Mock Review: Hobbs and Shaw

This is the first time I am doing this, so this is going to be fun. In this blog I am going to give a mock review of the movie Fast and Furious presents Hobbs and Shaw. Now before I get started I have to explain why I am not seeing this film. For starters this film and the entire series is getting played out to me with over the top action and same old story with humor. If you were a fan of the first three films and even the fourth you saw how the franchise wanted to get bigger, which I get but I mean you had The Rock stopping a torpedo for crying out loud. Pretty much when Paul Walker died and they did that fair well scene in the end of Fast 7 I thought it should have ended instead greed took over and here we are.

I saw all of the trailers for this film and as I stated I had no interest in seeing this film. Now I can name a pro or two with this film. The Rock has been on fire on the action front and comedy front, he has proven to be a double threat in the acting front. This film is no different The Rock has proven he can make the most of any movie. Another pro with this film is Jason Statham also leads the way with action, Now I have yet to see a film in which has a good script so he can act but maybe one day. Let’s not for this film does have Idris Elba as the villain who wants to take over the world because he is Black SuperMan, there I wanted to stay away from the one line that was so stupid but it was hard. As I stated before, this franchise is known for its over the top action and this film continues that trend which does give it a slight pro.

Let’s talk about the cons with this film. One is that the fact it is a spin off in a franchise where the good guys goes up against someone whose taking over the world, Now we have a guy who is as powerful Superman trying to take over the world, it makes you think with a spin off the story should have been much smaller then taking over the world. That’s another con, taking over the world, this plot is something they are using just way too much, you have to move on and with that being said you can almost guess that the story going to be a weak one. Next having the Rock’s real life cousin in this film playing a family member. I just the Rock pulling more strings and the film catering to The Rock’s fans, though not many people like Roman Reigns.

Now That we know this film is basically a recycle plot from the previous films with few slight changes. Now I know this film is going to make a lot of money even though it is a horrible one. With the star power it has and the name, it only makes sense that it will do good, the PG 13 rating will help with movies from July being the only real competition it has in August. Overall I’ll give this movie a D rating, I don’t see it being any higher.

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