Spider-Man Far From Home Movie Review

By: Justin Hopkins

For any one who follows us on our Podcast, knows that Spider-man Homecoming was my favorite MCU film, barring Infinity wars and Endgame. Loved everything they did and Tom Holland has continued to be amazing as Spider-man, and I had real high hopes going in, despite it having to follow the tremendous emotional weight of Endgame, and arguably… may have passed Homecoming. Lets dive, with a bit of spoilers ahead, in and discuss cause I am still on the fence.

Starting with the most High School news thing, I have ever seen, with the kids news program talking about Thanos event called The Blip. Which sounds dumb, but for people who were gone for five years and not present for the snap. They had to just describe it and seemed like someone said off the cuff and it stuck. After the news, you jump to Peter and Ned who are planning their trip to Italy and how he is going to tell M.J how he feels and Ned is having none of it, wanting to be bachelors in Europe ( a crazy, fun side story that takes a hilarious turn) and when M.J interrupts, you can see the tension between M.J and Peter early on that kick starts a fascinating story for Peter.

Tom Holland brings out the best of Spider-man and Peter Parker at the same time. Every loss and death carries so much weight. Drags you on his emotional roller coaster and route so hard for him to get up and wow with just thrilling fights and celebrate his victories. His fifth time playing the web-swinger and is just getting better. From start to finish, he doesn’t have any flaws. Strong chemistry with every actor on set and makes good scenes great just by being there.

While we all came to Spider-Man in action and how the battle that would ensue between him and Mysterio. All hats off to Zendaya for her performance as M.J. Having much more time to flesh out and add to her role, and she ran with it full steam. Bringing M.J’s bravery and cunningness her chemistry, along with her own fresh and new idea to the mix. Throw in her strong chemistry with Tom Holland and was show stealing at times. As exciting as the action and Mysterio was, and the mini arcs, but Zendaya stood out and her scenes were as good as the rest.

Villain wise. Jake Gyllenhaal could make a claim for top tier among the best. Just oozed confidence and showmanship that Mysterio is all about. Taking full advantage of Peter’s Naivety and being mentally drained by Fury tearing into him at every possible moment, a high school rival for M.J’s attention, not being able to spend time with her, and the massive hole left in his heart by losing Tony Stark, and if he can fill Iron Man’s spot. Using all of that and gets Peter to just hand over one of the strongest weapons in the world willingly.  It was deep and emotional and spoiler in three, two, one… and even though he dies. Quentin Black gets his revenge in a doctored video, that not only paints Spider-man as a murderer, and then outs him as Spider-Man in a thrilling cliff hanger of a Mid-Credit scene.

Before I finish, want to spotlight the fights between Spider-man and Mysterio cause they were so good. With Mysterio’s projections and special effects, it had to be top of the line and that superseded it by leaps and bounds. It was gorgeous and the blows were brutal. Peter took a beating and just got you behind him more every time he got up, and no I don’t care they called his Spider-sense, Peter Tingle, since it was his Aunt that gave it to him, and was rather sweet moment.

Can’t suggest going to see this movie in theaters more. The actors were all on top of their game, the effects were stellar. Was a great way to end Phase three and built toward the future, and on top of all of that; the return of J.K Simmons J.Jonah Jameson and all is right with the world.

Thanks for reading.


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