Dave Chapelle: Sticks and Stones Review

By Paul Anthony

I have to admit one of my favorite comedians of all time is Dave Chapelle, so this is almost not even like work for me to review one of his stand up shows. Dave’s most recent one on Netflix was called Stick and Stones. Before this show I did watch the previous stand up shows on Netflix and I loved them, so I was expecting this one to live up to the other ones and I sadly have to say I don’t think it did. Now when I watch his materials I legit can’t stop laughing. Sadly This was not the case.

When I say it didn’t live up to his previous material, I am not saying it in a bad way. The problem is when you are so good, you set the bar so high and some times it is so hard to live up to that. I don’t think he lost a step no nothing like that I just think he didn’t have his best material. His stories were funny but he is a mastermind at the punch lines, which I can compare them to the finishing of a fireworks show. You wait for the ending and it makes it all worth it, problem is his final parts of his jokes just fell flat. I caught myself laughing at the story more then the punchline. So when the punchlines came that’s when I stopped laughing and started to get bored by it.

I know this was only an hour five minute show which isn’t much but seems to be the average length of time. Now I am not a comedian so I don’t know how hard it is to write material for an hour and it honestly seems like he just didn’t have enough material and pausing longer then normal. The jokes were even interrupted by someone getting a phone call which was funny and Dave was quick to make a joke about it. Which was funny.

Now I have to rate this show right around 2.5 stars which I think is low for him. Now I know this was his third show and I get that it is tough but he is better then this. I don’t know how many Netflix shows he has left to do but I have to assume he will rebound from this and have better material for the next show.


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