Zombie Tidal Wave Movie Review

By: Justin Hopkins

What better way to kick-off B-Movie Sunday then with a brand new movie, SYFY’s Zombie Tidal Wave. Brought to us by director Anthony C. Ferrante and led by actor Ian Ziering. Fresh from the surprise hit series, Sharknado. As much as I think they played that series out, long before the official ending. Was looking forward to seeing them come back and take a stab at a new idea. The trailers looked like another fun romp, with zombies thrown into the mix. Only question to ask today, did they deliver? Lets review and find out shall we.

After a quick start, of two love birds, being killed after a little proposal. We jump to Hunter Shaw, his friend Ray, and Ray’s niece Jada. Surveying if there was any damage from an Earthquake, while Ray sneaks in a bit of fishing. Kind of celebrating, before Hunter leaves town. Setting him up as a man who doesn’t like to stay in one place for to long. A brief encounter later, Ray fishes up a body, that comes back to life and bites his niece. During the investigation, where the boat is swarmed by zombies, a tsunami happens. Bringing them all on to land. Kick starting a fight through the town, containing over the top gore, and creative kills, on Hunter and Sheriff Kameo trek try to save everyone they can and get to their loved ones.

Zombie Tidal Wave did quite a few things right. Going to start with the zombies themselves, cause they were one of my favorite parts, and they changed a good bit about them. While the origin was a bit cliche, loved the design of the blue zombies. We have seen hundred of variations of zombies at this point, but the blue skin, veiny, barnacle covered zombies was a great tough. Making even their death scenes better with blue splatters instead of the red. Just gave everything a really nice touch. Making it so head shots did nothing was genius. Forcing the characters to get creative in order to take them down, and they got real creative. From graphic propeller shots to the face, to dual bladed knives, and wood chippers. To when they discover electricity keeps them down. All the ways found to utilize it to the best of their abilities. Plenty of gore and money shots to go around. A little bit of CG parts bothered me. Mainly the explosions, but complaining about CG in a B-Movie is dumb, and a minor little nitpick.

Most of the actors did a very good job. Knowing what this movie was, but kept from hamming it up to much. Knowing when to have fun with it vs when to play it serious. Ian Ziering was his usual awesome self. You can tell he has a blast with playing Hunter and is down with just about anything as long as it gets a reaction out of it. Fair bit of one-liners, that are not usually my thing, but didn’t wear on my nerves to much. Erich Chikashi Linzbichler did a great job, as caring sheriff, with a shady secret that comes out later on, as he knows about the pharmaceutical company’s involvement all along. Tatum Chinquy, Angie Teodora, and Cheree Cassidy all did fantastic in their characters roles. Making you care about each of them, and really wanting them to survive to the end, or see what creative kill they perform next. The characters you are suppose to hate, you really despise. Including one, that we not only get treated to one death, but gets what is coming twice.  Was so close as to make Randy Charach’s Driscoll the stand out character, but I can’t. They set him up as this crazy guy with all these tricks up his sleeve, but when his time comes. He just dies, in such a disappointing way. Expected so much more.

They do a really nice job at keeping you guessing. You expect the pharmaceutical company to have a bigger role, but keep it to a slight blip. Driscoll looks like he may have had a hand in everything, but turns out to be extremely helpful. Just a creepy, anti-social kind of guy. Once the plan to go lead them back toward the water. You figure out that someone will blow up with the boat, but they keep you guessing as to who it will be, and your first guess will probably be wrong. The problem lies with the character that did the noble sacrifice, was Ray. I get why, to avenge his niece and all, but I didn’t really get all that invested in his character all to much. He was to extreme. Going from goofy to to serious and nerve really finding a balance. He did have one great line, where he called out Hunter and Kenzie for stopping to have a tender moment. Something that happens in horror movies all the time, and loved the fact they called it out here, but was not enough to care about his sacrifice in the end.

All things considered, Zombie Tidal Wave was a brilliant, fun movie. Which is exactly, what you want out of a movie like this. Didn’t take itself too serious, but had the actors to pull it off like they were in a serious situation, with a bit of emotional moments sewn in as well. Plus, more blood and creative kills to make this a perfect movie to kick back and enjoy with good food and friends. If these are your kind of movies, would strongly suggest you check it out, if you haven’t already.

Thanks for reading.

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