Batman Hush Movie Review

By: Justin Hopkins

**Spoiler Alert**

I was a little late to the party, when it came to reading Batman’s Hush. Only reading it a few years ago, but quickly became a favorite of mine. Full line-up of Batman’s best foes, all of which, under the puppet strings, of a much more deadlier foe, Hush.Taking you on a dark ride of a personal vendetta not one against Batman, but Bruce Wayne himself. There was a lot of buzz when it came of that Ben Affleck was working on a script to adapt it to the theaters. So, when things fell apart on that end. Was not surprised to see it be picked up on the animation side. Which was even more exciting. D.C and Warner have been the gold standard of animated movies as far as Superhero movies go. Having real high hopes, but maybe I should have tempered them just a smidgen. Let me explain.

Starting with what I liked. The animation was of course spot on, but normally always is. A dressed up version of the animated series, with modernized takes of the characters. Looked beautiful and fight sequences were great. Always love seeing Poison Ivy being used. Being my favorite Comic Book Character, always glad to see her being utilized. It’s not the best take, but good enough. Jason O’Mara is his usual great performance as Batman, but the star of this one, in my opinion, has to go to Jennifer Morrison’s rendition of Selina Kyle’s Catwoman. She did excellent at bringing her to life. Showing this established criminal try her best to change, and the inevitable realization that Batman was not going to change in the end. Almost all of the scenes she was in, she was holding the scenes together or stealing them all together. Would love to see her come back for future Batman Animated Movies, or spin-off of her own. She can lead an animated version of the Gotham City Sirens, or even a movie of her own. Plenty of Catwoman stories more then capable of seeing a movie.

With that all said and done, I was really not a fan of this one. While I liked the fact they made some changes, like dropping Krypto the super dog. I don’t understand why they made some of the changes they did. Thomas Elliot no longer playing Hush was a big one. Not only does it take away the personal story of the battle between Bruce and his long time friend, Thomas. Making it just another ploy by a super charged Riddler. Robbing us of a great back and forth between them Riddler and Batman, where Batman points out that he may know who he is, but it doesn’t matter because if he tells anyone. He loses his greatest riddle and no one would care. The quote they did keep, of deep down, Superman was good and Batman was not was said to quickly to matter, and I am pretty sure that Batman actually did order Catwoman to throw Lois off the roof. Some of the jokes were painfully flat. The pacing was slow and the movie dragged at times, and the montage was more laughable then anything else. While Jason O’Mara and Jennifer Morrison were standouts. Peyton List as Poison Ivy and Batgirl and Sean Maher were just alright. While the Joker was awful. Didn’t fit him at all. If it was just the one scene would have been fine, since it was a quick little scene, but his commentary during the Clayface fight was bad. Like almost turned it off to make it stop level bad. So many voice actors have played the Joker well. Could have gotten any one of them to play the role, but Jason Spisak was the wrong way to go.

Going to give it a generous C Plus. On the grounds, that I liked the Catwoman story arc, Poison Ivy, and animation. Along with the fighting sequences. The story direction and the voice acting choices weigh this down heavily. It may not be right, but when their greatest hits contain the likes of Mask of the Phantasm, Under the Red Hood, and Bad Blood. They set the bar high, and this just failed to come close. If you are a fan of Hush or Batman Animated Movies, would suggest checking it on DC Universe Streaming. You may have a better take on it, otherwise, would skip it, and wait for the Harley Quinn Animated Series.

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