By Paul Anthony

With it being football season, I can’t find a better story to give you a quick run down on this week, other than good old Mr. Big Chest or Antonio Brown if you don’t want to call him by that stupid nickname. Now Just last Saturday Brown was released by the Raiders after they had enough of his games and guess who signed him shortly after that, The defending Champs The New England Patriots, who were very happy to signed and a story came out that they were always interested in him but Pittsburgh would never want to give Brown to the Pats, Makes you wonder if Brown played a scary game to get to the Pats, but just when you thought it was over now a former trainer is accusing Brown of rapping her three times from 2017 to 2018 with the investigation started I am sure there will be even more details on Brown in the near future.

Seems like only yesterday we got the news that Kevin Hart was in a bad accident and then more details came out regarding how bad the situation was, we know Hart had back Surgery, often when we hear that term we think the worse like will he walk again or is his action comedy career is over. However there is some good news and that is just ten days after his accident he is out of the hospital and now in a rehab center where his long road to recovery begins as of right now he looks like he will make a full recovery in time but now his career is put on hold until then.

Now many of you guys don’t know this but I love game shows and of course one of my favorites is Jeopardy and given that it has been on the air for so long I am guessing you like is as well. Early in the air we learned that Alex Trebek was diagnosed with stage 4 Pancreatic cancer, he joked that he had to beat it because he is still under contract for Jeopardy. Back in May he gave an update and said he was doing very well and now he just finished his chemo treatment just in time for new episodes. Now Trebek hopes to beat the odd of only three percent living beyond five years of being Diagnosed with stage 4 Pancreatic cancer, good luck Alex Trebek!

In our last big story of the week comes just last night, and that is a deal that locks J.J Abrams company Bad Robot in a 500 million dollar contract that starts now and ends in 2024. That’s right WarnerMedia locked up Bad Robot. In which Bad Robot will create content like T.V. shows and movies and games, the genres will range from dramas to comedies and some will even be on HBO Max.

There you have some stories for the week!


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