more serious, and that is what has come to light pertaining to Stunt Woman Olivia Jackson. Who suffered a serious injury on the set of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. That resulted in her being in a medical induced coma for 17 days and lost her left arm. According to her, they had promised to take care of her medical bills, a promise that has not been kept, and reading more you find that they had changed the stunt twice at the last moment, that resulted in her getting injured. This is all according to her, but being that another cast member had died on set when a car fell on them. Kind of paints a story of how the set must have been. She has filed a Lawsuit against Tannhauser Gate Inc., Impact Pictures, Bolt Pictures, Jeremy Bolt, and Paul Anderson. All of that aside, this should never see the inside of a court room and is a shame that it had to come to this. Stunt workers put their lives on the line, knowing that fame and public attention may never be a real thing, for our entertainment, and dangers are real, but when the worst happens. They shouldn’t have to worry about money. Olivia deserves better then this and they need to rectify this immediately.

To bring this to a close on a little bit more of a high, Womp Stomp Films has a campaign up and running on for a prequel to the hit Never Hike Alone called, Never Hike in the Snow. Which would start 4- new entries to the Never Hike Alone Web Series. If you never heard of Never Hike Alone, it’s a fan made movie made by a group of fans who love the Friday the 13th movies and are tired of Hollywood dragging their feet on the lawsuit, and have taken it upon themselves to make their own, and wow did they nail it perfectly. I first heard about it when someone ranked it among the best Friday the 13th movies, and they were right on the money. They poured their love into this and expect them to do the same with the next, and was surprised to see Thom Mathews involved and will continue with them throughout. You can check out Never Hike Alone on Youtube for free and check them out on

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