Ghost Shark Movie Review

By: Justin Hopkins

**Spoiler Alert**

 Last Monday, I was clicking through the guide for SYFY. Not expecting to find anything. Just curious as to what was coming up. When I stumbled across the movie called; Ghost Shark, and how on earth could I even think to do anything else after that. Having so many thoughts of how terrible this must be, and all of the cheesy CGI and bad acting. Surely had to be so bad it’s good, and you know what.. It surpassed all expectations, by not needing to go that route and proved to be a pretty good movie…. Before you think I am crazy, let me explain.

The story opened up, with three people out on a boat. A couple and the captain. Participating in some sort of fishing contest. Just before they could win though, a Great White Shark ate his fish. Enraged the couple attacks the shark. Opening fire with a revolver, crossbow, and even a grenade. Before the shark could die, swims into a cave, and dies before some vigils. That brings his spirit from beyond and he kills the three and sets his sights on Smallport. Able to travel through any kind of running water.

One of the things this movie does well, is keep you guessing. My first assumption was that he would be targeting those who killed him, but that theory died in  the opening act. The crazy guy who everyone thinks killed his wife, who in any other movie, would have just been a sad loner struggling to get over his loss; really did kill his wife here. Would think he would sacrifice to make up for his sins, but nope. Killed by the shark in the rain. Any time you think you know where this movie is going, you are entirely wrong, and I love that. To often it’s just a cliched story that doesn’t bother. The people here all really tried hard to give us something unique and different with Ghost Shark, and it’s greatly appreciated. Makes it feel like a found gem.

The actors and actresses all did a decent job. Richard Moll was probably the most standout as Lighthouse Keeper; Finch. Did a good job keeping an air of danger and mystique about the angry, drunken man. He was entertaining to boot. Jaren Mitchell, Mackenzie Rosman, and Shawn C. Phillips to name a few. They did fine. Nothing mind blowing, but enough to get you to care for them and that was good enough.

My final pros, was special effects were pretty solid. They weren’t the greatest, but A plus standards for a B movie. All but a few scenes were kept lightning fast. Would get a good look at the shark, then he attacked from all sorts of crazy angles. From pools, hot tubs, car wash, the rain, a slip ‘n slide. The attacks were creative, good use of CGI and prosthetic. The carnage candy was front in center and one kill in particular is nearly a must see. You’ll either think it’s the dumbest thing, or the greatest; I am on the greatest side. They really went big on this stuff… which brings me to one of its biggest problems.

I don’t know what the budget was, but some of these scenes were in desperate need of being re-shot. Between shots that aren’t quite centered and audio quality is bad at some points, especially with Mayor Stahl. He is clearly being dubbed and it is very off putting. He plays a pretty important role of a red herring of sorts, but the dubbing is so bad, that you don’t want him on the screen. Don’t know why they couldn’t re-shot a few of those scenes, but perhaps they should have.

On a minor note, this movie has some logic issues. You get that even in A-movies, but Ghost Shark does it to much. There was a fight between two of the characters, started because Cameron started a fire, but there was no way that they could have known he was behind the fire. They just assumed and it was important scene, cause it lead to a death. They should have just killed him and not had the fight. One of the characters survived a vicious attack from the Ghost shark, but is ready to go a moment later. No, she needs to go to the hospital. She was attacked big time. Just having her walk it off did nothing, but prove to just be a waste of time. Like I said, it was minor, but happens to many times to simply ignore.

Ghost Shark gets a huge round of applause from me. Didn’t expect to find this movie to be nearly as enjoyable and good as it was. Even if you are not a fan of B Movies, would still suggest it and if you are a fan of B Movies, then there is no excuse. Get your friends and drinks of choice and check it out.

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