WWE Fantasy Booking 3: The Empress of Tomorrow

By Justin Hopkins

(I know that this one is a little out their. Pushing some boundaries but you know what, this is mostly for fun and to start a conversation. Since Asuka seems to be difficult for them to book, we’ll do it here. Won’t just book her a story, but we will see just how far we can go and see just how much of a trail we can blaze along the way.)

Alright, we are going to jump a few months ahead here. Allowing the ongoing stories to conclude, the Saudi show, and Survivor Series and finish out the year. Going to pick up, in fact the Smackdown after the Royal Rumble, cause we need the long stretch between the Rumble and Mania, with Elimination Chamber and Road Block. Smackdown opens, and out comes WWE Champion, Kofi Kingston and the rest of the New Day. Talks about yet another successful defense, and his excitement over taking the belt all the way to Mania. Since the Rumble winner, Cesaro, chose the Raw belt already. They start doing the Who, will challenge him bit, and they are interrupted, when Asuka’s music hits. The crowd pops from seeing her, but are confused as to what is happening. She goes through her entire entrance, and when Kofi asks what she is doing out here. She replies, by kicking him in the head. Takes Xavier out during the initial shock, and while Big E tries to grab her, tricks him over the top rope, and hits him with a baseball slide. Effectively clearing the ring, before taking the mic and saying, ” You are not ready for Asuka.” The show ends, with commentary wondering what this means.

Let it sit for a week. No comments from her, but plenty of speculations, till Smackdown opens with her in the ring. She says that she is tired of being overlooked. We get constant rematches for the women’s title and they didn’t even care enough to book the Kabuki Warriors. Since Kari Sane has her sights set on Sonya, and she is tired of waiting for her chance, she is going to make them give her a shot, at the ultimate prize, at the biggest event of the year, and is officially challenging Kofi Kingston. For the rest of Smackdown, we see him mulling it over. People telling him he can’t take this seriously. He is the Heavyweight Champion and she is a woman, but it’s not like that for him. Remembers all the barriers he had to break. All the doubters telling him why he was not a serious contender. Who was he to turn around and tell her why she is unworthy of an opportunity. He comes out at the end and is about to accept, but out comes Vince. Who is not having any of this, and he is cut off, by Stephanie (they are going to get involved just easier to do this early) who is all for this. After some back and forth, it is decided, that if Asuka can beat Xavier Woods at Elimination Chamber. She will be named number 1 contender at Wrestlemania. To get her, and the crowd use to her being in the ring with the guys. She is very much an underdog in the match, and Xavier is blown away at first by the amount of intensity she comes out with, but manages to get the upper hand. When he goes for the Limit Breaker and misses. Asuka quickly snatches on the Asuka Lock and chokes him out for the victory. The crowd pops. Shocked that she won and the show closes with her gesturing toward the Wrestlemania sign. Unaware that she will have to put up her contender ship one more time, against Charlotte Flair.

I know, the same thing we got last year, and that is kind of the reason for this. For all the negative, Charlotte is still top notch. Has a slew of first time evers, as well as beating Asuka to end her undefeated streak and for the Smackdown Women’s Champion and she’ll be damned if she misses out on this moment. They have a match at Road Block that Asuka wins clean. No shenanigans or roll-ups and it’s on to Mania from here.

The level of press this is garnering is insane. WWE is a big name, and this is a huge deal to a lot of media outlets. Asuka is being interviewed by just about everyone. They are talking about it on morning talk show. She is on magazines and more eyes are tuning in to see if this is true and how are they handling this. Japan is getting more invested with each passing week, as one of their own is walking a path no one has yet.

Back in the ring things pick up in a big way. Kofi’s promos get more fiery by the week. Explaining the importance of the title to him. He is closing in a year long reign and she better be ready cause he is coming with everything he got. While she is screwing with the New Day relentlessly. Interfering in their matches and getting into their heads, and when the moment is right. Choking out Kingston. That is, till the Smackdown  before Mania, when they lay her out with the Midnight Hour.

Wrestlemania arrives and they are going on last. The camera picks up with her on her way out of the locker room. Walking past a line-up of the women. Naomi, Nattie, Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan, Becky Lynch and Bayley. Then it turns to legends. Lita, Trish, Beth Phoenix, Molly Holly, Alundra Blaze. Everyone turning out, to see Asuka try to scale the one mountain left. At the very end, Charlotte Flair. They have a brief stare down and Charlotte says, ” Kick his ass.”

The match begins and they are given fifteen to eighteen minutes. Kofi gets the early upper-hand, before she fights her way back. Each time he thinks he has the advantage she fights back that much harder and that much more intense. She gets more and more offense in, til she walks into Trouble in Paradise. A move that put so many down.. and she kicks out just before three. People are going wild. Kofi can’t believe it, and The New Day are going nuts at ringside. She is not giving up. Knows this is her only shot, literally never come back if she fails, and is not going away that easily. She fights back. Goes for the Asuka Lock, he shoves her off. She turns as he’s going for Trouble in Paradise again…

And what happens now. A loss for her does not hurt her. She gets a standing ovation for giving her all and nice way to end the show. She can bring a new level of prestige back to the women’s division, or IC title… but I for the life of me, can’t see why she doesn’t deserve it. Why not, cause she is a woman. That’s not a good enough reason. She is one of the best PERFORMERS on the roaster. Every match she brings it all every match she is in. When she is not around, she is missed. Cause she is so talented that we want to see her on TV. If she was a guy, we would want to see her win, and should not be told no, because she is a woman. So, lets jump back.

… he’s going for Trouble In Paradise, but she ducks. He hits the ground, and she locks in the Asuka Lock. He’s in the center of the ring. Begins to try and get up, almost makes it, but falls back to the ground. The Ref checks his arm, and it falls. Asuka has done it. She is the new WWE Heavyweight Champion. The show ends with her holding the belt high, in the midst of confetti and fireworks in the back. No B.S safe endings where they count three with a shoulder up, or roll-ups. Clean win, for someone who has worked so hard for this moment.

Thank you for reading

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