Marvel and Arrowverse reveal discussion

By: Justin Hopkins

This was not part of the plan. Had been spending most of my time working on another blog. Catching only bits and pieces from Marvel and avoiding everything from Arrowverse (I prefer to be surprised then know) but when plans changed, and I sat down and started going through what came out from Comic Con, I didn’t know which one made me more excited. So, lets breakdown some of both. What has me most excited about Marvel, and what has me most fired up, over Arrowverse. Little congrats for one, and a more sombering good bye on the horizon.

Marvel had a lot to show after the explosive finale on End Game, and they showed up more then ready. Having a stacked movie line-up, along with an arguably bigger one for their upcoming Disney Plus. Movies like Shang Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings and Eternals stands out, because I have no idea what they are, but with their history of handling lesser known characters such as the Guardians of the Galaxy and to a point Iron Man. That they’ll no doubt land another bulls-eye with these films. Fantastic Four as well. We have got a few duds and one meh with the ones we got, but have faith they can pull through. Mostly because we really need a stellar Doctor Doom. His presence alone, can carry on from Fantastic four, to Spider-man, Doctor Strange, and any collective movie further out. Important that they stick that character. Speaking of, we got word of Thor 4 being Love and Thunder. Title that made me laugh so hard, till the news of Jane Foster playing Thor ( Mighty Thor) Besides thinking that would be cool to see. Got me thinking, we never got a closing to Chris Hemsworth’s Thor. It doesn’t have to be definitive like Captain America and Tony Stark. Just him passing off one of his Hammers to Jane and taking a back seat. Wanting to just watch. We still get a Thor and when things get insane. Can bring him back.  We also got the announcement of Mahershala Ali dawning the leather jacket of the Daywalker, Blade. He has got some big shoes to fill, as Wesley Snipes was fantastic as Blade. Still pine for him twenty years later. Long before MCU was a thing. he was bringing life to a Marvel character often overlooked, but Mahershala is extremely talented. Cottonmouth was a compelling menacing character and think he can breath new life into Blade. As well as open the door the the rest of the MCU Monsters.

On the flip side of this, you got Disney Plus. While I am as excited, with stuff like Falcon and Winter Solider, and the Loki stuff. Hawkeye has me really excited, because that opens the door to Lady Hawkeye and The West Coast Avengers ( Give me Gwenpool Please). It is WandaVision. I don’t want them to start finding loopholes to bring characters back. Their deaths were sad and moving, and it just waters them down to bring them back. I know they did with Gamora, but she is at least a different version of Gamora. Might not even be good. Would rather just have Scarlet Witch and it’s a play on her powers, then the return of Vision. To finish up on the Marvel side, want to congratulate them becoming the highest grossing movie of all time. As of this writing, they are sitting at 2.790 billion and that is a tremendous feat. Congratulations to everyone from the actors to crew and those working behind the scenes and CGI. This was long term story telling at its finest that may never be duplicated, but thankful to see it unfold before me.

Over at DC and the Arrowverse. Going to run through the beginning here. We got trailers for Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, and teaser for Batwoman. Excitement to be had in all of them. Cannot wait for Ruby Rose’s Batwoman. Teaser was nice after seeing a trailer, please leave it at that. Now, on to the big event; Crisis on Infinite Earths, and holy crap they are bringing out everything. Lynda Carter, is reportedly reprising her role as Woner Woman, along with Burt Ward from the Batman show. Tom Welling, Tyler Hoechlin, and Brandon Routh, playing the man of steel and that may grow, since it’s rumored that DCEU characters may be crossing paths finally, with Arrowverse. My hope, is Erza Miller and Gustin Grant meeting as the Flashes. We may even be getting Titans as well. Crisis on Infinite Earths was one of their biggest events to ever happen and they are certainly lining it up to be just as big for them. I loved Planet X and Elseworlds, and this is pumping itself up to be their best and I have such high hopes… except… I am not ready to say goodbye to Ollie. I am not. Been broken up since they showed his tombstone, his farewell at comic con did not help, and will not be ready when it happens. Can’t wait for this Crisis though. Five day event, with a break between episode 3 and 4 because they are choosing to hate us, but I am sure the will be worth it

I know this was a long one, thanks for reading

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